2012-11-23-Last Day of Normal

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Topic: Last Day of Normal

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Rayson (Chief Scientist on Magisterial Son's Staff)

TR: Ron Besser



We say this: Today is the last day of life on Urantia that will be considered normal or as you sometimes say, “like it used to be.” Tomorrow we continue life on Urantia, but it will be broken into two camps: In one camp will reside the regular sciences and humanities, and in the other are those who are running for their lives. We hold these truths to be self evident by the very way these Papers are received on Urantia. They are neither revered or loved or considered important, and we lament that there are so few that appreciate the work that goes into producing them. However, more Papers will be coming that will tally the goals we have set to provide those Urantians who still hold value in the written word and the deeds of men that prepared Urantia to reach its present state.

This is being dictated today November 23rd, 2012 at 10:42AM on the east coast of the United States. Tomorrow there will be a cataclysm of unnatural propensity. It will carry the heat of the next century into this one. We wish to make it known that the end of the lives of millions could be and probably are at an end as the waves of the Pacific will rise over the lands you know as Japan and southern China.

Korea will be inundated by tidal waves, and the Indochina Sea will become a debris field for centuries. We hold that there are few on Urantia who can fathom this, and we also believe that no one can grant these people the honest appraisal that they need not be lost to the world if they preserve the ideas of God for themselves. It is ordained that the world change and that it will be permitted to change.

We conclude our statement and observe that there are never more than a few thousand people on Urantia in the last few decades that truly understand the value of revelation and its ponderments upon man and his situation. We declare that the last of the normal days is today on Urantia, and that we [some staff persons] will never be seen on Urantia until the cataclysms are done around the world.

Japan will rise again. It has a monopoly on manufacturing techniques not equaled around the world anywhere. It has provided shops and plants to manufacture goods that are generally superior to most other manufacturing nations on the globe. We predict that the Japanese will find land in America and make it their own in order to provide the manufacturing skills America will loose further when the bridge between North America and Mexico goes down roughly along the fault lines of San Andreas and fault lines along the Colorado River. Mexico will find its natural resources curtailed to the point it no longer provides goods to the rest of the world, and it will become less populated as fissures open up in the areas around various cities to deplete the population greatly.