2013-02-05-Q and A Session with Charles 1

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Topic: Q and A with Charles

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Charles

TR: Daniel Raphael



[Ed. Due to trouble with our Wi-Fi Skype connection, there are some inaudible words that we couldn’t decipher; our apologies.]


Invocation (Daniel): Let’s create an invocation of the Creator to surround ourselves and fill ourselves with the Creator’s light and we ask our Teachers, Angels and Guides and Melchizedeks to reveal to us what we need to know, and we give thanks.

CHARLES: Hello, this is Charles. I am the representative of the triumvirate of Christ Michael, Machiventa and Monjoronson. If you are unacquainted with them, I’ll be glad to explain who they are and their roles in your universe. Do you have questions to begin with?



  • Engaging with spirit is a new activity for you

We thank you for your presence here tonight to engage in this new activity to you, which is actually, very, very old. The connection with spirit, unseen spirit, is as old as the Homo sapiens of your species, and even older. Neanderthals also had a spirit essence to them and they were far more intelligent than you realize.

Your world is part of the administration of the universe. It is one of billions of inhabited planets and each planet that has sentient beings on it as yourselves, has an administration of ???? and welfare. You know that your world is in tremendous distress right now and will experience even more distress. The civilization that fills your planet evolved and came into existence without a plan of human participation with celestials for its development, and you are now in the early stages of changing back. We are urging all of you to participate co-creatively with us in the conscious and intentional evolution of your world. There is a plan for that and we are participating with mortals now, in disclosing how to do that.

Our friend there, James, is able to assist you in asking or developing questions, if you have any. We come to you tonight and each night you join with us, with the purpose of preparing you for your personal lifetime and for your social upliftment and participation in your ascendant career, that will last in many ways to you, an infinity of time, but eventually, you will be in Paradise with the Creator and enjoy the embrace of the One that brought all this together. Thank you.


  • What do we have to look forward to in the afterlife?

Student: Charles, could you give us a brief summary of our plan after we leave this planet, give us a summary of what we have to look forward to?

CHARLES: Yes. You, now, are part of the four dimensional material universe. Your chore during this lifetime is to grow in awakening in awareness of your oneness with all the universe, that you are truly a son or daughter of God, that you have a spiritual career here and in the afterlife. When you pass from this realm, you will enter into the resurrection halls, where your God presence, your Guardian Angel and your soul registry will be joined together once again and you will be given a morontial body. We differentiate the physical from the morontial to the spiritual to the infinite. There are four levels of realities that you will eventually, traverse through. During the morontial realm, which could last many thousands of years you will have approximately 570 new states of consciousness. You will receive upgrades similarly as your [computer] receives upgrades, so that you have a greater capacity of mind and of soul growth. You see your mind now has an infinite capacity to grow, to learn, and develop. And when you go with the Father spirit presence within you, you intentionally grow, your mind receives upgrades during your material lifetime here. This allows you to become more wise, capable and more careful in the decisions that you make. All that you do here is preparation for your lifetimes ahead, to give you the beginning of a large library, you might say, of experiences on which you can draw much wisdom and reflect and engage in spirit growth. Just as a large city has parishes or boroughs, counties, wards or districts, so does this local universe. You may think of this local universe as you view the galaxy Andromeda, so far away. Your local universe here is similar in nature and is populated with billions of other inhabited planets. After your passage through the resurrection halls, you will begin the first experience in the ‘district’ (chuckle),—and I say district cautiously, as it is not the word that is used—and from there, you will traverse through the schools and then you’ll move, so to speak, into a larger ‘district,’ where you will engage in further schools.

This is all not work; life is divided into thirds, one-third work, one-third play and one-third rest. So you see it is very beneficial to the wholeness within you. This is a holistic process of experiential growth. You can take [a] retreat, you can take time out and pursue hobbies and do many things that you wish to. You can put your ascent on hold for a time before you re-engage the journey. So I hope you get the point. This is the beginning of a wonderful journey of tremendous growth. The difference is when you receive your body in the afterlife, there is no disease, there is no psychosis, there are no psychiatric problems, there is ????, you will be surrounded with light at all times. It is not as though you work and become tired. You work, you study, you rest and during the resting process you integrate what you’ve learned into new knowledge and new wisdom. There is always a necessity for time to reflect, whether your time here as a mortal or in the afterlife. Taking time apart to think about your reflection and wonder what was that all about, is there a lesson here, and what is the overarching wisdom of these experiences? You will ask the same questions in the afterlife. For this is a process of growing up, becoming more mature, more complete. Thank you for your question.

Student: Thank you Charles.

Angelic Contact

  • Celestial prompting with numbers

Student: Charles, we were talking the other day about digital prompting. I kinda knew something about this before, but I get digital prompts like 111 and 555 on clocks and I seem to be getting more and more of them. I’m under the impression that it’s our time to be connecting with our celestial beings or they’re trying to connect with us. CHARLES: Yes, it is a tap on the shoulder, so to speak, saying we are here. You mortals tend to be so busy in your lives and so busy in your minds about trivia that you most often forget about the most important things and so we come by to remind you and tap you on the shoulder with these digital prompts, 11:11, 444 or any other multiples of numbers that resonate with you. This is a statement to you that we are here, what can we do to help you, is there something you need help with? You often forget in the vast majority of times that we are here available for you. I would like [you] to remember a question that is very important that we ask of you, that you will learn to ask of yourself to remind you of us. And the question is this, and this is what we have taught this one in the recent few months: Is there something you’d like us to do to help you with this situation? Whether it is unplugging a clogged drain, or notifying a friend of some problem, or starting a car or having some assistance of some sort, you have friends here. We would not say “friends in high places,” because we are not higher than you; we are simply present here with you and, for the most part, not visible.

  • Asking for celestial assistance

So ask yourself the question, “what do I need celestial or angelic assistance with, concerning this project?” What this does is to begin to establish a working relationship. We are more than friends, we are helpers, we are teachers, we are mentors, we are teacher’s aides, we can assist you in ways which may seem quite improbable or unlikely. And so we remind you, “Is there something here that you would like us to help you with?” And that’s the question to remember.


  • Capturing digital pictures of celestial orbs of energy

You stated, Jean, that you were going to take pictures of spiritual energy orbs or beings with your camera. We suggest you not use your flash but use the automatic aperture opening on your camera to capture these orbs of energy. There are several there in your presence at this time and so it is a matter of having their frequency register on your digital camera or upon your film. [This is] just a suggestion.

Student: Well taken.

CHARLES: Thank you. Other questions? Or maybe you don’t want to ask a question, you want to know about something.


  • Reprogramming your DNA

Student: I have a question. Earlier here in our discussion we were talking about how many of us are raised in our homes and society in a negative environment and it seems to be programmed over many years in our DNA. I was just curious, is there any kind of plan to up-step our DNA at this time?

CHARLES: I am smiling through this one to let you know that you are far more empowered than you realize. You have the capacity to change your own DNA and remarkably, if you have children and you live near to them, within several thousand miles, your own behavior and actions will have an impact on their own DNA. What you believe and what you think becomes imprinted on your DNA. You can uplift yourself through your own conscious efforts to improve your lifestyle, your thinking, your behaviors, your emotional responses, your attitude—all of those are energetic imprints which have an effect upon your DNA. You may remember some uncle in your family somewhere, and you recall, later on, meeting their son, or nephew of yours or cousin and they are so much like their father and they have never met. Or that there is a son who is so much like a grandfather in behavior and temperament and in pursuit of occupation and skill. These are truly transferred DNA imprints from older generations. You can do this.

I want you to remember, each of you, that your emotional energy is the opposite side of the coin of your being, meaning that if you have positive thoughts, then you are a positive being and that you will find that all ascended masters or avatars or learned teachers on your world rarely, if ever, express any negative, hostile or emotions which are not virtuous. If you ever see a guru who is lustful or greedy or who is selfish or egotistical, you immediately know that they are truly not an avatar or an ascended master or teacher. This is your way of knowing how to progress in your own life. I have spoken to you before through the teachings of another, that your own emotional structure is a reflection of your spiritual growth. If you’re angry and have tantrums, then you have a very constricted spiritual blossoming in your being, and that if you’re generous, kind and patient and tolerant, genuinely so, this is truly a reflection of your spiritual growth, your development and your evolution. Thank you. When is the best time to connect with spirit? Student: Working with our celestial beings, do we have to pick a certain time of the day and what’s the best way to connect with them?


CHARLES: When you are a beginner, it is best to have a set time every day where you sit down and read some spiritual material or you sit down and begin meditating or be in contemplation, some kind of a spiritual energetic retreat from the business of the day where you still your thoughts and open yourselves to true intention and [an] invitation to spirit to talk with you, to be with you. When you do this regularly, this is a statement of your earnestness, your faithfulness, your diligence and your connection and commitment to spirit to grow. You will begin to attract those spiritual individuals who are responsible for your care-taking, to be there at that time. It is not as though there are three or four cherubim sitting around on your couches, thumping their fingers on the coffee table wondering when you’re going to ask for help, certainly not! The spiritual realm is very busy and there are many individuals to care for. Those of you who are growing will find that your care and your tutelage and your mentorship will become much more refined as you grow. You see, in the beginning, you have a Guardian Angel who watches out for you. But, just as the kindergarten teacher cares for 10 -20 children, so too, Guardian Angels care for 50 -300 mortals, who are spiritually retarded, so to speak. I do not mean that in a pejorative sense, it’s simply that they are un-evolved.

Growth, Service

  • Growing spiritually

As you become more mature, you are actually making a statement that you need more service, you need more care, that you are one who has a need to grow. You demonstrated that you have the potential to grow and so you will find that your Guardian may change from one who cares for 300, to one who cares for 6 or 7. And eventually, as you deepen into your fullness of your spiritual connection with the God presence within you, will have your own personal guardian angel who will be with you constantly and consistently all the time. As you grow, let me retreat a bit, when you came here to this lifetime, you, with your Thought Adjuster, both came with an intention, a life plan to express, develop, unfold and complete. Some of you have completed your life plans already. These are learning lessons. If you were raised in a family of difficulty or abuse, then those lessons are pretty obvious. You must overcome those lessons and then you must grow and find a way of finding ???? of creating ???? in your life ????. And you do that, of course [with] purpose which is to your liking. It’s not something that is complicated. If you have a purpose in life, it is very simple, as long as it provides you with meaning. As you grow through this stage, you will eventually find that you look around in life and wonder how you can be of service. Of course, after you have learned your lessons of your life plan, then you come into a realm of service, because then, you can truly be of great service to the Creator of this world because you have less baggage to overcome. Does this make sense?

Students: Yes!

  • Reviews of lessons learned

CHARLES: So, your being of service is a sign that you have grown, that you are worthy of taking on more responsibilities for the care and service of your fellow brothers and sisters. You will be given “reviews,” these are not tests, these are reviews of lessons that you have completed. Sometimes, these reviews may cause you to erupt into some kind of negative emotion and then you go, “AH-HA! Charles said this was a review.” Immediately you will know that the resistance, the stress and the strain of this situation is gone, and you will have proof it was a review and your acknowledging it as a negative state, is assurance that you’ve grown. So these are very pragmatic lessons I am teaching you on how to understand the signposts of the path of life in your spiritual growth. Thank you.

The Teachers

  • Charles’ biography

Student: Charles, I was wondering of you could just give us a brief bio of yourself, please. I think some of us would be very interested in where you came from.

CHARLES: Yes, I am not from the local universe, in fact I’m not from this seventh universe, I am from another. I have had mortal origins such as yourself, have completed many tens of thousands of years of study and growth and development in the schools of my universe, I proceeded to Heaven (or Havona,) and then completed the schools there and lived in Paradise with the presence of the Creator, the First Source and Center. I enjoyed the embrace of the Creator, so that I have that in my record. I, then, was inducted into the Corps of Finality, those individuals who have come [from] mortal origins, who have traversed the grand universe through thousands or hundreds of thousands of years until they get to Paradise. And then, while I was in the Corps of Finality, I was asked if I would like to become a Mighty Messenger, and of course, this is a tremendously responsible position of great esteem and regard throughout the universe with independence and responsibility, and so I accepted that new title and those duties and responsibility. Over the eons, I have been given many assignments far and wide throughout the universe and I have come to volunteer here, in this local universe, particularly, in this region of this local Universe, where there was a very difficult rebellion that occurred by egocentric individuals who felt they were better than God, and that has since been expired, resolved, and adjudicated.

So now, I am here with the Creator Son of this local area and with the Paradise Son, Monjoronson, who has come here on a particular mission to uplift the social constructs and social environment of your world. I am working as, not on behalf or in behalf, but I work in an executive [function to the Triumvirate], the third being Machiventa, who is the planetary manager, [and] who has completed time here on your planet as a mortal in the times of Abraham and before. We will be here until the mission is completed. We anticipate that your world will traverse through its tremendous difficulties which has already begun and afterwards, the infusion of these new ideas for the social evolution of your world will be in place and there will be many growth [opportunities] and tremendous venues for tremendous soul growth and service. Thank you.


  • Your uniqueness as an individual in the universe

Student: Hello, I am not really clear on how to ask this question but, my understanding has been that after this life, I will return to Source. And I, then, will cease to be the individual me, the personality me, that was this life and that Paradise is actually returning and being one with everything else in God. So, I don’t understand the individuality that you speak of. Does that make sense?

CHARLES: Yes. You are appreciated by the First Source and Center, the Creator of all. There is a particular and peculiar and unique aspect of yourself which is not duplicated anywhere in the universe. You are truly a unique individual. You also have personality, which is a fragment of the Creator’s personality that you have already with you and that you will be offered the opportunity to reunite with the Over-soul of the universe if you wish. You see, dear one, the options for the journey home are so varied and so multi-layered, that I can only give you the parallel of examining a fractal, which [is] the closer you look at [it], the more detailed it gets. Your life, your journey, back to [the] Source, can be as complex and as long as you wish or as brief as it is possible to complete the hurdles until you return. You are here for a particular purpose. You are here to experience this life.


  • Adding experience to that which is complete

You are not the vicarious expression of the First Source and Center, but you are truly, the living presence of the First Source and Center WITHIN you, to experience your life WITH you, so that your experiences, which are completely unique to the over-soul, are added to its completion. You see, although the First Source and Center is perfect and totally complete, it is not whole; there are aspects about it which are incomplete and that [need] is experience. You see, if you are eternal and you are whole and complete, I’m using words and phrases which do not fully convey the depth and meaning and eternal parameters of the one in my discussion with you, but what you offer the universe in your life is the opportunity for new experience that has never occurred before, that can be enjoyed by the Creator. You see, living is a process of experience.

The First Source and Center neither lives nor dies, therefore it does not have a means of experiential expression outside of the creation of the universe, which it did so it could experience itself. You as a burgeoning personality have the opportunity to experience yourself, also. This is a beautiful process if you take it from God’s perspective, that you are able to experience yourself, the uniqueness of yourself, and this is truly appreciated and is held in high regard by the presence of the whole, the one within you. You give it a means of experiencing itself, through your life. This is why it is so important that you live a life of purity, wholeness, integrity, honesty and all the positive attributes of being, because this has reality.

That which is negative, that which is destructive, that which is dark, is not of God and God does not experience that. It is a waste of your life and a waste of God’s time, so to speak, that these dark things would occur in people. It is though the light on your computer just blinked out and you continue to watch a blank screen. And slowly through the urging of the one within you, that light begins to glow and begins to look outward from itself to view the universe and gauge it. The universe is immensely generous, the Creator is abundantly generous and therefore your expression is a desire to be whole by experiencing the light around you, to be the light itself. And so where you go, you bring the light of the Creator and you are able to bring expression through your life experiences.

There are many aspects of the Creator, of the Trinity, of Paradise Divinity and the Deities to which you have alluded in your question, your statement. These have been given to those spiritually evolved mortals who have joined with the mind as they are capable of God, of the One, in Paradise, through them. And so, it is as though they have a fiber-optic connection between themselves, their personality, the God presence within them and the First Source and Center in Paradise. So, [as] you say, the One, Whole, the Over-soul, are concepts that have come from Divinity to your world. They are complete, but their expression in your language is highly incomplete. I apologize for the limitations of my expression to you in this language. Thank you.

Student: That helped immensely, thank you.


  • Advice in creating a group

Student: We really thank you Charles and Daniel for this. Before we wrap things up, I would like to give a comment and question. Some of us were thinking about forming a group here, and you never know with electronics, we love to have Daniel here to help us and we think we can also do this on our own, to bring forth spiritual advisors and we want to know if there’s any advice that you can give us in that area.

CHARLES: Yes, I would give you one core piece of advice and that is that it is highly important for you as a group to have a faithful dedicated time and ritual for joining with spirit. You will want to do that with your friends in this group, because you will eventually create an energetic synergism between your presence and your intention and then work that intention as a group. You have begun that through connecting with the merkabah, but this is just a beginning. We recommend to you, that you do a group meditation in a circle and that there is perhaps, some light background music, non-vocal, that is subtle and helps occupy part of your mind. You may want to have a candle in the middle of the group so you can focus your eyes on it, but you will need someone to guide the meditation, to assist you to experience yourself, experience the oneness, to come into the vibration of the One with the group and with the Source within each of you. If you come there with the intention of joining together in this energetic synergism, you can experience tremendous elevation that you will take away with you to your homes and to your times apart.

You see, working in teams, working in groups is not just people coming together working on paper mâché or something; it is, in this case, a spiritual exercise, a spiritual experience and you create a spiritual expression. When you have done this often enough and with a commitment, then you’ll be assigned two spiritual beings to assist you, to be with you at these regular times of your meeting. It’s very much like music lessons. You pay for your lessons, you show up for the teacher and sometimes the teacher will have a music tutor there to assist, to overcome a process or problem with your music development, but you show up every week. And once in a while, every quarter or so, you’ll have a meeting with several others and you’ll play together. And so if you want to do this, you will take it on as a responsibility as part of your life, a part of receiving experience you otherwise [might not have.] Thank you.

Student: Thank you, Charles.

Student: Charles? Would it be better for us to have a separate, specific night just for connecting?

CHARLES: Yes, I understand that you meet now, once a week, is this correct?

Student: Yes.

CHARLES: it is helpful to meet at least once a week or every two weeks, but not longer than 2 weeks, as the bond between you begins to dissolve. You needn’t do it separately, unless you want to. I understand we will be meeting once a month at this time and this one has obligated his time to be with you, as I have. Does this answer your question, dear?

Student: Yes, thank you.


Student: Well, Charles, I hope you come back with us more often. This has been a great experience. We really appreciate you being with us, and Daniel too. In closing, do you have any closing comments before we call it a night?

CHARLES: Yes. Please see yourself in union with each other and with us, that when you meet each other, your arms bump into each other and you register with each other and you recognize this. And you see that when you meet someone that there’s more to them than meets the eye. Thank you.

Students: Thank you, Charles; thank you, Daniel.