2012-11-18-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: These Times

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Divine Parents, we ask you to connect the struggling middle east in our circle of love and light. I know you, Michael, have very special feeling about this particular area and the people in it. We ask you to open up the floodgates of love and light into the souls of the hardened constituents that are stubborn, that the love and light may soften this stubbornness, that these people find the true love in their hearts that they do have for their own, to realize that they can have this same love for others. We ask you for this in the name of peace, thank you.


Change, Focus

Machiventa: Greetings to you this morning my friends, it is I, Machiventa. It is good to be here in this circle of friendship, this vibrational frequency which exists within this circle, within this particular group. It is interesting to watch the world poised on this double expectation, this tremendously polarized consciousness which is at play on your world. On one hand there is this notion that this is the end and on the other side, there is this notion that this is the beginning. The beginning and the end are all part of the same thing, it is all part of the continuing circle of life, the eternal circuit of life.

In these times that are upon you now it is important to stay focused, to stay focused on what you are doing, how you are doing it and being conscious of a much larger phenomenon, the phenomenon of hope and expectation, the phenomenon of fear, the phenomenon of some sudden shift, that you may stand firm in all of this anxiousness which is surrounding you. The standing firm is to assure that you will be able to move with the direction of any shift. My friends it is in these times that your ability to hold spirit in consciousness is extremely important, not only for yourselves but for the consciousness of the planet and the people who inhabit it, that a tremendous love is available just for the asking.


At some point this tremendous love may begin to rear its head, sort of like a lotus which has its roots in this murky mud and is able to stand forth as a beautiful flower in a swamp like environment. So will love like a warm and nourishing blanket surround each individual during these times of tremendous confusion, fear, apprehension and expectation, that this love will gain a momentum unlike anything the world has ever seen. This is possible. This is within the realm of a reality for this world. Spirit has continually enfolded this world in love. It is time for you to begin to believe and feel the possibility of this love, begin to understand that this love will help to heal the soul of man as well as the soul of the planet, that love is to personality as breath is to life and at some point each and every one of you will learn this.

Whether you will learn it all at the same time is another matter. I cannot speculate on this but I do feel that this understanding helps to prepare the way for a greater phenomenon, sort of like a seed. For example, on your world, to make artificial crystals, the actual chemical components of crystals are all ground up and blended together into a melt. Then a seed crystal, an actual piece of real crystal is put into the melt and all of a sudden, at a certain temperature, a certain frequency, all of the chemical patterns itself to the nature of the crystal seed, thus rendering the whole mix into synthetic crystals.

This is similar to the frequency of love, that it is necessary to have this pattern, to have it in consciousness, that when the right moment is upon you, upon your world, that all will begin to shift towards this pattern of love and peace. There are many ways in which this has been described to you. It is the same thing as the 100th monkey theory, that there will be a threshold and things will automatically shift. It is like taking two pieces of heart tissue and separating them and both pieces of tissue are beating, they have a pulse of a heartbeat. When these two pieces of tissue are brought to mirror each other, there is a point at which they will begin to synchronize their beat and beat the same. This is what we are after in our understanding, is that the beat of love will synchronize, the love which is already available to each and every one of you.

Many are so concerned with their state of existence and the state of everything else around them that they are afraid to open up to this experience of love, that it may make them vulnerable and quite frankly it does render one vulnerable but not helpless. How can the greatest thing on earth be bad for you? The whole purpose of spirit educating humanity is to bring the human proportion of love up to a divine standard and once the human standard has been brought to that divine level, all of a sudden there will be a shift. This energetic shift in the frequency of love will create options which have for the most part never been available to the world. People will begin to feel a need to begin to understand because they will be experiencing something they have never felt in a way in which they have never experienced it and they will want to understand what it is because it will open up a tremendous amount of possibilities for a greater experience of life to be lived on the planet.


This planet was not created to imprison people in fear. Life was created for freedom, loving freedom of existence, that an aspect of the divine can actually come to fruition on an evolutionary world. This is why you were created, at least this is the divine reference for your creation, to become this loving personality to live in peace and harmony and right now the most important thing, again I will repeat, is to hold this space of love within your heart and within your mind for the whole world, that there will be an example of love to align itself to, that this yearning in mans heart can actually become a palpable experience.

The details of all of this are only transitory. They are not permanent. They are only in the moment when things are rearranged. A loving father prepares a safe home for his family. He presides over the family in a way and in a position in which the family can rely on the father for its needs, for its sustenance, for its direction. The Father will certainly create this home for his children. The children have to want this. Love has an eternal echo which at some point begins to manifest when the level of cooperation has been achieved.

So open up your hearts to the possibility of this great love, actually coming to your world transforming everything in its path, not automatically but by its presence, becoming so great that people will latch onto this love like they would latch onto gold or silver. That love becomes the valuable commodity that it is, that love opens the heart to forgiveness and understanding. That love begins to create a place where people can smile again and live their lives in the pursuit of happiness. The choice is yours. Our choice has been made, we will not forsake you. We will continue to love you and to hold love as the highest frequency for your world and all of its people.


There will be a tremendous amount of work available for everyone when this new currency of love and forgiveness becomes available. Everything that you have prepared for, the tools that you have earned, are now ready to be used. At this point there is not much to teach. You have already learned the lessons. Prepare for the fieldwork. It is sort of like the hurricane, where for a few days everyone is brought to the same level, needing the help of each other to survive. This is what love can do. It can undo the ways of the past and create the ways of the future and it can create in the moment a synchronicity that can be felt within the soul of everyone.


At that point freewill choice comes into play. You are not responsible for the choice, you are only responsible for the choosing. So my friends, hold forth your hearts and your minds to this single purpose. My friends it is your responsibility as agents of the Most Highs, as apostles of Michael, as sons and daughters of God, to become and bring in that which you truly are. My peace and love I leave with you my friends. Know that we are on watch and ever ready to be available. We are at your service. Go in peace, shalom.