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Topic: Update on the Magisterial Mission

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Prayer: Heavenly Father, Michael, Mother, we gather again in your presence to meet with our Avonal Son and his team to ask questions concerning the Correcting Time and how we might better serve you. We thank all of you for this opportunity and for your assistance. Thank you.

MMc: Good morning, Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: Good morning! This is Monjoronson. This one is not quite settled yet, so if we could take a moment or two for him to become centered and at ease, we would appreciate it. Thank you. (Pause.)


MMc: Whenever you’re ready.

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson; we are ready and this one is as well.

MMc: Before we begin today’s session, is there anything that you would like to share with us?

Magisterial Mission

  • Update on Magisterial Mission

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would like to share on behalf of our team and Christ Michael’s own personal appraisal is that there is room for optimism for the work that we are doing. We have made greater and more secure handholds as we climb this precipice of disorder on your world. It is much like a mountain climber in a technical climb, where we must insure that the pitons, levers and cams are securely placed so that the weight of all that is behind us is supported and secure and safe from failure. We have made several anchors very secure in the recent weeks and we see that Christ Michael’s work will more and more come into its fullness in the months, years and decades ahead.

We are speaking of our mission, our work, our goals and our objectives. We are not necessarily speaking that the course of events on Urantia will be any easier—surely they will not. That is another subject altogether, which has not changed in the last few weeks or months. It is a set of lyrics, so to speak, that have been written and are well known and everyone is aware of them, and so we must prepare our programs to interpret those lyrics in the melody, so to speak, in a way that orchestrates best outcomes. The best outcome is for a civilization that is recuperating and reinventing itself in ways that will support it sustainably into the far distant future. Do you follow? Do you understand the content of what I just said, please? (Group: Yes. Yes I do, and I can see the lyrics being played out in our own congress as they deal with gun control and physical problems of our country. They have started the melody and the tunes they will sing, although these are not necessarily in concert with one another, nor will they harmonize with one another.)

Politics, Change

  • Monjoronson on the U.S. political system

MONJORONSON: Yes, metaphor aside, we have anticipated their incompetence and their incapability to move forward constructively. You are seeing the Baroque development of a democratic political system that is unsustainable. We have anticipated this for decades, and have prepared the scenarios appropriately for the reconstruction of western democracies that will assist them to become sustainable into an indefinite future. The core, or the heart, of our work, of course, always begins with the individual. If this work does not assist the saving grace of each individual on your planet, then it is for nothing. It is flawed and will become unsustainable itself in the future. So, our emphasis of course, is on the individual, and the second one is the individual family, because you cannot separate the individual from their family. These two are of equal paramount importance to the healing of your world.

  • Emphasis is on the individual, the family and the community

Thirdly, the next important area of influence in a culture and society is at the community level. This is where grassroots social action can take place, that application of those scientific principles and wisdom that are useful for healing any society. It is from the grassroots that all social change takes place. It is from the grassroots level, the local level, where culture change truly is made and invested and where the greatest amount of social and cultural inertia remains. Therefore, it is essential that all the work that we do be made to heal individuals, and secondly, to empower local communities. Are you with me so far? (MMc: Yes, sir.)

  • Change will occur at the grassroots level

Upon these principles your society and all western developed democracies will change and will evolve, and in evolving they will set a model for all other countries which are not democratic, whether they are socialist or communist or other. It is from the people at the local level that social change takes place. It is the local individuals who change the course of a society; you saw that at Tiananmen Square in China; you saw that in Russia; you have seen that in the Arab Spring, and you will see it again and again throughout the world as those countries that are not democratic will be overcome by the needs and desires of the local people. With the development of an evolving democratic system and process towards becoming more socially sustainable, these countries can make immense social, cultural progress in their governance in rapid order, without having to go through the developmental stages to acquire them over decades and centuries. There will be a means by which they can move forward quickly.


  • Importance of the Internet system

It is obvious to you too, is it not, that there is a tremendous need for a free Internet system on a global basis? We do know, of course, that there are numerous countries which have restricted global Internet searches and so on, in order to keep their populace ignorant, and so they are building a wall of resistance from the local level, which will eventually erode a solid base of government in those authoritarian regimes. Even authoritarian regimes with tremendous power cannot stand long when there is immense erosion at the local level that supports them.

You have seen the most recent evidence of this in the Chinese newspaper staff, which did not accept the censorship of the Central Government, and so they have made a protest against that censorship. This is evidence in a very public way of the evolution of the society in advance of the governmental process. Just as the democratic process of the United States and its Congress is very archaic and antiquated and lethargic and incapable, so too are the dominating power regimes of other countries that are deeply invested in their power, control and authority. Power, control and authority do not lend themselves to the flexibility of evolution and change; it is that factor that holds them back, and thus there is resistance from the local culture and society of local people to move ahead. They are educated; they are thinking; the very educational programs that have been provided by the centralized government to make their workers more capable is the same educational system that will underwrite its demise. This cannot be any other way.


  • The three core values of social sustainability

This adheres to the three core values of social sustainability: One is the quality of life; second is growth; and the third is equality, that each individual is valued equally as any other individual. Thus, these values are eminent in every society, whether they are democratic or highly authoritarian. They work for the good of all individuals at the local level. When we have all of our training scenarios in place in the multiplicity of languages, you will see a huge organized groundswell of social progress; you will see it almost as you see a loaf of bread that is rising, that it is in the process of rising where the yeast grows and expands the dough so that it fills the loaf pan. It does not fill one end of the pan first, and then the other. What you will see when all these training scenarios are in place in multiple languages is a uniform development of social progress across the world. Yes, of course, some places will be slower to change than others, simply because they do not have the technologies or the monetary system, or the standard of living or lifestyles that support rapid movement. Those nations that have undergone tremendous social and cultural change in the last century will see even more in the near future, but it will not be quite as dramatic or traumatic as it will be for those countries which have not enjoyed the benefits of a democratic process.

MMc: This is all very heartening.

  • The empowerment of disgruntled individuals for positive change

MONJORONSON: We are heartened as well. We are very much cheered by this progress, by these developments—even the negative developments that are occurring in your Congress. They are highly useful to us because our progress rests on the empowerment of disgruntled individuals, locally, to empower a process which will bring about social change in a positive and constructive way.

MMc: Certainly, the situation in Congress stands out completely; the stupidity of some of their posturing is being felt by most of us in the United States. There must be several people that are happy with the situation, but I think that the majority of us are not.


  • The future financial destiny of our nation

MONJORONSON: Let me comment, that your nation has the potential at this very moment, now, in these weeks and months to change its future course of the financial destiny. We anticipate, however, because of the neglectful and egocentric, power-centric personalities involved and the partisanship involved, is that your nation will eventually—in the next two or three years—become very similar in economic territory and terrain as that of the Mediterranean country, Greece, which has undergone such tremendous difficulties financially. In this case, however, there will be no one to come to the aid of the United States, because it is the most dominant economic mover and shaker in the global economy. This will be most difficult and almost everyone, the large percentage of people in this nation, will be able to clearly look backwards and see the error in which change could have been made positively, but which was resisted by those in power, who caused this tremendous economic difficulty. It will not be unusual to see unemployment very similar to the Great Depression of the 1930’s in this nation. Of course, it will affect every other economy in the world, as everything rolls downhill from the largest economy. Other countries will be much more in economic difficulty. As we have said in the past, we note that those nations which are already impoverished will see almost absolutely no difference; their difficulties will continue on and they will be unable to receive the benefit of the larger economies.

Transmitting, Discernment

  • Validation of transcripts

MMc: Conversations with Monjoronson, # 65 and 66 have just been published. They dealt with the disinformation from the ABC Summaries and the Flurries. This has generated several readers’ questions and suggestions about the situation. Paraphrasing the reader: “You have told us that we should look to what has been written before in ‘The Urantia Book’ and the other transcripts as a way of verifying new information in more recent transcripts. Who is to say that that information is truthful?”

MONJORONSON: Is that your question, sir?

MMc: That’s my question, yes.

MONJORONSON: It is upon that question that the answer you generate will determine how you personally will grow in your spiritual career. If you are so incapable of discerning the difference between such erroneous, erratic transmissions and those which are steady-handed over the course of two decades, then my friend, you must attend a class in discernment and learn the capacities of discernment. The way of God is always truthful, honest, authentic, genuine, steady, peaceful and always uniform. Those matters on a planet such as Urantia cause tremendous difference of interpretation because of the history of each individual. Your personal relationship with the Divine will make a huge difference in how you see these materials. If you have an erratic relationship with your Thought Adjuster, your Guardian Angel and Celestial Teacher, then you will have difficulty in interpreting the past and the present transmissions. It is upon the consistency of the universe that all is established and known. It is because of this that we are able to see actuarially ahead in your culture what is likely to occur in one year, ten years or 100 years. Of course, the longer the distance, the larger the trend must be to exist that we can measure it capably.

We urge you to study these transcripts. Where do they come from? You will find in this disinformation that many of the concepts came from other web sites that are not established in the Teaching Mission or Magisterial Mission — that these have New Age concepts that have been incorporated into the disinformation. This is most unfortunate because that should tell the reader that the person who brought this through was looking to web sites of humans and mortals, rather than from the central Source within himself. This is a huge indicator that this is disinformation at its worst.

MMc: I understand. At least some of the information we have been given through the true TR’s during the Correcting Time has no precedence in, or is denied by “The Urantia Book,” specifically, this one’s ability to channel you, or my own ability to recognize when my Thought Adjuster is communicating with me. I don’t doubt this one’s ability, or my own, but some do. How would you answer them?

  • The key terms of discernment

MONJORONSON: They must use the key terms of discernment. Who benefits by this information? Who gets a return on these transmissions? Is there some egoistic benefit to the one who brings this through? Is there some financial improvement in his life? Is he the “adored-one” of many devotees? Does this one experience or express a guru complex? What is the return here? Is this to be simply a communication device that is neutral, to bring through information, or is there some aggrandizement for himself, or is there some means by which he strives to bring fear and control into the minds of others? These are simple questions of discernment. Is there a benefit, or is there a fear factor? In the vast, vast majority of all the transmissions that have come through this one and through many other TR’s, they are hopeful; they provide guidance; there are lessons for how to live spiritually in attunement with God and with their Thought Adjuster and with their fellow brothers and sisters. They are not fear-based—even those which came through this one discussing the cataclysms that are to come, the intention of which was not to generate fear in individuals, but a true appreciation of the slow evolutionary dynamics of a society that is approaching ruin and disintegration. These are real factors in societies and in civilizations that have occurred, not just once or twice in the history of earth, but dozens and hundreds of times in cultures and civilizations on this planet that have come to nothing, that have disintegrated.

  • The fragility of our world

You do not need to be a visionary or futurist or a highly competent financial manager to understand that your world now is extremely fragile. It is in many ways susceptible to even the most modest difficulties that can be generated on a planet either by its inhabitants, or by the geophysical environment. Discern carefully; the most important aspects of our teaching are to discern. You will find that discernment was not readily, or broadly taught in the early decades of these movements, but now it is highly important as you as inhabitants of this difficult world must sort out what is real and what is not; what is truth and what is not. Truth is what lasts; truth is what is sustainable; truth, honesty and authenticity and the core values of life are sustainable—these are what we emphasize. Consistency is our hallmark.

MMc: Another reader asks: “How we can know if the mind mechanism of Daniel Raphael is mixing his own thoughts with a message of a celestial?”

  • The art of “knowing” truth

MONJORONSON: You can only KNOW by having had the experience yourself. It would be helpful if there were references to “knowing” (put that in quotes, please) in prior transcripts, if you can find them. Until you can “know,” as a morontial, and as a spiritual being knows another person, then you will have to use the skills of discernment to find those bits of evidence which aggrandize this one, or in which he uses his language and ego to cause fear in others, so that he can be in control as an authority figure and dominate you. If these are not visible or not available, then you can assess that the transmissions accurately represent the celestial or Divine Being who is speaking through him.

This is the same as any other transmitter or TR. You must consistently, constantly use these skills of discernment to know who is truly speaking to you. And, even when one is speaking to you who is truly not a transmitter, you must also apply those same rules of discernment to the message coming from the celestial, spiritual or divine being. This is simply good, common sense in becoming as a traveler on the ascendant spiritual path. You know from your reading of “The Urantia Book,” that spiritually evolved created beings, such as Planetary Managers and Lanonandeks, were deeply powerful spiritual beings, who were taught in the truth of eternity by God, yet they chose to use their own egos to instill fear or wrong leadings to mortals and to lesser spiritual beings. Therefore, we constantly urge you to be on the watch for discerning those fragments that are not consistent with the Source that is speaking.

Excuse me one moment; did that explanation resonate with you two, clearly enough, or do you need further elucidation?

Roxie: It was clear to me.

MMc: Well, the same person asked another question about the TR’s ego generating their transmissions, and I think you covered that question in your answer.

This is Daniel: I think he answered two or three times in the last questions. As an aside, I have seen ego investment in prior transmissions back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, and oh my gosh, one talked about celestial beings gossiping, and directing people how to believe, and it was like, OMG, it was so evident that it was ego talking. I guess from my experience, what we usually do not see is this ego embellishment, or this process. My experience in 20 years is that, my gosh, our TR’s are truly very authentic people; it’s the audience who are so distraught. Okay, ready to get back?

[Note from transcriber: This is an excellent example of the way Daniel speaks, as compared to how Monjoronson speaks through him.]

MMc: I am, yeah. Are you?

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson; please continue.

  • The truly discerning mind

MMc: Others have suggested that we should be discerning in our evaluation of all the information we read and hear. I believe that you would agree that one of the great jobs for a human intellectual and ethical development is to develop a truly discerning mind. As I see it, the truly discerning mind goes beyond the process of critical thinking and process of asking questions into a situation where the questions begin to flow automatically whenever you read or hear something. There is an examination process that goes on to evaluate that information that is coming in and find its source and review that source as to its genuine informational quality and its impact on all the information that you already have accumulated. I believe in [your] asking me to put together a paper about asking questions is an attempt to correct some of the tendencies in our educational system to squelch asking questions and critical thinking in our youth, so that we don’t see this maturation of intellectual development as people get older. Many of us get hooked up into concrete thinking, so that we aren’t able to think critically about the information that we receive, nor can we move on to the discernment that I believe you are talking about. Can you see my point, sir?

  • The purpose and intentions of these conversations

MONJORONSON: Yes. One moment. The purpose of these “Conversations with Monjoronson” are many fold: The intentions are many. One of the intentions that we have not overtly disclosed is that this process of you generating meaningful, competent, capable questions is a process of educating the readership in the process of asking questions. You have alluded to a secondary process, a development of that, in which we are teaching individually—directly and indirectly—the process of self-examination, of self-observation. We do not promote self-analysis, as that is unproductive and can lead to vicious circles of thinking, so rather we ask you to be more self-observing.

  • Begin by validating the messages in your own mind

The process of discernment goes to the heart of discerning other messages from other people, but the heart of it too, is that you would begin to validate your own messages that you have in your mind, to be self-observing, to see them as an outsider, rather than going with the flow of the software of your mind, unconsciously and as an unconscious captive of your own thinking. The purpose of asking you to write a book, an instruction manual on the art of discernment, of inquiry, is to assist individuals with various levels of intellectual capability to hone their skills of discernment, to hone their skills of self-observation, to hone their skills and then articulating their questions more meaningfully, that some of these questions may become quite personal, that they even ask questions of their own thinking, from myself and from others.

We have Life Carriers who have specialties in this very process of the development of the mind, who can address these questions. It is important that discernment be taken very, very seriously, for the undiscerning mind will not be capable of progress in the morontial realm. The art of discernment is primary to the progress of the human mind to ask questions, to develop rational, reasonable answers—not answers out of fear or paranoia or desire, or even intellectual prowess—but simply to ask questions that are meaningful, that are relevant, and produce outcomes and answers which are pertinent to the course of life. And of course, the most intimate course of life that you have is your own thinking.

Thinking, Discernment

  • The emphasis and essence of these teachings

So very, very few people live as the “Captain of the ship” of their conscious mind. You, as the Captain, have the Pilot—your Thought Adjuster—to assist you, but if you cannot separate yourself from the course of the ship, then you are on a reckless course indeed, for you will be bounced from shoal to reef to grounding against the harbor in very vicious ways. But when you are thoughtful in thinking and observing of your own conscious movements in the mind and in your social life, then you can begin to direct the course, the destiny of your life, so it fulfills God’s Will. This is the whole emphasis and essence of all these teachings, is that you truly know how to bend your mind to the Will of God, how you can choose this consciously and then release it to God to unfold to you, without your conscious or unconscious involvement in the outcomes. This is a question that is primary to the core of the Correcting Time. Without development in this area, the Correcting Time will never come to fruition. We alone will not do this on our part; we need conscious, aware, self-observing individuals to assist us in the course of your world and the destiny of your civilization.

  • Come to know the TR’s personally

Let me add further that the person who asked the question about Daniel Raphael should come to know him personally, and his personal writings, and who he is and how he converses and discusses with others, and compare that to these renderings, these auditory recordings and to the written message of myself in them. These are distinctly separable. We see a high quality of delivery of our messages through him, though even this statement may sound like a statement of self-aggrandizement. How can you tell? You have to do your research.

MMc: In answering the person’s question myself, that is exactly the advice that I gave her, that she would have to come to know the writings of Daniel Raphael versus the transcripts of you, in order to know there is a significant difference between the two of you. Personalities and the syntax, grammar, the intellects are completely different. I thank you for bringing that up for our audience. (Monjoronson: You are welcome.)

The question that comes to mind is what of those who have not yet developed a discerning mind, particularly those that have accepted the wild predictions that haven’t happened. What is your advice for those people who have been taken in?

  • Admiring the qualities of our Creator

MONJORONSON: Those people who have been taken in and who continue to believe in them, even after evidence to the contrary, there is little hope that they will be able to discern any messages that reflect the true reality of the universe. There are those who always seek the romantic, the dire, the desperate, the catastrophic, the paranoid, the fearful, the hostile, aggressive, dangerous messages that come through. They are just far more exciting. The course of the universe that God has emplaced for the infinity of time is rather boring, compared to the soap operas of life that many wish to entertain. It is the steady hand of a stable and creative and capable, competent Creator of infinite and eternal capacity that has maintained this universe in its entirety and has a tremendously grand future in store for it.

These are not exciting, but were you to visit the laboratories as a student of the Life Carriers, you would be as thrilled with the capacity to develop life from the very elements of the universe that become sentient as well. This is something that you will learn how to do, even though you may not ever be invested with the capacity as a Creator Son. These are exciting developments for every mind, whether they are mortal, celestial, morontial, spiritual or divine. The capacity to enjoy a part of God’s universe personally, actually “knowing” God within you and enjoying its course, is perhaps the most thrilling aspect of an otherwise boring universe. It becomes very personal; it becomes personal rather than vicarious; it is personal rather than impersonal. If these minds were to look at how they learn and how they are excited, they are almost always vicarious, they are almost always impersonal through another source, rather than a personal excitement. When one truly knows personal excitement, then they know the joy of an infant’s laughter, of that recognition of a child in the face of their mother or father. These are truly thrilling; these are personal experiences that are intimate and personal, rather than impersonal and vicarious. There is a huge difference. This too, is a factor of discernment. How do you get your thrills? How do you learn? What excites you? If you are excited by….

  • Living vicarious lives through others

If you are deeply invested in reality shows that are currently in vogue on your media, then you are enjoying life and excited vicariously through the experience of others. If you see these situations as real to you as sitting on your couch watching the TV set, then you are not living a personal and intimate life that is evolved. This is not a criticism; this is simply an observation. It is a factor of discernment. What excites you? Is it personal or impersonal? Is it intimate or distant? Is it integrated to yourself or separate? Vicarious or is it intimate and personal, where you actually experience and “know” what is real in that situation?

  • Other suggestions for verifying celestial messages

MMc: Several of the readers made some suggestions: One reader writes me, “Doctor, my true feelings at this point are simple. The Urantia movement during my time, 1974 to the present, has been a fractious, squabbling, ego-driven cult, peppered with loving messages from endlessly patient hosts. As in medical and intellectual pursuits I would take great solace if there was a group or a panel of people who were capable of confirming the messages given to us. ‘Trust but verify, if you will.’ Oh, for verification!”

This reader suggests a panel of people who are capable of confirming the messages. Others suggest a duplicate message be received by two or more separate TR’s. Many others have expressed a wish for someway of confirming or verifying these TR’ed messages. The question is apart from our ability to discern the truth of these messages, however, are there other options that we should look to, to verify these messages?

MONJORONSON: One moment. The assurance and the certainty of the messages that you seek, will not truly be known to you until you awaken in the resurrection halls on mansonia. In the first “few days,” you will awaken to the reality of all the experiences you have had in your lifetime and you will be able to ascertain with the most minute exactness, the truth of statements that were given to you as a mortal. Your morontial mind will be so vastly superior to your human mind as to be almost incomparable.

You have had to rely upon the Spirit of Truth on Urantia to discern the truth as the most accurate source of validating the messages. The Spirit of Truth is more superior than your morontial mind will ever be, but its capability of transferring that truth to mortals is difficult in itself, because of the fears and beliefs and assumptions of the mortals who seek truth. The methods that you suggest have been tried, and they have failed, and even those people who are on those panels can create further division of thought and fragmentation of truth. The best way to discern the truth is to be in stillness with your Thought Adjuster, open to the Spirit of Truth and have the intention of seeking truth in the messages that you have read or have analyzed, or examined before your meditation. This truly is the most superior method possible. Your connection with your Thought Adjuster in meditation is a primary beginning of seeking truth that is everlasting.

MMc: Concerning the situation in the fallout with our community here, and with the author of the ABC Summaries and the Flurries, what options do you see?

MONJORONSON: The options are many. The options mount into the teens and 20’s and 30’s. The options are to move ahead with a far more discerning group of individuals. Our options remain the same, to continue to assist a group of followers, believers, who desire to be of assistance to Christ Michael and to the Creator to unfold the evolution of your world. The options are to engage the broader population of your world in these efforts. Many of you continue to proselytize “The Urantia Book,” Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission, and any other agenda you have for spiritual evolution on your world. Yet, if you were a marketer for a new product that had access to everyone, old and young, and crippled of mind and body, and those who are alert and well intellectually and emotionally and socially, you would want to share your message with the broadest market that is available. You would couch your message in terms that would be appealing to them, so they have an understanding of what you are saying. You must appeal to them, to their higher nature, in the language that they understand conceptually and personally.


  • How to share this knowledge

You must put Christ Michael’s messages in terms that they can appreciate, even if they do not believe in God. Then you will see far more progress in the social evolution of this world through the secular, than you will through the sectarian religious and spiritual groups. These groups that are believing are the “germ,” the “seed,” the “yeast” in the field of milk and flour that becomes the bread that everyone eats. You are the “yeast” to spread the message; you however, must spread the message in a way that is understandable and can be accepted to the secular, even to those who are atheists. Atheists have a desire to live in a world of peace, a world of abundance, where they have an aspiring and increasing quality of life, where they can grow, have hope, and where they are valued equally as others. This is something that others can understand, and when they begin to understand the parallels between social sustainability and the potential of their ascendant career, they may become believers. Until then, we see them as wonderful participants in the field of growth that can benefit everyone.

A matter of believing or not believing in God is a matter of personal choice. When one believes there is a God and has faith that God exists, then one would seek to come to know God, personally, intimately, to experience the presence of God in their mind, in their life. These are the options; the options are many. When you are stuck on everyone believing what you believe then you have a narrow focus and you will be unproductive in the larger scale of things. We do not denigrate or decline your offers to assist us with your agenda of spirituality and proselytizing—quite the contrary. You are essential to the work ahead. What we must now do is make your whole world, a global population of seven billion people, a fertile ground to plant the seeds of social progress and evolution. This, then, will become the field from which many hearty souls will seek to grow into their infinite wisdom, in their infinite relationship with the Divine within them. Those who live desperate and despicable lives and blame God will never come to God. Those who see the world as positive and constructive and assist them have an option to become more readily accepting of the beliefs of God-ship in themselves and God as a Creator of the Universe. These are our options, my friends; these are real. This is how we approach this work and that your assistance is needed. If you want to preach to the choir, you are most encouraged to do so, however, the results might be quite defining and limited.

  • Engaging the secular world

MMc: You anticipated one of my questions, which is: How does the secular world fit into this work of social sustainability? Would you like to respond more on that subject?

MONJORONSON: Yes. Yes, I definitely would. It is ironic, truly ironic, as we view your secular world of academia and of the churches, that there are so many people in Christian churches who are secularist in their thinking. They have been taught by the church that they cannot have a personal relationship of revelation with God within them. Though God is reachable, it is an untenable wish to exercise and to pursue. This is hardly any different than those intellectual academics that reside in the halls of universities and colleges and in libraries, and so on—and in research. We wish to engage the secular, therefore the message that we promote is to the secular, both the secular in the church and the secular in the academic realms. It is in these two realms that the words of social sustainability will be most rapidly recognized and disseminated.

It would be incredible to have educational systems, academic settings in universities and colleges actually teaching social sustainability classes, teaching the principles of social sustainability and of how to design sustainable social organizations and systems. These then, as this is taught, become readily acceptable in other universities, so that eventually, just as history of art is taught in all universities, so the social science of social sustainability would be taught in every upper level high school, university and in post-graduate research. This will be one of the fastest means of educating a global population in the principles and fundamentals of social sustainability, which will underwrite the days and the era of the days of light and life. This too, is our foothold and our wedge and our toe place in the doorway of the staid, mainline Christian churches, which have difficulty in accepting that personal revelation from God can occur to individuals in their church.


  • The mystics in the churches are useful

Mystics and mysticism are not adhered to, and have always been set aside and held at arms distance from the church population as something strange and unusual and not to be admired or engaged in. We, however, will use these very few mystics in the mainline Christian churches to introduce social sustainability, because they will “KNOW” (capital letters, please), they will KNOW that this is truth of the most everlasting, infinite capacity on a mortal, material planet, that these principles and values of social sustainability are the beginning of coming to know what is real in your social world [and] that it was created by God. Many Christians are mistaken that believing in God is sufficient; it is only a good beginning. Knowing and experiencing God in your life is the ultimate progress of a mortal to know God within themselves and without themselves, from Christ Michael to the Divine realm of the Trinity and Paradise. Both church situations, which espouse personal revelation is definitely, truly needed and desperately needed in the worldwide Christian Church, so that it begins to break out of the chrysalis it has rested in through the winter of belief.


  • TRing guidelines

MMc: Thank you. I have one other question concerning our present situation with the… it would appear that some type of guidelines for TRing would be helpful. Would you, or members of your team, be willing to give us, or help us prepare a set of guidelines for TRing?

MONJORONSON: Yes, most gladly. This has already been begun; this is already a part of the Melchizedek Schools series of classes, Spiritual Wings I, II, and III. It is an essential part of discernment and it is something that we wish you to engage, both in the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission as an organizational necessity to lend to the credibility of these two missions. Without a published set of TRing ethics, or code of protocol, or a set of protocols, then you have nothing to point to that others can use to discern the messages. We have already published a set of discernment guidelines through the Spiritual Wings class in the workshop, and this would be useful as well. That could easily become an appendix to the protocols or the code of ethics for transmitters. But yes, please proceed, and we understand that this may not be an organized effort, but it should sometime, in some manner, be part of the archives and be able to be pointed to for an outsider that this is where it is, this is where it exists, and this is what transmitting a spiritual and celestial being is all about, and this is how you know it is true or not true.

MMc: Very good. I don’t believe that information has been widely disseminated at this point. But as you say, it probably should be part of the archives.

MONJORONSON: We will request this one to provide those two classes to you and you and others can work on it as you wish.


MMc: I don’t have any further questions for you today, sir. I thank you very much for what you have given us today. Do you have anything further before we close?

MONJORONSON: We thank you—the whole team thanks you—once again for your participation, your presence, your being here. The authenticity and sincerity of your participation is fully recognized. You will always carry this record in your “portfolio,” so to speak, in your aura, your history as you traverse the morontial realm in the afterlife. Everyone will know who you are when you come into their presence and they will recognize the diligence of your participation to assist me, Machiventa and Christ Michael in this effort. We truly see this as a special time in your lives, where you can make particularly effective contributions. It is our audience that we are concerned for, and we know that there will eventually be—before the next five years, but particularly in the next one to three years— there will be embryonic design teams coming into being that will have tremendous longevity, even to the era of decades as we move forward with this project. We thank you for your diligence as participants and as readers, and as contributors to the uplifting consciousness of this world. Good day.