2013-03-31-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Resurrection

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Jonathan, Ken

TR: Allene Vick, Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Michael: [Allene] Good morning my children, this is Michael. I am so honored and in such joy to listen to your conversation this morning, to know that you understand what I was truly about and the message I was to share. It pleases me to see how each one of you go about your daily lives to try to be of service to your brother and to bring the message I wish to share through the way you live your lives and the essence of your being that shows forth wherever you may go. It is clearly picked up by all those [with] whom you come in contact.

I realize it may be difficult for you to understand what transpires when you meet with others with the energy that you carry and the love you carry within you because it is not a visible thing but I assure you it is a very powerful thing that you carry with you and share wherever you go. I want to thank you very much and yes, all the things that I experienced are things that you too can experience and as I said, even more. So go in peace and know that all is well, you are greatly loved and you all are perfect just the way you are. Thank you and I love you.

Jonathan: [Mark] I am pleased to greet you all this morning, I am Jonathan. I feel entitled to join this group this morning because I used to join this group at this time. Easter mornings was always one of my favorite opportunities to be used to reflect on the gift that Michael gave us, the gift of grace from on high. Truly, when we reflect on this gift, it brings us a deep and abiding sense of faith in the magnificent goodness which was portrayed in the Master's life. One gets hope that there is some greater source of goodness and that in the end, all will be touched by this source of goodness. And so it is my great pleasure to bring this morning, the assurance that all things are indeed touched by grace, all things are made right by God, that nothing which appears at a mortal level to be so estranged from divinity truly is that far outside the realm because as we have learned, all things are made right by God.

That is to say that all things are influenced by the force of God, by the environment that is God, by the love of God that transforms all so that exposure to this force, to this environment invariably brings change. And so while I understand that it is so easy to look out and perceive all the things which are not in accordance with the Father's will, I also, from my perspective am pleased to remind you that the window through which you examine these realities is so limited and defined that you are unable to see the greater influences of the background environments of light because you are looking at it from the islands of black and they appear to you to be rather overwhelming in scope. But it's your scope that is in need of growth and adjustment as your level of awareness grows because surely one day, you will certainly look back upon all that looks so disheartening, even evil in your environment, as merely the significant challenges that they represent, not the overwhelming wave of negativity that you feared may overtake you at times.

It is difficult of translation, this dimensional shift in the scope of your awareness that occurs upon your transition from the mortal realm. Many an attempt has been made to offer some vague description of what it is like but no words can adequately furnish you with any more than a partial awareness of what will transpire upon your rising from your mortal perspective, your internal rising from one level to the next. It brings with it a whole new level of awareness and you will look back at your former days and your former abilities and the scope of all that you were at one time and it will be so vastly overshadowed as you transcend and rise repeatedly through one resurrection point and another.

I ask you also to consider, what if on the Master's resurrection day, He was to arise anew within each one of us? What if we were to provide Him even greater latitude in His relationship with us and let Him rise anew within us? I invite you to consider the thrilling potentials involved in this opportunity on this day where we have been given example by the Master, that existence is but a series of transformations. So let us embrace them and let us move forward in the comfort and security that our faith brings in this process.

Thank you for the opportunity to join you on another of these glorious mornings of resurrection. Let it stay with us all throughout the day, this sense of resurrection and transformation. Let us pray for the ability to accept this gift of grace into our lives. Let us be willing to take what our Divine Parents have to offer us, what is in store for us upon our resurrection. What a sweet pleasure it is to offer these words today and to share energy signatures with you at this familiar and significant time. I offer my peace to be upon you and this group and I accept the offering that you have all made in creating such a welcoming platform. I bid you all have a good day and a good week, good bye now.

Ken: [Allene] Good morning, this is Ken and I would like to introduce my presence to your group. I have graduated and I have spoken with Jonathan. Your group is such a rich group I would really enjoy the pleasure of meeting with you at different times. I thought today would be a most appropriate time, talking about your Christ arising because it was my belief in that, that when I decided to make my departure, I had such faith that all was going to be well, that I did it in peace and in joy. And so this time seems quite appropriate for me to make my introduction to you and I hope this will just be the beginning of many more times that I can come and visit with you. May you rest in great assurance that all is well and it only gets better as you go further and further as each one of you will. As a brother of yours, I love you and I thank you.

Michael: [Cathy] I am filled with joy at your devotion and love. My children, I often reflect on the experiences on your world, the most poignant one being the family experience and the connection with my brothers in the mission. It was the personal relationship that I cherish always. The experience of being human is made real by the love and connections that are formed along the way. My relationship endures and the love is still existent as an echo on the planet. I am with you always as you go forward in faith, that the results will be a bountiful harvest. Let us proceed together in joy to bring God's love to all His children. This world is indeed on the verge of change, the prospects are positive for change and enlightenment. Each of you has a light to shine. Let us flood the world with light and love.

Michael: [Mark] Indeed I am graced by this opportunity of loving devotion that I witness with all of your efforts to study my life, my words, my messages and to incorporate the tone of all of this into your own lives. I would leave you today with one more thought. You have heard this before but I would express it again to reinforce the truth, the meaning and perhaps the value contained. This truth I would express again to you today is that you never doubt the power of your contribution in loving service in conjunction with the Father's love and with my love. These loving acts of service that you perform hour by hour, endure beyond your comprehension. Indeed, I invite you to reflect on my loving acts of service and how they have endured lo these two thousand years to provide for your discussion even this morning.

Such loving acts of devoted service remain as part of the fabric and foundation of your environment. They are positive contributions which serve to build the very reality, the very circumstance of your being, and while they may at times seem small to you, even unimportant, I assure you, all acts of love are woven into the divine tapestry. The divine fabric which is meant to be the pattern, which is meant to be expressed, is defined by these loving acts of service. And so say on and do on in confidence and in faith that this truth is so for I remind you once again. I lovingly join you in all such acts and together we weave the background, the environment, the very womb of reality. Let us weave one that is worthy of our awareness of our Divine Parents. Let us contribute threads which are worthy of the characteristics of them that we have come to know. Let us actively offer our contributions to be woven into the fabric. Let us do so with joy in the work, with peace in our hearts and with love as our motivation as we have come to know of our Divine Parents.


Thank you all my dear ones, you know of my love for you but I never tire of reminding you. Let your lives continue to be an example of our love in your relationship to me and to the Father. Let it be so, now and forever more on this day and on all days. Go now in peace, in pure confidence that my love abides with you. That is faith. Let it shine, farewell.