2013-01-03-Human Groups, Uniformity, and Variety

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Topic: Human Groups, Uniformity, and Variety

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Damascus Scribe

TR: George Barnard



The Scribe: “Before you get the wrong idea, which, being human, you so easily do, let me make this important statement now: The Creator Father loves you all equally. It is a long-ago established fact that a man is no more important than his wife, the king no better than his serf, the old no more or less valuable to Him, than the young. Further on this theme, the seraphim are no more loved than are the cherubim. All on this earth, in these time-space universes, yes, on timeless Paradise, are equally loved by their Creator.

“Equality in being loved, however, does not imply uniformity. There is an enormous variety of intelligent creatures calling themselves sons or daughters of God. For every conceivable function to be fulfilled within time-space and ‘eternity’ there is a species capable of performing such tasks, and these species number in their thousands. Even they have, as have you, been granted diverse personalities by the Father Creator. Thus, throughout the far-flung universes there is uniformity in individual functions, yet endless variety of personality.

“Viewed from where you are placed, there is something missing in the total equation that allows midwayers and angels to sharply discern what group a certain human being belongs to. At times identified in their common language as Eagles, Owls, Hawks, Crows, Doves or Sparrows, it is hardly astrology they refer to, or animal totems. No, the answer lies in Thought Adjuster education on Divinington, which is given in countless different classes on countless varied subjects each. Remember, my dear friend and student, that all is known.

“The Adjusters, advanced as they may have become, know time and place and the human personality of their future fusion, perhaps thousands of years forward in time. Therefore they can select their curriculum to suit the personality of the mortal, and so, whoever and whatever you will become, your Adjuster will have foreseen, and ‘have made a career out of’ what will suit you most. Your experiences, and the Thought Adjuster’s education must… dovetail, because at fusion time an eternal career has begun.

“At the very moment of fusion, a new person is born, and the former human will have brought to this entirely new creature a perfecting personality, valuable experience, infinite courage, extensive knowledge, great wisdom and empathy, treasured skills and more. At that very same moment of fusion, the Thought Adjuster will have brought to this entirely new creature, its God-like universe identity, in fact guaranteed eternal life, and a powerfully strong classification of the group the new creature will be delighted to belong to.

“At that very moment both the former mortal and his or her long-serving Thought Adjuster will have ceased to exist. The ‘God-like Product of their Cooperation’ will live on forever. Adieu.”


I heard from the Damascus Scribe on January 3, transcribed the transmission on January 9, and added a Message (below) from a dear friend, received just now (January 10, 2013).

George, I had a strange but wonderful experience shortly before waking up from a dream. I don’t even know anymore what it was about, but all of a sudden a very tall eagle stood to the left of me. We were both standing in a room, and she wrapped her right wing right totally around me, as if to protect me. Well, I felt so secure and loved that I stroked her belly just a little bit as I did not want to cross her boundaries. She had her beak right next to my nose and that was ok with me. No idea how long we stood there but the feelings of powerful love were indescribable. Then I woke up… J.