2013-04-29-Power-A Means to Love

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Topic: Power - A Means to Love

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Prolotheos

TR: Valdir Soares



Prolotheos: “There are many ways in which you can define power; as a position, a force, an endowment, an ability. However, the aspect about power which should not be overlooked is that all power reflects a will. And if you will contemplate the idea, power leads back to the will of God, who created everything that exists. Every being is in possession of some kind of power, but only personal beings – human beings – can use it creatively. In God, power is an attribute, part of His nature; in humans power is an endowment; in God it is infinite, in humans it is finite. To humans, power is a challenge – dangerous and addictive.

“In nature, power is a vehicle, there to fulfill animal urges. Personality adds to it a conscious purposefulness. Human beings, once food and security are acquired, use their power to accomplish their desires, and as a rule at their base is a need to control. Civilization is the result of this control in human relations, and your crude means of socialization still reflect this animal rule – dominion by the powerful and subservience by the weakest. In God’s view, power is a means of sustaining and ministering. His control is not self-oriented, but rather it is, ministry-oriented to spread goodness to all.

“Will is the source of any power. Any power you have will be as strong as your will. Once your will is broken, so is your power. Personal beings are capable not only of wanting something, but also of knowing why they want it. What is behind any desire is the enjoyment of a particular experience. Experience is what adds to life. The value of an experience is not its private sensation, but the benefit it causes, especially to others. Power gives you the opportunity to share experiences of goodness, truth and beauty with others – the more often, the better.

“Power is everywhere in the universe by the gracious distribution of God’s power to his associate deities and creatures. Power can only bring real and enduring satisfaction when it is in harmony with the cosmic energies of the Universe which always work their ways in love and justice. If self-service and aggrandizement are part of the equation in what power works for, the product certainly will be violence, debasement and oppression since its exercise is in disharmony with the universe energies of love and justice. Power represents not only what you can do, but also what you should not do.

“Therefore, my dear pupil, your personal power starts with your will, which you project into reality to produce experiences causing positive or negative repercussions upon your soul – depending on their universe value. No power is magical; it must negotiate its way along with other powers. To some such negotiation must always be conflictive; but there is a better way: the power of love – which results might not be immediately visible, but certainly real, most beneficial and enduring. Whatever is the power you have – great or little – make it a means for love. I am Prolotheos. Peace to all.”