2012-12-07-About Worship

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Topic: About Worship

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “Every person has their own unique way of worship and there is not a uniform method to turn your attention toward your Father. Today there are still many remnants of the primitive methods of worship, from the times in which human beings thought of our Father as a jealous God or a king demanding the adulation of His subjects.

“Those who have taken the time to get to know God better and have discovered in Him their Creator Father, know that God never demands anything, because this would imply the abolition of free will. Our Father desires the love of His children, as long as this love is sincere, spontaneous and natural. A human father would never be content with reverence and fear from his children. A human father would desire a relationship with his children, filled with friendship, trust, respect and above all, real love. If a human father can expect and deserves this superior kind of relationship with his children, how could our Celestial Father expect and deserve any less?

“A human mother enjoys when her children come visit her on mother’s day. This is a very special occasion for mothers because it represents an opportunity to spend some time with their children, talk to them, know about their lives and enjoy each other’s company. Imagine a mother’s disappointment if her children came on mother’s day just to honor her, perform some ceremonies, offer some gifts and then just leave without allowing even a couple of minutes just to talk.

Songs, praise and other practices, are not something bad, but they should never replace the personal time each person should dedicate to cultivate the connection with their Father — to establish a relationship of friendship and authentic love with the Creator. It is during those moments that your soul is more perceptive to the spiritual influences your Father wants to provide and when you receive the spiritual sustenance that will help you become increasingly more like God, the object of your true and intelligent worship.

“The social aspects of human religions are not bad either, as long as they don’t become a substitute for personal religion — the individual effort to know your Father’s will and to try to manifest this will in your life. Once a person has awoken to the true nature of the relationship with God and to her position as a child of this loving Father, she will start to worship in a more spontaneous and natural way, free of rituals and superstitions that don’t add any spiritual value to life.”