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Topic: The Higgs Boson

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Rayson

TR: Ron Besser


  • Descriptive Revelation of Certain Aspects of This Different Kind of ULTIMATON


  • By Rayson, the Chief Science Officer of The Magisterial Mission

We, the undersigned, are available for teaching of Ultimaton discussions when you are able to contact us through the intermediary, Aronolac, to provide questioners with answers to what was not specifically covered in the text of this publication.

No more than necessary, we will provide that which we are allowed to disclose. Your answers should contain your email address and real name as it is entirely possible that the universe coordinators for this program will contact you through some medium at our disposal.

Answers to you will be supplied by the Chief of Staff for the Promotion of Science on Urantia, one known to Aronolac as Rayson.

Rayson has achieved a long standing placement with the Magisterial Mission beginning in 2004 when he was nominated to become the Chief Science Officer of the impending Magisterial Mission. Since then Rayson’s staff has become large enough for everyone to have a place and function as the Mission is nearly prepared for the appointment of a Chief of Staff for human liaison and for the relaxing of the total ban on science information earlier considered too specific for use with today’s understanding of subatomic particles.

Our discussions with Aronolac were achieved through a liaison between the human mind of Aronolac and the spiritual indwelling called a Thought Adjuster, and along with the indwelling of the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, and the individual indwelling of the Creator Son and Creative Daughter personally located on an architectural sphere known as Salvington, and the capital of the local universe in which the reader lives.

The Higgs Boson is a discriminatory balance between what science is pursuing and what science should really know about what they are dabbling with. Aronolac is a student of particle physics but a poor learner concerning the more abstract principles that can only be expressed in mathematical terms. Therefore, the presentation made herein discusses the overall analysis of the Higgs Boson and not its physical properties as that is entirely too difficult for the liaison to apprehend at this stage of his service.

The Higgs Boson is a preparatory paper only in that it contains several prominent issues the universe, at least as it is understood in the local universe of Nebadon, wishes not to divulge too soon, as that could prepare science to fail to understand the pieces better that would result in a satisfactory recall of what is what when it comes to particle physics. In this endeavor, I, Rayson, the chief Science Officer for the Magisterial Mission, deem it wise to allow questions to come to Aronolac, using his email address of Aronolac@comcast.net , which are read with him as he opens the mail. Spirit is completely able to entertain all discussions on Urantia at once in those things important to the administration of the local universe and the Magisterial Mission in particular.

When discussing the Higgs Boson as we do in this paper, we are not allowing much ancillary discussions around the electromagnetic force. Our reasons are prejudicial in that there is too much power, and too little control on your planet, to allow the most powerful force in the universe to fall into the hands of a science that is not prepared to restrict its work to the areas of domestic tranquility. In past papers we have alluded to the fact that antimatter is directly related to the electromagnetic force. This is so, and as such, science has better things to do then to search for answers about antimatter that have no resolution short of becoming spirit yourselves.

Any and all questions will be answered to any of you who have direct application to CERN and its work, and to those who seek the riddles to the power of the Ultimaton, as this is where the investigation about universe power needs to begin. Without understanding that it is the Ultimaton in all of its shades and harness properties that makes the universe what it is physically, there would be no understanding about the synthesis of the universe as a power center for future universes and what that portends.

We the undersigned appreciate and approach this discussion as preliminary to future understanding about Ultimatons and the particles they produce for atoms to form. We are, Rayson, the Members of the Council Equilibrium, the Supreme Power Directors, and the Ancients of Days, all who provide input into these Papers and who require complete obedience of the liaison, Aronolac, to produce them in accordance with our wishes.

We now proceed to the foreword to this paper on the Higgs Boson.

Thank you.


  • by Aronolac

As a way to allow new readers who are unfamiliar with the process that has produced the Higgs Boson paper herein, I am creating an Appendix where I place the original text that revealed the existence of the mysterious Ultimaton in 1934. Paper 42 is presented in full with the Ultimaton discussed highlighted in a deep blue font. This should help place the Ultimaton discovery in the context about how it was discovered. More discussion of the Ultimaton may be found in more places within the book, but the original revelation is in Paper 42.

The physical basis of the universe is predicated on the production of Ultimatons which are conceived as the building blocks of matter, as subparticles always, and are propelled into the region of space where the reader lives. Time and space are endowments of the Paradise Deities and as such, time and space represent a creation from the separate control universe which has neither space or reckons time except in minor details of administrative work. Ultimatons are used in space and time, including the local space where our local solar system with our sun and nine planets, has been created out of a supernova that occurred almost seven (7 ) billion years ago.

It was thought at the turn of the twentieth century that the anticipated human scientific revelation of the thinkers of the day would cause the world to revolutionize the physical sciences, and would provide man some idea about how the universe was formed. But while the divine mind is quite capable of forecasting man’s future understanding and events that will befall him far into the future, God otherwise restrains all such information to a few in the field of mathematics and physics on earth (Urantia). So that the average man who does not do things like advanced mathematics and sociological discoveries for the betterment of mankind as a profession, the divine administration provides period and epochal revelation to explain what history has achieved on Urantia and, to some extent, where that takes the planet into a future destiny. Such revelation is released as a generalized statement of intent and provides discoveries essential for the advancement of mankind on Urantia.

Such an epochal revelation was introduced as early as the last quarter of the nineteenth century to European liaisons, but because of the threat of total war, and the inability to achieve a synthesis with the Godhead at that time, the entire enterprise was safely removed to the United States around 1901 where the fifth epochal revelation was entered for safekeeping with what is now known as the Urantia Foundation. Paper production began in 1934 and were published in 1955.

The revelation of the existence of the Ultimatons was so far ahead of its time, it still does not quite resonate with the leading theorists today. However, because of the quasi-appearance of the Higgs Boson has captured the imagination of both science and the public, it was deemed essential that some input might be provided by the local universe authorities supported by the existential Deities through the Council of Equilibrium now operating on Salvington.

That said, and because man never leaves alone that which is useless to know, I here now provide the reader how I act, as best I can tell, as a liaison to what the Science Officer, Rayson, wishes to convey concerning additional insights into Ultimatons and what science is currently wrestling with questions about the degree the universe is created and to the degree it is just a mechanism. I do not want, or will I answer further questions about how the liaison works to produce papers like the Higgs Boson information released here, as I can not really tell you more at this time.

Liaison work has many types of procedures. I am leaving alone that which does not apply to my use of the mind and how that allows a certain “rapture” to replace the normal consciousness of working in the everyday world of life on this planet.

This liaison requires that I am conscious of the divine input 24/7. That is an astounding thing to say, but the reader should know that everyone of us of normal mind has this capacity, but that it is almost never developed on our world for any kind of use, much less as a conduit for periodic revelation.

In the human brain are several kinds of cells specialized in the transference (translation) of one kind of energy to another. This is not uncommon in the plant world as most plants do the same thing with radiant sun light energy into starch. There are cells in the human brain that translate spiritual knowledge into intellectual comprehension.

As a liaison, I am not aware of how those specialized cells are working as I work them. But I am made aware, as soon as the translation has occurred, of the intellectual knowhow about Ultimatons as they are described verbally onto a piece of paper transferred as thought to the symbols using the English alphabet. I do not hear the symbol transfer; I only hear the letter to be used an then the (automatic) impulse to put it down as received. This process becomes quite fast and reaches over 110 typed words per minute. If there needs to be an audience I can, at will, speak the words aloud if required. Usually, however, I much prefer silence during the translation.

Little more then can be said about the process. It is not a process anyone just starting to obtain the divine signal of conscious connection to the font of life since the energy is, initially, either too high or sometimes confusional. It requires brain reorganization of thought which can be accomplished over the span of a practice time of several years. It also requires a large amount of human determination to serve which is more a quality the divine must recognize than the human to decide. As a liaison, I have no control as to when and where additional papers or other disclosures are to be published. Full control is with the decisions of the God-universe part, and although, I sometimes find fault with how this liaison is handled, it works pretty well when all are present and the message prepared for disclosure can proceed.

I now prepare the reader for a fascinating look into a fresh discovery of a particle that is not a sub-particle, but a real Ultimaton that has been modified by nature to offer service to the Unqualified Absolute to help control the universe from freezing up in a useless mass of matter and eternal waste. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce the nature of the Higgs Boson.

Ultimatons and Ultimaton Categories

Ultimatons exist in several categories unknown to the original Urantia revelation many decades ago.

In the 1934 revelation, Ultimatons which form certain kinds of subatomic particles, were introduced as a generalized description of their behavior and characteristics. Many who read the revelation about Ultimatons at that time may have inferred that all Ultimatons are the same and that as a class they behave together and as one way. This statement of course implies that all who thought so expected the discovery of one meant the discovery of all. The Higgs Boson has proved the exception to the holistic view that all subparticles of common elements were formed by just one type of Ultimaton. In the 1930's little was known about the existence of the Ultimaton and even how atomic subparticles did not have a transient existence and could be depended on to prize stability even among the elemental world.

But the affirmation that the CERN accelerator located in Europe working on experimental physics to discover what science proposed existed but could not find earlier, that the Higgs Boson existed, was enough to create news even in the popular press. Some called it the God particle while others could not define exactly why such a Boson existed at all even though they found a reasonable facsimile of its existence. CERN looks like a giant donut if viewed from the top and without all the dirt it is buried in. What it found as a particle that was shot around the donut tubing while being shot at with protons in hopes of a boson-producing collision, meets all the criteria of the anticipated particle lacking the important aspect that its irradiated ultimatonic skin has been peeled off and the layers they found reacting on their sensors was atypical of the true Boson of this class.

This evaluation from on high of the discovery will make no sense to those who study the particle unless they understand that, first, the boson is not a particle, but a sub-subparticle which is but one step away from its pre-material existence as a force. Second, the sub-subparticle first exists as a Pion before it tumbles into existence as type of Boson. Third, revelation of Ultimatons which can be described as sub-subparticles, did not originally differentiate between types or kinds of Ultimatons. Now we have to separate not just the type of Ultimaton illustrated, but we have to separate out that which is an unusual Ultimaton from normal Ultimatons.

We know from the stake of thought presented as revelation in the 1930's that 100 same-type Ultimatons bonded together to form the electron. Since the electron belongs to what science classifies as Fermions*, we also learn that all Fermion atomic subparticles use the same process of bonding as a basis for creating electrons, protons, and neutrons. This enables whatever type Ultimaton may be used in the Fermion creation of particles they go about bonding with each other the same way and therefore they produce particles that fit inside atoms. No Ultimatons found in the atomic subparticle of the Fermion class will reunite with a dissimilar Ultimaton that form Bosons or even some Leptons.

The Fermion definition used here: A particle, such as an electron, proton, or neutron, having half-integral spin and

obeying statistical rules requiring that not more than one in a set of identical particles may occupy a particular quantum state. Otherwise, Leptons are heavier fermion-type particles and are not undertaken as a discussion to an degree in this paper, but Leptons do follow the general rule assigned to lighter fermions and their Ultimatonic content - namely they

have an Ultimatonic construction which bond themselves and are similar to forming Fermions.]

For convenience to the reader, a chart showing the standard particle classification is shown which was downloaded from Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elementary_particle). Fermions are listed under the Leptons in the chart.

Standard Model of elementary particles

However, the Bosons are a different classification of particles and represent actual Ultimatons than trued atomic subparticles. Photons, Gravitons, and the Higgs Boson, are Ultimatons of a different ilk. In the classification to the left the one called a “Z Boson”, while an Ultimaton of yet another design, is the carrier of the strong nuclear force and enters into no discussion in this paper. It might be argued from the perspective of energy, that the Higgs Boson should replace the Zo item in the chart. But no harm is done keeping the rank locations as shown at this time.

Two Ultimaton Design Comparisons - Illustrations

Fermion/Lepton Bonding-Type Ultimaton

The Interior of an Ultimaton Showing Strings Preparing to Adhere to Other Ultimatons

Ultimaton Preparing to Materialize By Clumping With Others The Same Typ (Stage 1) This represents an Ultimaton in time-space which has lost its heat shield an dhas uncoupled from its interior membrane. Little stings emerge from teh two glowing objects in the center which now exissts with reduced distance to its interior walls. The exterior walls of the Ultimaton are now pinching in, and the two interior glowing objects are about the extend strings to and throught teh outer wall to wrap themselves into a ball with 99 other Ultimatons to form an electron.

These stirngs are activated by the presene of othres like ultimatons. Like ivy vines, they intertwine their membranes, first lining up in a necklace fashion, and because they have spin, the necklace forms a clump of ultimatons, 100 in an electron.

Higgs Boson Bonding-Type Ultimaton

The Higgs Boson Illustration Shows Interior String

Boson subatomic particles such as photons and gravitons, represent a type of Ultimaton without mass or strong/weak nuclear force activation.

1 - Boson particles are differentiated from Fermion-type Ultimatons by a difference in the internal structure of the Ultimaton.

2 - Boson particles such as the Higgs Boson are indeed listed as a Boson, but they lack one or more tentacles of energy that other Boson Ultimatons exhibit.

Boson Ultimatons

The Boson is an Ultimaton intended for deep space material processing. They emerge outside of the central universe in a way which allows the Ultimaton energy unit to behave without proscription as to its intentional purpose.

  • 1 - Normal Ultimatons behave as though they know what subparticle they are to form

(e.g. a proton, electron, etc.).

  • 2 - Bosons are frequency differentiated Ultimatons that have fewer strings than those

Ultimatons used for Fermion-type particles..

Nature divides the atomic subparticles into Have’s and Have Not’s

  • 1 - Fermions/Leptons are the Have’s
  • 2 - Bosons are the Have Not’s

Have-Not’s Boson Ultimatons

When referring to a “have-not” Ultimaton, we are referring to its inability to stop other creation or can it create any new subatomic matter itself. Bosons can not create matter. They are designed to tear it down for other uses.

The Higgs Boson is a destroyer. It is a true Ultimaton based in its creative union with the Unqualified Absolute at its inception. In its interior design is a modification which empowers the Higgs Boson to replicate itself if required due to the lack of other Bosons of its type around the area it has chosen to work in.

The string referred to in these discussions, which may be viewed as extended outside of the Ultimaton case is of some importance to examine as it determines a) how other Ultimatons will bond with it; and, b) it is the means through which God uses pre-matter to construct barriers against runaway mesons so common in our part of the universe.

The strings then existed within a pod-shaped force field attached to the pre-material Ultimaton. The endowment of space into what would become the material universe of planets, stars, and eventually life, came forth from the Unqualified Absolute. It is very hard to repeat how this may appear to a time-bound human reading this, but if one would imagine a heat shield seen at a distance through binoculars, and note the shimmer rising from the land or water, this approximates how the force field might appear to the human eye if it could be visualized. At the time of the big bang, the pod was itself a force field within a force field, and it behaved to transport initial matter into the then nascent material universe.

The force-field is self contained at the inception of the big bang by a cover made up of pre-material Ultimatons designed to hide content. These Ultimatons are absolutely unique and no longer are available in the material universe to examine. However, as science has questioned, where did all the matter go once atoms were materialized in time-space regions? The answer, in part, has to do with the height of the Boson matrix which remains largely undiscovered.

So many Bosons available after the big bang literally broke apart residues of the explosive input of matter into time-space. Bosons interfere with materialization when certain conditions are evident. They are designed to reduce useless material creations and revert the energy into a pristine form for matter building in different and useable forms once again. Not all of that pre-matter become Ultimatons has yet to produce matter.

There are twenty-two (22) Bosons and that we say with due regard to the proscription of not supplying unearned knowledge through means of revelation. The universe operates with exceptions and allows some information such as recounted here to be made available to research facilities, and while we consider our liaison [Aronolac] totally capable of writing more of this, we kindly remind him and the reader that no such further information can be made on the space endowment principles.

We continue with the fact that the total number of Bosons to be discovered is twenty-two (22), seven of which have been found and misnamed. The Higgs Boson is number 13 in our Boson catalog. Seven Bosons are detected already by the CERN accelerator, and only five of them can be determined with any degree of success, as such, when these discoveries are reclassified as Bosons. The remaining two Bosons found but are generally unclassifiable are retrograde Bosons. We use that term to indicate that the charges found surrounding them represent actual interference of other Ultimatons within the tunnel and which have been discharging plasma to ward off destructive influences of the Higgs- and other Bosons generated within the chamber.

  • Space-Type Differentiation

The 1934 revelation defines a few of these other types of space [unpervaded, quiescent] and mentions sub-space as having a differential purpose to normal space in which you and I live in. Subnormal space [neither unpervaded or quiescent but prevalent within the central universe] is that space which confines Ultimatons to their place of birth. Normal space allows the Ultimatons to spread their wings and expand their abilities and to operate as other Ultimaton-seeking energy units without mass or charge and exhibit true anti-gravity endowment to perform the trick of bonding.

Spin in an Ultimaton differentiates its methods which in turn demonstrates how that Ultimaton will bond with others of its type of spin and what it becomes as matter. This spin is introduced at the moment of conception by the Unqualified Absolute, but is not realized until the Ultimaton is freely disassociated from its force field pushed out from the Control Universe which exists far beyond the outer inner limits of time space.

Have-Not Bosons are classified as lacking two-string bonding accelerators. String accelerators are not just plasma energy held in shape by a linear close-out bond which keeps the string in shape as one plasma line which also contains the heart of God, and it is the heart of God which prevents the use of Ultimatons and other derivatives of the electromagnetic force from being used without regard to beneficial purpose.

  • Premature Discovery

Discovery of the Higgs Boson is premature for your planet. It contains elements of creation which hold no favor to any race or evolutionary planet in any universe. However, it can be used well if there are good reasons to adopt its measure and follow through with its need to cleanse the universe of useless matter, and in this work, the Higgs Boson exists as a terrific capital murderer because in unison with Pions, it can destroy a black hole in seconds.

No useless demonstration by Bosons of this flavor of such destruction has been witnessed by science on Urantia. If it were to be witnessed, it could cloud the skies with the red matter of destruction we are used to seeing around the black holes surrounding our own capital architectural-sphere known as Salvington. This is destructive power beyond the imagination of most living on Urantia. But it dare not be unleashed on this planet without first believing we [the universe rulers] are able to stop construction of weapons that would make use of this particle and other particles related to it that science is on the verge of finding and naming.

  • Have-Not Ultimatons contain only one-plasma string - Illustration

In the figure shown below, the string is part of the internal matrix of the Boson Ultimaton. Normal Ultimatons have two plasma strings. The magnification to see this kind of detail in the illustration represents about 100,000,000 times greater than it takes to see a particle like an electron.


Item 1 = Instead of a vertical membrane from teh interior wall a the top to the interior wall at the bottom in a Fermion Ultimaton, HIggs Boson has no such vertical membrane. Instead, the two rods that glow with the blue flame of God are "bridged" as approximately shown. In this way the two hemispheres represented by the rods are united in one purpose.

Item 2 = One of the two rods found in all Ultimatons although there are variations in how they work together and the connection principles involved.

Item 3 = The single string extruded from teh "bridge (1) which this Ultimaton uses to bond with similar creations.

In general, when we speak of a plasma string, we are referring to the discrete line of plasma extruded from the shell of the Ultimaton. The string is actually composed of two different energies.

1) plasma
2) Other energy considered too unavailable to provide a description at this time.

The plasma energy is of a type science on Urantia knows as cold fusion energy and it is also contained from the blue-glowing rods inside the shell. These rods fulfill several functions among which we mention that they are direction finding indicators that the Ultimaton depends on to find the right mix of energy to enter into and then formulate the particle to be created. The blue glow is not oxidizing energy, but rather it is a vortex of fluctuating embryonic energy supplied in accordance with the need of the energy unit itself to find like Ultimatons to bond with for particle creation. The glow of energy is the resplendent color emanating from upper Paradise that derives, within the Ultimaton, instructions from the will of God describing the destiny of each energy unit containing this plasma and other energy not described here.

The Hadron Collector at CERN

The large collector produces prodigious amounts of Ultimatons.

Ultimatons rank as the chief operational cause of random appearing Bose Hadrons and other examples of the Bose Hadron when they are super heated or accelerated to regions that are higher than the speed of light.

Contrary to your physics theologians, light is not the ultimate arbiter of speed restrictions. Light is only one measure of possible speed. Light as emitted by the Boson subparticle is not photon light, but is a different kind of energy light that typically emits a blue color and is based on plasma resources as found in the sun. The speed of this blue-light emitting diode put forth by these particles exceeds ten times that which photons are capable of achieving.

We observe the CERN operation actually accelerates protons faster than the clock allows (i.e. your clock sensors are inadequate beyond a certain range of radiation to tell the true speed.)

While the state of acceleration is under clocked, no one from our local universe understands how the CERN apparatus maintains equilibrium when clocking speeds greater than light. Nonetheless, and because protons are pressed against the side of the accelerator, there becomes a superheated condition briefly experienced that results in plasma being collected at the far end of the accelerator that can not escape and therefore remains super hot. When a particle collides with a proton, such as an electron, the result is a hadron known to science as a boson hadron. Boson hadrons carry no weight, but they carry a charge, and that charge results in a Higgs Boson briefly obtained to view.

Accelerators that exist on this level such as the CERN apparatus cause untold problems with the high universe authorities because it accelerates protons out into space that produce modified quarks. Proton modified quarks are already released about your planet in huge numbers because of nuclear testing, and then they filter down onto Urantia and cause high voltage releases in the upper atmosphere. This in return provides Urantia with a display of electrical disturbances that can not be controlled by normal grounding. It is amazing to us that no one has been electrocuted using this apparatus whether in close proximity or even miles away from it.

The Higgs Boson examined is rife with prodigious amounts of earth elements not viewed in your output from those internal sensors. In the example provided by CERN, the Higgs Boson pictured actually contains a certain amount of cesium 190. It can not be detected because the atomic subparticles actually contain lead in sufficient amounts to prevent isotope detection on the level of radioactivity present. The Higgs Boson found at CERN is quite dirty and it provides the least amount of information science needs to evaluate their find. The great danger to science is that they will take this malaprop energy as typical of a Higgs Boson. It is far from typical and requires a laserlike analysis to provide insight into the real properties of the Ultimaton it is.

The basic signature of Bose Hadrons are listed in most chemistry-based texts. We wish to modify their descriptions with the following suggested revisions to consider. There are five different traits we wish to elucidate:

  • 1 - IMPLACABILITY - For example, when a Fermion Ultimaton type energy unit produces

an electron, these Fermion-type Ultimatons can reverse their spin and become proton forming subparticles. Higgs Bosons are composed of Ultimatons which can not change vectors or spins. They form Boson-like forces only.

  • 2 - DESIRABILITY - Higgs Bosons carry the weak nuclear force. But they do not bring the

weak nuclear force to bear on performances of normal matter either, or in classifications of subparticles unknown to you. They are characterized by floating into situations in deep space where it is critical to undo locked and condensed matter so dense no photon can escape. Their desirability is that they break up and destroy the compaction of matter to re-nuclearize elementary matter back into more useful forms. Their work eventually results in the break up of material condensation that will destroy the integrity of the black islands involved.

  • 3 - VOLUMERIC EXALTATION - Higgs Bosons are Ultimatons with but one string in their

internal construction. That means they can not wrap themselves easily around two-string ultimatons, and therefore do not even attempt such bonding. To obtain a mental picture of what we speak of, picture men and women square dancing. When each man and woman have two arms, they can reverse direction and move back and forth across the floor in multiple reverse and side motion changes. Now view the square dance where each dancer has only one right arm. The dance with one arm restricts the dancers that they can move only in one direction without twisting to meet their lateral partner’s right arm. With one right arm only, the dance without some outside interference can move just one direction although each set of dancers can recycle the floor and go around in a circular pattern. The Higgs Boson has one string and behaves analogously to the one-armed dancers since it can only grasp Higgs-Boson Ultimatons in the unique construction of this Boson.

Their collision with another Higgs Boson results in the destruction of one of them. But if heat is applied, such as found in the interior of a sun, these bosons do not collide with each other but form the particle known as the PION. It takes 12 Higgs Bosons to form the Pion under great heat and thermonuclear transformation in a process unknown on Urantia. While it takes 12 Higgs Bosons to form a PION, under certain conditions, it can exceed 12 million electron Volts in one millisecond of existence as it converts to a PION with its neighboring Bosons.

We refer to its ability to suddenly surge with tremendous energy as “EXALTATION”. The Higgs Boson surges when anticipating fusion with others to form the PION. In rare instances it can cause huge ejections of solar material not unlike those class-A extrusions from your own sun.

  • 4 - As A SHORT-LIVED DALLIANCE DANCER - The Higgs Boson writes a varied history

of its existence. Because it has one string, it fails to find a dance partner every time (i.e. other similar boson types). It therefore has dalliance with other bosons like the photon which it is closely related to. Photons and Higgs Bosons are not alike in Ultamatonic association since the photon Ultimaton is different yet from the Higgs Boson Ultimaton.

  • 5 - The BOSON-PHOTON MESON REPLICATOR - Higgs Bosons derive their pleasure

of existence from the PHOTON in that the Boson can ride calcium-bearing sunlight to the extent that it allows both to accompany destination together. As traveling partners these two Ultimatonic types can reproduce each other when they arrive on earth with the help of the MESON.

This replication is done through an unknown law operating within the electromagnetic spectrum which allows a third particle, known to science as MESONS, to become a catalyst for selfreproduction of the Boson and sometimes the Photon. Mesons act as a third party which approach the traveling companions on a sunbeam by allowing both the Boson, in this case the Higgs Boson, and the Photon, to replicate their differential forms on a side rail provided by the Meson.

During replication of the two other particles, the Meson emits an electronic signal, a wave form, which is understood by both of the other two types of Ultimatons.

This Meson wave is a signal which can produce a wave amplitude equal to the size of a small room.

Super-low frequency waves of this nature are performing the natural electronic dance-service that brings creation to a halt in one universe and allows it to simultaneously take place in another. All the while these signals are the material self-coordination of bringing one part of the universe into coordinate harmony with another part of the universe already created.

In this the differences of mass and gravity between one part of creation are harmoniously balanced to co-exist with each other. The totality of universe existence, while it consists as the sum of its parts, it also consists as a unifying mechanism, some of it alive and indwelt by God’s will and some of it totally physical and without direction unless acted upon by the secondary and tertiary forces of gravity and heat. It evolves by being entirely controlled by the intelligence of matter at the Ultimatonic level of existence, and it performs other feats of intelligent co-creation long forgotten by man in his current civilization.

  • Appendix follows below.


The FLURRY is a publication by subscription only. Persons who wish to receive it and any future ABC Summaries are asked to send an email to aronolac@comcast.net a request to subscribe you to the BCC list. All persons subscribed to the BCC list for the ABC Summaries are also subscribed to The FLURRY. Persons who wish to no longer receive these documents may send to the same email address requesting I remove them from the distribution list. Thank you.


The Paper shown below is from the original 1934 revelation [The URANTIA Book, Chicago, Illinois, 1955 pp 467-484 standard edition] which we reprint here with permission of the Magisterial Son. It is the original revelation about the existence of Ultimatons on our planet. Many of the things introduced here are not part of the explanations above, and are far more basic. Here the reader is afforded the opportunity to read the original context of the disclosure about Ultimatons. In this sense, the 1934 revelation represents the beginning history of subparticle physics.

(467.1) 42:0.1 THE foundation of the universe is material in the sense that energy is the basis of all existence, and pure energy is controlled by the Universal Father. Force, energy, is the one thing which stands as an everlasting monument demonstrating and proving the existence and presence of the Universal Absolute. This vast stream of energy proceeding from the Paradise Presences has never lapsed, never failed; there has never been a break in the infinite upholding.

((467.2) 42:0.2 The manipulation of universe energy is ever in accordance with the personal will and the all-wise mandates of the Universal Father. This personal control of manifested power and circulating energy is modified by the co-ordinate acts and decisions of the Eternal Son, as well as by the united purposes of the Son and the Father executed by the Conjoint Actor. These divine beings act personally and as individuals; they also function in the persons and powers of an almost unlimited number of subordinates, each variously expressive of the eternal and divine purpose in the universe of universes. But these functional and provisional modifications or transmutations of divine power in no way lessen the truth of the statement that all force-energy is under the ultimate control of a personal God resident at the center of all things.

  • 1. Paradise Forces and Energies

((467.3) 42:1.1 The foundation of the universe is material, but the essence of life is spirit. The Father of spirits is also the ancestor of universes; the eternal Father of the Original Son is also the eternity-source of the original pattern, the Isle of Paradise.

  • (467.4) 42:1.2 Matter — energy — for they are but diverse manifestations of the same cosmic reality,

as a universe phenomenon is inherent in the Universal Father. “In him all things consist.” Matter may appear to manifest inherent energy and to exhibit self-contained powers, but the lines of gravity involved in the energies concerned in all these physical phenomena are derived from, and are dependent on, Paradise. The ultimaton, the first measurable form of energy, has Paradise as its nucleus.

  • (467.5) 42:1.3 There is innate in matter and present in universal space a form of energy not known

on Urantia. When this discovery is finally made, then will physicists feel that they have solved, almost at least, the mystery of matter. And so will they have approached one step nearer the Creator; so will they have mastered one more phase of the divine technique; but in no sense will they have found God, neither will they have established the existence of matter or the operation of natural laws apart from the cosmic technique of Paradise and the motivating purpose of the Universal Father.

  • (468.1) 42:1.4 Subsequent to even still greater progress and further discoveries, after Urantia has

advanced immeasurably in comparison with present knowledge, though you should gain control of the energy revolutions of the electrical units of matter to the extent of modifying their physical manifestations — even after all such possible progress, forever will scientists be powerless to create one atom of matter or to originate one flash of energy or ever to add to matter that which we call life.

  • (468.2) 42:1.5 The creation of energy and the bestowal of life are the prerogatives of the Universal

Father and his associate Creator personalities. The river of energy and life is a continuous outpouring from the Deities, the universal and united stream of Paradise force going forth to all space. This divine energy pervades all creation. The force organizers initiate those changes and institute those modifications of space-force which eventuate in energy; the power directors transmute energy into matter; thus the material worlds are born. The Life Carriers initiate those processes in dead matter which we call life, material life. The Morontia Power Supervisors likewise perform throughout the transition realms between the material and the spiritual worlds. The higher spirit Creators inaugurate similar processes in divine forms of energy, and there ensue the higher spirit forms of intelligent life.

  • (468.3) 42:1.6 Energy proceeds from Paradise, fashioned after the divine order. Energy — pure

energy — partakes of the nature of the divine organization; it is fashioned after the similitude of the three Gods embraced in one, as they function at the headquarters of the universe of universes. And all force is circuited in Paradise, comes from the Paradise Presences and returns thereto, and is in essence a manifestation of the uncaused Cause — the Universal Father; and without the Father would not anything exist that does exist.

  • (468.4) 42:1.7 Force derived from self-existent Deity is in itself ever existent. Force-energy is

imperishable, indestructible; these manifestations of the Infinite may be subject to unlimited transmutation, endless transformation, and eternal metamorphosis; but in no sense or degree, not even to the slightest imaginable extent, could they or ever shall they suffer extinction. But energy, though springing from the Infinite, is not infinitely manifest; there are outer limits to the presently conceived master universe.

  • (468.5) 42:1.8 Energy is eternal but not infinite; it ever responds to the all-embracing grasp of

Infinity. Forever force and energy go on; having gone out from Paradise, they must return thereto, even if age upon age be required for the completion of the ordained circuit. That which is of Paradise Deity origin can have only a Paradise destination or a Deity destiny.

  • (468.6) 42:1.9 And all this confirms our belief in a circular, somewhat limited, but orderly and

far-flung universe of universes. If this were not true, then evidence of energy depletion at some point would sooner or later appear. All laws, organizations, administration, and the testimony of universe explorers — everything points to the existence of an infinite God but, as yet, a finite universe, a circularity of endless existence, well-nigh limitless but, nevertheless, finite in contrast with infinity.

  • 2. Universal Nonspiritual Energy Systems

(Physical Energies)

  • (469.1) 42:2.1 It is indeed difficult to find suitable words in the English language whereby to

designate and wherewith to describe the various levels of force and energy — physical, mindal, or spiritual. These narratives cannot altogether follow your accepted definitions of force, energy, and power. There is such paucity of language that we must use these terms in multiple meanings. In this paper, for example, the word energy is used to denote all phases and forms of phenomenal motion, action, and potential, while force is applied to the pregravity, and power to the postgravity, stages of energy.

  • (469.2) 42:2.2 I will, however, endeavor to lessen conceptual confusion by suggesting the

advisability of adopting the following classification for cosmic force, emergent energy, and universe power — physical energy:

  • (469.3) 42:2.3 1. Space potency. This is the unquestioned free space presence of the Unqualified

Absolute. The extension of this concept connotes the universe force-space potential inherent in the functional totality of the Unqualified Absolute, while the intension of this concept implies the totality of cosmic reality — universes — which emanated eternitywise from the never-beginning, never-ending, never-moving, never-changing Isle of Paradise.

  • (469.4) 42:2.4 The phenomena indigenous to the nether side of Paradise probably embrace three

zones of absolute force presence and performance: the fulcral zone of the Unqualified Absolute, the zone of the Isle of Paradise itself, and the intervening zone of certain unidentified equalizing and compensating agencies or functions. These triconcentric zones are the centrum of the Paradise cycle of cosmic reality.

  • (469.5) 42:2.5 Space potency is a prereality; it is the domain of the Unqualified Absolute and is

responsive only to the personal grasp of the Universal Father, notwithstanding that it is seemingly modifiable by the presence of the Primary Master Force Organizers.

  • (469.6) 42:2.6 On Uversa, space potency is spoken of as ABSOLUTA.
  • (469.7) 42:2.7 2. Primordial force. This represents the first basic change in space potency and may

be one of the nether Paradise functions of the Unqualified Absolute. We know that the space presence going out from nether Paradise is modified in some manner from that which is incoming. But regardless of any such possible relationships, the openly recognized transmutation of space potency into primordial force is the primary differentiating function of the tension-presence of the living Paradise force organizers.

  • (469.8) 42:2.8 Passive and potential force becomes active and primordial in response to the

resistance afforded by the space presence of the Primary Eventuated Master Force Organizers. Force is now emerging from the exclusive domain of the Unqualified Absolute into the realms of multiple response — response to certain primal motions initiated by the God of Action and thereupon to certain compensating motions emanating from the Universal Absolute. Primordial force is seemingly reactive to transcendental causation in proportion to absoluteness.

  • (469.9) 42:2.9 Primordial force is sometimes spoken of as pure energy; on Uversa we refer to it


  • (470.1) 42:2.10 3. Emergent energies. The passive presence of the primary force organizers is

sufficient to transform space potency into primordial force, and it is upon such an activated space field that these same force organizers begin their initial and active operations. Primordial force is destined to pass through two distinct phases of transmutation in the realms of energy manifestation before appearing as universe power. These two levels of emerging energy are:

  • (470.2) 42:2.11 a. Puissant energy. This is the powerful-directional, mass-movemented,

mighty-tensioned, and forcible-reacting energy — gigantic energy systems set in motion by the activities of the primary force organizers. This primary or puissant energy is not at first definitely responsive to the Paradise-gravity pull though probably yielding an aggregate-mass or space-directional response to the collective group of absolute influences operative from the nether side of Paradise. When energy emerges to the level of initial response to the circular and absolute-gravity grasp of Paradise, the primary force organizers give way to the functioning of their secondary associates.

  • (470.3) 42:2.12 b. Gravity energy. The now-appearing gravity-responding energy carries the

potential of universe power and becomes the active ancestor of all universe matter. This secondary or gravity energy is the product of the energy elaboration resulting from the pressure-presence and the tension-trends set up by the Associate Transcendental Master Force Organizers. In response to the work of these force manipulators, space-energy rapidly passes from the puissant to the gravity stage, thus becoming directly responsive to the circular grasp of Paradise (absolute) gravity while disclosing a certain potential for sensitivity to the linear-gravity pull inherent in the soon appearing material mass of the electronic and the postelectronic stages of energy and matter. Upon the appearance of gravity response, the Associate Master Force Organizers may retire from the energy cyclones of space provided the Universe Power Directors are assignable to that field of action.

  • (470.4) 42:2.13 We are quite uncertain regarding the exact causes of the early stages of force

evolution, but we recognize the intelligent action of the Ultimate in both levels of emergent-energy manifestation. Puissant and gravity energies, when regarded collectively, are spoken of on Uversa as ULTIMATA.

  • (470.5) 42:2.14 4. Universe power. Space-force has been changed into space-energy and thence

into the energy of gravity control. Thus has physical energy been ripened to that point where it can be directed into channels of power and made to serve the manifold purposes of the universe Creators. This work is carried on by the versatile directors, centers, and controllers of physical energy in the grand universe — the organized and inhabited creations. These Universe Power Directors assume the more or less complete control of twenty-one of the thirty phases of energy constituting the present energy system of the seven superuniverses. This domain of power-energy-matter is the realm of the intelligent activities of the Sevenfold, functioning under the time-space overcontrol of the Supreme.

  • (470.6) 42:2.15 On Uversa we refer to the realm of universe power as GRAVITA.
  • (470.7) 42:2.16 5. Havona energy. In concept this narrative has been moving Paradiseward as

transmuting space-force has been followed, level by level, to the working level of the energy-power of the universes of time and space. Continuing Paradiseward, there is next encountered a pre-existent phase of energy which is characteristic of the central universe. Here the evolutionary cycle seems to turn back upon itself; energy-power now seems to begin to swing back towards force, but force of a nature very unlike that of space potency and primordial force. Havona energy systems are not dual; they are triune. This is the existential energy domain of the Conjoint Actor, functioning in behalf of the Paradise Trinity.

  • (471.1) 42:2.17 On Uversa these energies of Havona are known as TRIATA.
  • (471.2) 42:2.18 6. Transcendental energy. This energy system operates on and from the upper

level of Paradise and only in connection with the absonite peoples. On Uversa it is denominated TRANOSTA.

  • (471.3) 42:2.19 7. Monota. Energy is close of kin to divinity when it is Paradise energy. We

incline to the belief that monota is the living, nonspirit energy of Paradise — an eternity counterpart of the living, spirit energy of the Original Son — hence the nonspiritual energy system of the Universal Father.

  • (471.4) 42:2.20 We cannot differentiate the nature of Paradise spirit and Paradise monota; they

are apparently alike. They have different names, but you can hardly be told very much about a reality whose spiritual and whose nonspiritual manifestations are distinguishable only by name.

  • (471.5) 42:2.21 We know that finite creatures can attain the worship experience of the Universal

Father through the ministry of God the Sevenfold and the Thought Adjusters, but we doubt that any subabsolute personality, even power directors, can comprehend the energy infinity of the First Great Source and Center. One thing is certain: If the power directors are conversant with the technique of the metamorphosis of space-force, they do not reveal the secret to the rest of us. It is my opinion that they do not fully comprehend the function of the force organizers.

  • (471.6) 42:2.22 These power directors themselves are energy catalyzers; that is, they cause energy

to segment, organize, or assemble in unit formation by their presence. And all this implies that there must be something inherent in energy which causes it thus to function in the presence of these power entities. The Nebadon Melchizedeks long since denominated the phenomenon of the transmutation of cosmic force into universe power as one of the seven “infinities of divinity.” And that is as far as you will advance on this point during your local universe ascension.

  • (471.7) 42:2.23 Notwithstanding our inability fully to comprehend the origin, nature, and

transmutations of cosmic force, we are fully conversant with all phases of emergent-energy behavior from the times of its direct and unmistakable response to the action of Paradise gravity — about the time of the beginning of the function of the superuniverse power directors.

  • 3. Classification of Matter
  • [[42:3|(471.8) 42:3.1 Matter in all universes, excepting in the central universe, is identical. Matter in its

physical properties depends on the revolutionary rates of its component members, the number and size of the revolving members, their distance from the nuclear body or the space content of matter, as well as on the presence of certain forces as yet undiscovered on Urantia.

  • (471.9) 42:3.2 In the varied suns, planets, and space bodies there are ten grand divisions of matter:
  • (472.1) 42:3.3 1. Ultimatonic matter — the prime physical units of material existence, the energy

particles which go to make up electrons.

  • (472.2) 42:3.4 2. Subelectronic matter — the explosive and repellent stage of the solar supergases.
  • (472.3) 42:3.5 3. Electronic matter — the electrical stage of material differentiation — electrons,

protons, and various other units entering into the varied constitution of the electronic groups.

  • (472.4) 42:3.6 4. Subatomic matter — matter existing extensively in the interior of the hot suns.
  • (472.5) 42:3.7 5. Shattered atoms — found in the cooling suns and throughout space.
  • (472.6) 42:3.8 6. Ionized matter — individual atoms stripped of their outer (chemically active)

electrons by electrical, thermal, or X-ray activities and by solvents.

  • (472.7) 42:3.9 7. Atomic matter — the chemical stage of elemental organization, the component

units of molecular or visible matter.

  • (472.8) 42:3.10 8. The molecular stage of matter — matter as it exists on Urantia in a state of

relatively stable materialization under ordinary conditions.

  • (472.9) 42:3.11 9. Radioactive matter — the disorganizing tendency and activity of the heavier

elements under conditions of moderate heat and diminished gravity pressure.

  • (472.10) 42:3.12 10. Collapsed matter — the relatively stationary matter found in the interior of

the cold or dead suns. This form of matter is not really stationary; there is still some ultimatonic even electronic activity, but these units are in very close proximity, and their rates of revolution are greatly diminished.

  • (472.11) 42:3.13 The foregoing classification of matter pertains to its organization rather than to the

forms of its appearance to created beings. Neither does it take into account the pre-emergent stages of energy nor the eternal materializations on Paradise and in the central universe.

  • 4. Energy and Matter Transmutations
  • (472.12) 42:4.1 Light, heat, electricity, magnetism, chemism, energy, and matter are — in origin,

nature, and destiny — one and the same thing, together with other material realities as yet undiscovered on Urantia.

  • (472.13) 42:4.2 We do not fully comprehend the almost endless changes to which physical energy

may be subject. In one universe it appears as light, in another as light plus heat, in another as forms of energy unknown on Urantia; in untold millions of years it may reappear as some form of restless, surging electrical energy or magnetic power; and still later on it may again appear in a subsequent universe as some form of variable matter going through a series of metamorphoses, to be followed by its outward physical disappearance in some great cataclysm of the realms. And then, after countless ages and almost endless wandering through numberless universes, again may this same energy re-emerge and many times change its form and potential; and so do these transformations continue through successive ages and throughout countless realms. Thus matter sweeps on, undergoing the transmutations of time but swinging ever true to the circle of eternity; even if long prevented from returning to its source, it is ever responsive thereto, and it ever proceeds in the path ordained by the Infinite Personality who sent it forth.

  • (473.1) 42:4.3 The power centers and their associates are much concerned in the work of transmuting

the ultimaton into the circuits and revolutions of the electron. These unique beings control and compound power by their skillful manipulation of the basic units of materialized energy, the ultimatons. They are masters of energy as it circulates in this primitive state. In liaison with the physical controllers they are able to effectively control and direct energy even after it has transmuted to the electrical level, the so-called electronic stage. But their range of action is enormously curtailed when electronically organized energy swings into the whirls of the atomic systems. Upon such materialization, these energies fall under the complete grasp of the drawing power of linear gravity.

  • (473.2) 42:4.4 Gravity acts positively on the power lanes and energy channels of the power centers

and the physical controllers, but these beings have only a negative relation to gravity — the exercise of their antigravity endowments.

  • (473.3) 42:4.5 Throughout all space, cold and other influences are at work creatively organizing

ultimatons into electrons. Heat is the measurement of electronic activity, while cold merely signifies absence of heat — comparative energy rest — the status of the universal force-charge of space provided neither emergent energy nor organized matter were present and responding to gravity.

  • (473.4) 42:4.6 Gravity presence and action is what prevents the appearance of the theoretical

absolute zero, for interstellar space does not have the temperature of absolute zero. Throughout all organized space there are gravity-responding energy currents, power circuits, and ultimatonic activities, as well as organizing electronic energies. Practically speaking, space is not empty. Even the atmosphere of Urantia thins out increasingly until at about three thousand miles it begins to shade off into the average space matter in this section of the universe. The most nearly empty space known in Nebadon would yield about one hundred ultimatons — the equivalent of one electron — in each cubic inch. Such scarcity of matter is regarded as practically empty space.

  • (473.5) 42:4.7 Temperature — heat and cold — is secondary only to gravity in the realms of energy

and matter evolution. Ultimatons are humbly obedient to temperature extremes. Low temperatures favor certain forms of electronic construction and atomic assembly, while high temperatures facilitate all sorts of atomic breakup and material disintegration.

  • (473.6) 42:4.8 When subjected to the heat and pressure of certain internal solar states, all but the

most primitive associations of matter may be broken up. Heat can thus largely overcome gravity stability. But no known solar heat or pressure can convert ultimatons back into puissant energy.

  • (473.7) 42:4.9 The blazing suns can transform matter into various forms of energy, but the dark

worlds and all outer space can slow down electronic and ultimatonic activity to the point of converting these energies into the matter of the realms. Certain electronic associations of a close nature, as well as many of the basic associations of nuclear matter, are formed in the exceedingly low temperatures of open space, being later augmented by association with larger accretions of materializing energy.

  • (473.8) 42:4.10 Throughout all of this never-ending metamorphosis of energy and matter we must

reckon with the influence of gravity pressure and with the antigravity behavior of the ultimatonic energies under certain conditions of temperature, velocity, and revolution. Temperature, energy currents, distance, and the presence of the living force organizers and the power directors also have a bearing on all transmutation phenomena of energy and matter.

  • (474.1) 42:4.11 The increase of mass in matter is equal to the increase of energy divided by the

square of the velocity of light. In a dynamic sense the work which resting matter can perform is equal to the energy expended in bringing its parts together from Paradise minus the resistance of the forces overcome in transit and the attraction exerted by the parts of matter on one another.

  • (474.2) 42:4.12 The existence of pre-electronic forms of matter is indicated by the two atomic

weights of lead. The lead of original formation weighs slightly more than that produced through uranium disintegration by way of radium emanations; and this difference in atomic weight represents the actual loss of energy in the atomic breakup.

  • (474.3) 42:4.13 The relative integrity of matter is assured by the fact that energy can be absorbed or

released only in those exact amounts which Urantia scientists have designated quanta. This wise provision in the material realms serves to maintain the universes as going concerns.

  • (474.4) 42:4.14 The quantity of energy taken in or given out when electronic or other positions are

shifted is always a “quantum” or some multiple thereof, but the vibratory or wavelike behavior of such units of energy is wholly determined by the dimensions of the material structures concerned. Such wavelike energy ripples are 860 times the diameters of the ultimatons, electrons, atoms, or other units thus performing. The never-ending confusion attending the observation of the wave mechanics of quantum behavior is due to the superimposition of energy waves: Two crests can combine to make a double-height crest, while a crest and a trough may combine, thus producing mutual cancellation.

  • 5. Wave-Energy Manifestations
  • (474.5) 42:5.1 In the superuniverse of Orvonton there are one hundred octaves of wave energy. Of

these one hundred groups of energy manifestations, sixty-four are wholly or partially recognized on Urantia. The sun’s rays constitute four octaves in the superuniverse scale, the visible rays embracing a single octave, number forty-six in this series. The ultraviolet group comes next, while ten octaves up are the X rays, followed by the gamma rays of radium. Thirty-two octaves above the visible light of the sun are the outer-space energy rays so frequently commingled with their associated highly energized minute particles of matter. Next downward from visible sunlight appear the infrared rays, and thirty octaves below are the radio transmission group.

  • (474.6) 42:5.2 Wavelike energy manifestations — from the standpoint of twentieth-century Urantia

scientific enlightenment — may be classified into the following ten groups:

  • (474.7) 42:5.3 1. Infraultimatonic rays — the borderland revolutions of ultimatons as they begin

to assume definite form. This is the first stage of emergent energy in which wavelike phenomena can be detected and measured.

  • (474.8) 42:5.4 2. Ultimatonic rays. The assembly of energy into the minute spheres of the

ultimatons occasions vibrations in the content of space which are discernible and measurable. And long before physicists ever discover the ultimaton, they will undoubtedly detect the phenomena of these rays as they shower in upon Urantia. These short and powerful rays represent the initial activity of the ultimatons as they are slowed down to that point where they veer towards the electronic organization of matter. As the ultimatons aggregate into electrons, condensation occurs with a consequent storage of energy.

  • (475.1) 42:5.5 3. The short space rays. These are the shortest of all purely electronic vibrations

and represent the preatomic stage of this form of matter. These rays require extraordinarily high or low temperatures for their production. There are two sorts of these space rays: one attendant upon the birth of atoms and the other indicative of atomic disruption. They emanate in the largest quantities from the densest plane of the superuniverse, the Milky Way, which is also the densest plane of the outer universes.

  • (475.2) 42:5.6 4. The electronic stage. This stage of energy is the basis of all materialization in

the seven superuniverses. When electrons pass from higher to lower energy levels of orbital revolution, quanta are always given off. Orbital shifting of electrons results in the ejection or the absorption of very definite and uniform measurable particles of light-energy, while the individual electron always gives up a particle of light-energy when subjected to collision. Wavelike energy manifestations also attend upon the performances of the positive bodies and the other members of the electronic stage.

  • (475.3) 42:5.7 5. Gamma rays — those emanations which characterize the spontaneous

dissociation of atomic matter. The best illustration of this form of electronic activity is in the phenomena associated with radium disintegration.

  • (475.4) 42:5.8 6. The X-ray group. The next step in the slowing down of the electron yields the

various forms of solar X rays together with artificially generated X rays. The electronic charge creates an electric field; movement gives rise to an electric current; the current produces a magnetic field. When an electron is suddenly stopped, the resultant electromagnetic commotion produces the X ray; the X ray is that disturbance. The solar X rays are identical with those which are mechanically generated for exploring the interior of the human body except that they are a trifle longer.

  • (475.5) 42:5.9 7. The ultraviolet or chemical rays of sunlight and the various mechanical


  • (475.6) 42:5.10 8. The white light — the whole visible light of the suns.
  • (475.7) 42:5.11 9. Infrared rays — the slowing down of electronic activity still nearer the stage

of appreciable heat.

  • (475.8) 42:5.12 10. Hertzian waves — those energies utilized on Urantia for broadcasting.
  • (475.9) 42:5.13 Of all these ten phases of wavelike energy activity, the human eye can react to just

one octave, the whole light of ordinary sunlight.

  • (475.10) 42:5.14 The so-called ether is merely a collective name to designate a group of force and

energy activities occurring in space. Ultimatons, electrons, and other mass aggregations of energy are uniform particles of matter, and in their transit through space they really proceed in direct lines. Light and all other forms of recognizable energy manifestations consist of a succession of definite energy particles which proceed in direct lines except as modified by gravity and other intervening forces. That these processions of energy particles appear as wave phenomena when subjected to certain observations is due to the resistance of the undifferentiated force blanket of all space, the hypothetical ether, and to the intergravity tension of the associated aggregations of matter. The spacing of the particle-intervals of matter, together with the initial velocity of the energy beams, establishes the undulatory appearance of many forms of energy-matter.

  • (476.1) 42:5.15 The excitation of the content of space produces a wavelike reaction to the passage

of rapidly moving particles of matter, just as the passage of a ship through water initiates waves of varying amplitude and interval.

  • (476.2) 42:5.16 Primordial-force behavior does give rise to phenomena which are in many ways

analogous to your postulated ether. Space is not empty; the spheres of all space whirl and plunge on through a vast ocean of outspread force-energy; neither is the space content of an atom empty. Nevertheless there is no ether, and the very absence of this hypothetical ether enables the inhabited planet to escape falling into the sun and the encircling electron to resist falling into the nucleus. 6. Ultimatons, Electrons, and Atoms

  • (476.3) 42:6.1 While the space charge of universal force is homogeneous and undifferentiated, the

organization of evolved energy into matter entails the concentration of energy into discrete masses of definite dimensions and established weight — precise gravity reaction.

  • (476.4) 42:6.2 Local or linear gravity becomes fully operative with the appearance of the atomic

organization of matter. Preatomic matter becomes slightly gravity responsive when activated by X ray and other similar energies, but no measurable linear-gravity pull is exerted on free, unattached, and uncharged electronic-energy particles or on unassociated ultimatons.

  • (476.5) 42:6.3 Ultimatons function by mutual attraction, responding only to the circular

Paradise-gravity pull. Without linear-gravity response they are thus held in the universal space drift. Ultimatons are capable of accelerating revolutionary velocity to the point of partial antigravity behavior, but they cannot, independent of force organizers or power directors, attain the critical escape velocity of deindividuation, return to the puissant-energy stage. In nature, ultimatons escape the status of physical existence only when participating in the terminal disruption of a cooled-off and dying sun.

  • (476.6) 42:6.4 The ultimatons, unknown on Urantia, slow down through many phases of physical

activity before they attain the revolutionary-energy prerequisites to electronic organization. Ultimatons have three varieties of motion: mutual resistance to cosmic force, individual revolutions of antigravity potential, and the intraelectronic positions of the one hundred mutually interassociated ultimatons.

  • (476.7) 42:6.5 Mutual attraction holds one hundred ultimatons together in the constitution of the

electron; and there are never more nor less than one hundred ultimatons in a typical electron. The loss of one or more ultimatons destroys typical electronic identity, thus bringing into existence one of the ten modified forms of the electron.

  • (476.8) 42:6.6 Ultimatons do not describe orbits or whirl about in circuits within the electrons, but

they do spread or cluster in accordance with their axial revolutionary velocities, thus determining the differential electronic dimensions. This same ultimatonic velocity of axial revolution also determines the negative or positive reactions of the several types of electronic units. The entire segregation and grouping of electronic matter, together with the electric differentiation of negative and positive bodies of energy-matter, result from these various functions of the component ultimatonic interassociation.

  • (477.1) 42:6.7 Each atom is a trifle over 1/100,000,000th of an inch in diameter, while an electron

weighs a little more than 1/2,000th of the smallest atom, hydrogen. The positive proton, characteristic of the atomic nucleus, while it may be no larger than a negative electron, weighs almost two thousand times more.

  • (477.2) 42:6.8 If the mass of matter should be magnified until that of an electron equaled one tenth

of an ounce, then were size to be proportionately magnified, the volume of such an electron would become as large as that of the earth. If the volume of a proton — eighteen hundred times as heavy as an electron — should be magnified to the size of the head of a pin, then, in comparison, a pin’s head would attain a diameter equal to that of the earth’s orbit around the sun. . . . . [Section 7 Redacted]

  • (484.4) 42:12.16 [Presented by a Mighty Messenger on duty in Nebadon and by the request of