2012-11-20-Do Not Fear For Your Future

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Topic: Do Not Fear For Your Future

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “The numerous esoteric beliefs, which every so often show their face among you, are just a sign of the spiritual immaturity still prevalent on this world. Many hear the good news of the kingdom but let themselves be led astray by the appearances of the material world. They are the ones who build on inadequate foundations and see their buildings crumble when the winds of adversity blow over them.

“What can we do to bring them back to reality? Truth never hides and it doesn’t need promoters to convince those who don’t believe. What is true simply exists and what is untrue does not exist. Perhaps in the midst of what is temporal and apparent, a lie may seem to be true, but in the end all these fantasies will fall by their own weight. It is then when those who clung to these supposed truths will have to re-evaluate their course and choose whether to correct their path or not.

“Many let themselves be deceived by the attractions of fantasies and mysteries. In the end, it is a known tendency of the human mind to wait for magical solutions to problems, particularly when patience is scarce and appearances do not permit to see the light at the end of the tunnel. To believe in a fantasy is not a sin, but creating fantasies to deceive and control others is a sin. Let everyone search their own heart and examine their motives.

“Do not fear for your future. Your life is in the hands of the celestial Father and not one among you has been forgotten, classified, separated or segregated in any way. We are all equal to the eyes of our Father and His love is always unconditional, invariable and absolute. None of you has had to do anything to earn this love and none of you will ever lose it. It is you who can choose to close yourselves off from the Source of this love, and let your soul wither.

“Go on, day by day, by living with the firm intent of knowing and expressing the will of the Father through self-mastery and the progressive perfection of your being. Your life happens in the present moment and it is here and now, where and when you can exert the most influence. Let the future be in the hands of the One who sees the end from the beginning and knows best the highest path.”