2013-02-14-Spiritual Growth

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Topic: Spiritual Growth

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Teacher Gorman, Michael, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, now is the time to acknowledge you and your presence, your essence of being, and invite you into our vessel with us. Come and join us in this journey as we venture from the material into the spiritual plane. Be with us in this process, guide us, protect us and share with us this journey. That is our gift we would give to you, to share what we discover in these journeys with you, to bring you into our experience and thus enhance it, expand it by virtue of your presence. This is what I pray occurs, but more than prayer, I make a statement of intention and purpose in this regard, more than a simple petition. I define my intention in this process and in so doing I have shoved off and am firmly moving in the direction of my desire. I know this to be so. That is not a prayer, that is a statement of conviction. I offer these in an attempt to align myself in the energies and in your presence Divine Parents. I ask that your will pervade and be done and state that it is my will that this is so. Having positioned all these guide posts and markers along the way, I now proceed forward in this direction and await the gift of grace that you would have in store for us this evening.


Growth, Intention

Charles: [Mark] Greetings to those assembled here this evening, I am Charles. It is my great pleasure to take the podium at this time and address you as students who have made this journey through your own intention to be here and to receive such as I will offer. I am struck by the path that was taken to get here by the particular journey described. I would like to go into the aspects of positioning yourself, of creating your environment to be one that is conducive to your spiritual growth and exploration because I have noticed that humans are great creatures of habit. They, in their very beginnings, in their early stages, are imprinted with the design, the pattern and the techniques for executing the designs and patterns that are present. Having been imprinted so thoroughly at such formative stages, mortals of the realm are indeed bound to these circumstances, in fact it can be said that without active intervention in the process, these patterns are repeated throughout the entire life of the mortal, seldom changed, seldom altered, routinely engaged in to the point that they literally are loops of the same reality being expressed over and over again.

This is what most of mortal lives consist of, these loops of patterns that exist and within this loop, within this circuit, there is a great certainty that by doing the same action the same way once again, you will arrive at the same destination, receive the same result and thus life becomes predictable and comfortable. The first step is to realize that this paradigm exists in your lives as individuals. In many different arenas of your lives there is routine, there is pattern, there is repetition, and so if one is to want to move forward in spiritual growth, it will be required of you every now and then to break free of these ordinary and regular patterns because new things may not be discovered in old paradigms. There has to be room for new discoveries to occur, there has to be a place that they may be inserted to become part of the new loop of awareness. But if one is continually engaged in repeating the old loop, there are no points of introduction to bring in the new and different assets to alter the loop cycle itself.

So, this is where intention comes to the fore, this is where your desire to explore spiritually may be manifested to exercise your intentions, to create the loops that you would have, create the pattern that will provide you with the results that you desire predictably and regularly just as the loops that you engage in now demonstrate. To do this, many many techniques have been introduced to bring about the right conditions, the right environment, the right properties into the equation so that you can move smoothly through the loop. I witness to you the exercise prior to my arrival was one such intentional loop created on the spot. The elements were brought into play, the comforting aspects, familiar aspects, predictable aspects were all brought into alignment and then the results are to be expected, the results will be realized.

It is no act of magic, it is simply applying the universal laws and principles that exist with intention, with awareness and in observance of natural law. Worlds have over time created many scenarios to create many different environments, to achieve many different results. Churches couch their participants in aspects, literally surrounding them with signs, symbols, aspects of the reality they wish to portray and then each time one returns to church, all these signs, symbols and aspects trigger the same space that you were in the last time you were in that environment. These tricks are used to bring one to a place repeatedly, reliably and predictably.

As was offered here today, aspects of gratitude, aspects of appreciation, aspects of love, respect for connection, respect for the grace that is involved in the connection that is available; these aspects are sure facilitators of a direction, of an intention to move in the divine direction and having offered this intention, all forces of the universe are in play to assist. That is how you get here, easily, quickly. Some have even condensed this whole process of this visualizing of moving from point A to point B into a single word or OM or thought that brings all these aspects together and moves through this process of orienting quickly, even immediately. This is what stillness may help bring to light for you. Stillness itself is positioning yourselves to receive, attempting to take command of your environment and bring it into a more divine state, a state of greater peace, a state where you may receive grace, feel love, a state of spirit.

So it is my distinct pleasure to toss around a few observations about how I see it being done here on this plane. I bring my respect to all of you, for what you are doing is indeed the greatest of all things that one might do, the reaching out beyond your mortal limitations, using your dormant spiritual side, your recessive spiritual side and using this aspect of yourself to literally move from the limited aspects of mortal life, beyond and while in your mortal form, to a spiritual truth and reality that exists side by side with your mortal one. You literally have the capacity to engage in two existences in this life, one confined to your mortal condition and another expanded by your spiritual potential. You can do this at will, you can do this by virtue of your choice. You have this capacity, it is part of who you are, it is just whether and how much you will exercise this aspect of yourself at any time.

So I marvel at you. I know you come to hear from the likes of me on my side of the veil and I am pleased to discourse with you this way, but I do want to make clear that I am equally as impressed with you as you might be with those of my status. Truly you are the demonstration of the magnificence of the plan and the outworking of your creators. You are the fruits of their intention and we all marvel at this gift of grace, this miracle before us that is you. So I share your gratitude of being here together today and I would now relinquish the floor as I am sure there are other personalities here who would also enjoy the opportunity to have a few words with you, farewell now.


Gorman: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening, I am Gorman here this evening with you, amongst you, as you are moving through this life you are given. The life you are given comes with conditions, attachments, circumstances. These conditions pull and tug at your life. You grow into understanding what they are. At first they may be a boundary or limitation. Certain conditions may force you to use alternative means. These conditions, these attachments in life, at a certain point become taunt, they are like strings and the quality of your life depends upon your ability to harmonize these strings, eventually maybe even play a melody with the string, a harmonic progression.

You are all like little instruments in the large orchestra of life. Each one has a part in displaying for the harmony, the harmony of the melody of life, the song of life, its peace and purpose. In a certain sense these conditions of life become the very things which sets your life free in terms of truly creating that which you feel, that which inside inspires you, moves you. In getting these conditions under control you are bringing all of them into a neutral mode, a harmonic, the melodies your soul records. In a certain sense it is true, you are all harps of God, each one sent forth with a unique harmony, a special note to add to the grand sound, the grand harmonics.

You will traverse universes before Paradise where there is nothing but harmonics. The whole of Paradise is one great and grand harmonic forever vibrating forth as gravity, as energy, as thought, as life itself, as quality, as meaning and as purpose itself and as truth and as beauty and as goodness in the heart of your soul. The spiritual life is not a difficult life. You do not have to go to school for it, you are built with a complete understanding, even hardwired with this understanding. All personal effort bows, kneels and bends towards its ultimate goal of bringing you into harmony with this true spirit.

If there is a lesson in life that you need to learn certainly the conditions will present themselves to force and test you, to test their quality upon you and a series of lessons, the series of songs, the series of errors that you call life is such that it all combines into the goodness of the Father, that you as His children will certainly become an example of His great understanding and His great wisdom, bearers of His eternal and meaningful love, His purposeful life for all of you here who have been given the unique opportunity of a universe adventure with a pure Paradise Spirit of the Father, to have this great contract in life, this purely animal selfish lustful part that is constantly being pulled and tugged by the more refined nature of the Inner Spirit catching your attention with its distant harmonic echo within your soul.

Gradually mankind grows in an understanding, begins to desire and the desire becomes universal. Then, within the instrument of mans soul, arises a harmony, an echoing, melodic transformative harmonic, a powerful noise which moves like the force of the wind within the will of man, to desire brotherhood, to desire cooperation, to be ever thankful for the challenge of life, the opportunity to use your life up in dedication to a greater understanding of the Father's will for the individual and for mankind. It is in this understanding where the greatest growth occurs, for as the wise man begins to adjust, adjust the tensions of the string to create the harmonics, you tune the strings [the science of sound; the mystery of the unknown; the unforgotten glory which echoes and whispers].

My friends it is truly great to be a part of life on an evolutionary world, the opportunities which exist only once in a lifetime, the eternal lifetime of your soul. You are given the opportunity to make willful decisions and act upon them. You are given the opportunity to use your mind to think and use this thought to find a way to take the conditions which life has given you and to turn them into an opportunity for growth, to excel in life and to pursue and seek happiness, to reflect a greater dimension of the eternal possibility that pure love does exist, that the good heart and the pure soul and the whole mind is not just a myth, that the goodness of spirit rains down and waters the fertile seed of God.

My friends it has truly been a great opportunity to be here and share a few thoughts with you, to remind you that I know whereof I speak. I once stood on a world such as yours. The future is truly tremendous and great, thank you and good evening.

Love, Progress

Michael: [Mark] Hello my dear ones, I am Michael. I am your Father, your brother and desire to be your friend as well. I delight in coming here today for a variety of reasons, but one is that on this day that you recognize as Valentines Day, special attention is paid to the phenomenon of love, the condition experience really, the reality experience of love and such a condition, such a reality draws me like a magnet because this condition of love, this truth of love, this beauty of love, the goodness of love, these are all primal aspects of our Divine Parent from which we all have been issued. In fact in mortal English tongue, the only equivalent to God the Father, God our Parent, is love and such a word inevitably falls very short of any description of the Creator of all that is.

But, it comes as close as we get on this world at times, to acknowledging that aspect that runs through all and is part of everything, that brings everything together and so I delight to come here and join with you in the observation of this aspect of our very being, of our reality, of our truth, our beauty and our goodness. They are all so flavored with this component of love, this aspect, that that is what we recognize as the attributes of the Divine. So I delight in sharing that with you at this time. I also delight in coming into this environment that you have created for us to be here together. By venturing out and creating this new route of experience as was expressed, you have expanded your horizons and this place that has been created by your faith desire to do so gives a space where we may come together and join in the creation of this environment.

So I invite all of us at this time to feel the very feeling of having created such a space, to take in what this is like, what it translates to you because this is where we may return. We may recreate this space at will. We may choose to come and meet here again with the simple action of our desire. And so, I join you in the creation of this greater loop of experience which now may grow to encompass all other minor loops of experience and in this way may flavor and transform all of your other minor life loop experiences because now they have been encompassed in a greater one, one of a greater awareness, one of greater capacity, one of greater faith and of greater certainty and conviction as a result of what you engage in right now as a result of your practicing to create it.

These are things that you develop and build and earn as you go through the process, as you assimilate all the experiences of life and the lessons that they contain. It is with great pleasure that I join you in this process, that I be with you. You see, I do know whereof I speak, I did actually walk on the very world that you walk on. I did have an earthly mortal experience quite similar to yours and as a result I am eager to share your experience as well. I can truly relate. Even though the circumstances of my time were slightly different, the truths and experiences are remarkably similar as the classroom is developed to bring these lessons in whatever time they may be delivered.

So I thank you all for venturing out beyond your comfort zone, your normal zone, the minor loops of experience that you entertain in your lives to include and encompass a broader one, a bigger one, which includes the part of you that can move out and beyond the material limitations of time and space and meet me in the place we create together. Thank you for providing me this opportunity. I am very pleased to flavor your experience tonight with my presence and to join you in celebration of the aspects of love that we're able to perceive.

I will tell you that there will be many more aspects given unto you to receive as you move forward, expanding your concept manyfold throughout the process. But this is as it's designed to be and you are evidence that the plan is working, that the progression is underway and that you have accepted the opportunities before you. You have embarked upon the spiritual journey and having done so, nothing will ever be exactly the same again. You will have a greater perspective to share and this is the rewards to the traveler, to the one who goes out seeking for different and new experiences.

Enjoy your journey, think of me when you can, I will consider you always and let us be about this with joy for that is an aspect of love as well. Let us bring this into our experience and flavor our entire experience with joy peace and love. Let it be so, now and always. I pray that you all experience joy, peace and love in your lives and spread these traits out as ambassadors of these aspects that you have come to know. Good night my dear ones, go now in peace and in love, farewell.


Light: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Light, here to take this circle of friendship in which we are in this evening and move it under this golden white light, that it showers down upon all of you, that it penetrates the hardness, the stiffness, the immobility, the indecision, the routine of life and lubricate and bring a greater sense of peace, understanding, love and joy into your hearts today. It is my Valentine's Day gift to you, a deep breath. Take in the light, absorb yourself in it, become clean that the light penetrates the whole of you, every single part. May peace be upon you all this evening. With my love I leave you, thank you.