2012-12-15-Live Courageously

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Topic: Live Courageously

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Spirit Within

TR: Valdir Soares



The Spirit Within: “Most human beings cannot resist the temptation of trying to control the future. However, despite knowing that a future which is influenced by you can be very useful to your plans, you should also consider that there exists the predetermined future which is God’s configured plan for the Master Universe. Ultimately the Creator rules the whole, and so there is the potentially determined future, which is the natural consequence of human choices, in your case the decisions made in your life. So, to control your future, take control of your choices, for they make up your future in the end.

“Neither I, nor other beings committed to the will of God, will interfere with your personal decisions. What we certainly do – I from within, and others from without – is to work with your decisions and help you make the very best of them. The more spiritually driven they are, the more your life will be uplifted by us. That we do; but we do not create situations that are not part of the scope of your personal decisions. Do give us good material to work with, so we can better pave the way to your future.

“Are you afraid of the future? You already know that the will of the Father is perfect, good and pleasant beyond comparison, and it will prevail after all. Furthermore, I will be there for you, my child. I will not ‘let go of your hand’ at any time. You can count on me, and you know you can. Therefore, there is no reason to fear the future, because I am in your future. Yes, I first talked to you on that long-ago childhood day of your First Communion – and you cried as you would cry many times since, upon feeling my leading. I was there with you in those early days, and I will be right here with you until your transfer to the Mansion Worlds where we will once again meet up, so fear not.

“You must learn to be more resolute. By that I mean for you to increase your efforts to strengthen your eternal soul. Balance your life, my dear child, and live courageously; knowing that no real or permanent harm can affect you once you are committed to the will of the Father. It does not matter how many scratches or cuts you may sustain on the way – nothing will ‘put you out of business’. Remember always that I am right here inside you, to lead you on the path. Therefore, again I say, ‘Live courageously!’”