2012-11-08-Lightline TeaM

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Topic: Heart

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Inner Voice, Charles, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, it is a joy to come together at this time to form this energy field, this energy circuit at this time. As such and having created such it is then our prerogative to ask you to join us and be with us in our circuit, to contribute your energies with us in the formation of this portal, this energy field, this circuit that we share. Help us to come together in this process with you along side us, that we could come together in this way and share in this space that we create in our efforts at coming together. Let is be so, even now. Let this request represent the desire of our hearts to have it be so and let our faith take us through the process and bring us closer to you, thank you.



Inner Voice: There is indeed a great power invoked when the student asks of the teacher, when the child asks of the parent, when those that are seeking ask of those that have found. This drawing power brings me here in this moment to honor the request for my presence. I speak as this one's Inner Voice. The everlasting question was tendered once again as to how, as individuals, you may be most effective at fostering the changes you would like to see in your dimension and on your world. This very desire of your hearts is your greatest affirmation that you are in league with divinity. This desire represents the result of your having found divinity, of having experienced truth, beauty and goodness and now there is an overwhelming desire and tendency to give back to the system that made it possible for you.

This act of giving back serves also serve to seat in the training and seal in the wisdom gained. And so it is there exists this inner burning to go out and fulfill this part of the process, to experience service as a result of your gratitude for that which you have received. This represents the most noble and highest character traits that one can manifest, the desire to turn about and help others, to assist in whatever needs they may see themselves as being able to address. But I will assure you, each and every one and I will call you all to witness individually in your own lives, that as you have sought for the method whereby to be of service, they have been provided to you. Time and time again, your desires to act in this way have been honored, your request have been fulfilled, perhaps in unexpected ways and unexpected times.

Thought Adjusters

But the Father knows of your desire, your Divine Parents are aware of your hearts desire through me, your onboard partner. Rest assured I am in communication and I am aware of your hearts desire as I am your roommate. I exist side by side with you in your environment of self. So I am, you could honestly say, quite intimately associated with you and aware of exactly your nature, your dimensions, your desires. And so, if I am aware, I assure you your Divine Parents are aware as it is my sole task and responsibility to maintain this connection so that we may utilize it as we return back to the First Source and Center from which we both have been issued.

Our journey is a certain one, it is a sure one as long as you hold the desire in your heart to follow me and to work with my influence in your life. As I represent the Father to you, I rely on you to choose to follow in my direction. I do not ever push in my desire for us to be on our way back to the Father but I most certainly pull by offering better ways and higher visions. And so it is we have this partnership, you and I, two separate individual aspects destined to combine and be as one, you bringing your side of the equation and me, mine, and us joining together, indeed, falling in love to the degree that we desire to be one and we create a new being of our combination, of our choosing, of our effort and of our hearts desire to do so.

So the desires of your heart do indeed matter and they are indeed known. Now, will you not trust that opportunities will most certainly be presented and perhaps be patient, be ready, be observant, be aware and even be seeking the opportunity that will inevitably parade in front of you. There are great forces around you which coordinate such things and bring things together that are of light energy and those things that you are desiring to be of service in will be drawn to you and you will be drawn to them. You will be of the same frequency.

So be in peace if you can at this time, at this juncture in your growth and evolution, that the Father knows of your desires. He will honor your request because it is His request as well. It is the request of your Divine Parents that you be, of course, in service as well as be the ones being served. And so you will have opportunities to experience all aspects of this. They will be brought to you as has been your life and your experiences thus far. Be in peace that this is so and that you know that this is so, and you have trust and faith that this is so to the degree that you can allow it to be so.

It is truly inspiring to see individuals as yourselves who are in the very act of seizing the opportunity for growth, who are in such motion and making such great strides and progress as a result of your efforts. It is confirmation that the grand plan that has been initiated and upheld for you all is indeed working and working well. The fact that you ask these questions shows that you are indeed growing, you are indeed looking at life from a more spiritualized perspective because these are the questions one asks at such a station.

It brings me such pleasure to have the opportunity to have been invited into this discussion and the opportunity to be given voice to respond. I understand this forum is usually constructed so that opportunities be provided for others and I will honor this formula. It has once again been a supreme pleasure, good day.


Charles: Greetings friends, I am Charles here to access this opportunity. I will echo a few of the observations made. This stance that one takes of seeking brings with it a nature that one gains similar to if one were to practice martial arts. One gains a certain air about them in relationship to their training, in relationship to their abilities and they become transformed as a result of this training. They may hold themselves differently, they may walk differently, they may react differently and move differently. Their physical training for martial arts carries over and conditions many aspects of their lives which are not directly related but which are certainly influenced.

Likewise it is with your training in the spiritual realm. Your spiritual workouts, you forays of venturing out into spirit, of seeking in different places condition you to have a different perspective on your life, a different stance that you take towards everything around you, a different way you carry yourself and a different way you see things because you have a different set of experiences added to your data base for interpretation.

This same exact principle of course applies to any discipline that one would impose upon themselves. The simple act of exposing yourself to something and especially repeatedly has an overall effect on the entirety of your being. So consider that when you consider what it is you subject yourself to in you daily lives on a routine basis, regular basis, because these are the things which most greatly influence who you are and how you interface with the world. The truly conscious individual will realize the magnitude of this truth and begin to both separate themselves from those influences which detract, distract or negative influences to the individual while increasing those influences which render a positive result: stillness, exercise, study, prayer, worship. These things go to the building up, the expanding of the individual and so regular exposure to any of these will have a certain influence over the whole.

So that having been said, I invite all of you to consider how is your life structured and are the things which are part of your regular experience conducive to your well being and your growth? Or, might you consider some modification or perhaps being replaced by other activities, which foster your well-being and your spiritual growth. That of course, is what is significant about meetings such as this and forays into the spiritual dimension. That they be repeated and encountered regularly makes them have the most influence in your being, makes them bring the most flavor to who you are.

Thank you for letting me share this perspective as well. It is always a pleasure to address this group as I feel welcome to do so. I will as well make way for other personalities as there are a number in attendance, thank you.


Light: Yes, there are others here, I am Light. Thank you for the chance to commandeer your attention for a moment. It is always wonderful to be given the opportunity to contribute my cup of energy into the recipe that is cooking here tonight. Indeed all of us that stop by make our contribution and create this circuit, foster it with our very intentions. I am always seen to refer to the significance of intention because it is your intention which directs this grand energetic force that is you. It is your intention that brings your future into focus. It is your intention which gives your compass, your guide that steers you to your intended destination.

And so very much depends upon this intention and how much energy you devote to it, how much you invest in your own energetic projection. It can be truly said that everything that you can encounter in your mortal experience, every physical aspect of your reality, is the result of somebody's intention, somebody's energetic projection to have created all that you see around you, all that man has made. Everything in your society and structure of humankind exits because it began as an intention, an idea, a seed thought that was then projected out from the source, the originator, you. This energetic force gets projected out as you bring into focus your intention and harness it and direct it and you will all witness in your lives, a multitude of times where things would not have happened if it weren't for your own individual energy to have made it happen.

And, as a result you are witness, it transpired, it occurred, what did not exist before came into existence by virtue of you and your energetic projection. The same exact principle plays out and replays and replays through all dimensions, all levels of ascension. The planet that you have this experience on is nothing more than the creation of ones projected energy, the universe and all that's in it, a projected creation, you in your life, a creation, and as you will witness, lives are created through you. As a part of the whole, you have this same power of creation that creates a universe, that bestows man on a world. You are part of such divinity as that and you are growing to an awareness of this truth.

It is a slow process to come from the mortal and material and accept the aspect of you that is divine and grow and choose and become that which you are destined to be. But that is the program at hand, the thrilling ride that takes you from such one extreme to the other. So once again, I encourage you to be mindful of your intentions and to realize that they are powerful energetic projections if you so choose to give them that energy. They can be the seeds of an eternal beginning of an individual, an idea, a principle. These created ventures of intention are indeed powerful. So I welcome you to this realization and that these casual intentions of yours start here but go out to a vast beyond.


Thank you for the chance to speak as well. I feel as though that may very well be enough for this evening. I will take my leave and offer you all my appreciation, thank you.