2013-05-26-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Spiritual Experience

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Michael

TR: Henry Z.




Teacher Gorman: Greetings to you my friends, it is I Gorman, taking the opportunity to step into this circle, this circle of friendship, this circle of love, this circle of forgiveness, here today to share a few thoughts and ideas on this concept of the personal religious experience. As was mentioned today in your discussion, a personal religious experience is a holistic experience, meaning that it is an experience which affects the total you, meaning the spiritual you, the mental you and the physical you. All of these components of self are interrelated, they go hand in hand.

For example, you will notice people with a tremendous amount of physical ailments on a consistent basis may not have a healthy psychological outlook. The way that they think is not really supporting and they may not have very much of a spiritual life, a spiritual life in which they are learning things, applying them into their life, learning by them and growing by them. Everything is related, all of the parts are related to the whole so that in a personal religious experience, how you see yourself and how you are able to accept who you are can be experienced on a physical level in the human body.

This does not mean that problems will be gone forever and that there are no lessons to learn, this is not what I am saying. As a matter of fact, as long as you are alive on this planet you will be learning lessons and you will be continually challenged to accept things that at some point in your life you refused to even look at let alone accept. A personal religious experience again is just what it says it is, it is personal, meaning it is not the same for everyone. It is an experience which is the same for everyone and it is religious, religious in the sense that there is a relationship between belief and reality, how reality manifests itself in your life.

It is like an illness, a virus. The first thing that it attacks is the energetic system of the body. Then once it makes it through the energetic system and it attacks the body physically, all of a sudden you have symptoms of it in your physical self. It's like reality happening in your life. At first it is just a thought until you act upon the thought and it begins to manifest itself in you physically. This holistic notion, this idea of wholeness is part and parcel of the notion that you can heal yourself. You are given an intelligence which can discern information, it can discern the quality of the experience you are having.

You live in an information age, that information is easily accessible. Your ability to put two and two together is your ability to change certain things. It may be diet, it may be a habit, it may be a thought pattern, it may be a belief system or it may be incremental things, little small things within each of these systems that may need adjusting because what you are attempting to achieve through a personal religious experience is a quality of life, a quality of being in which you feel whole, you feel empowered, you feel the presence of spirit. You know what you are supposed to do and you know how you are supposed to do it. These things just present themselves within you as an awareness. Maybe it is something revealed through the Adjuster. Maybe it is something hidden, locked up in your consciousness, whatever, this whole experience qualifies your life. It is why you are here, to have this personal religious experience to separate you from the animal kingdom and bring you into the energetic of spiritual reality.

Mind, Stillness

You are dual beings. You have a physical body and you have a spiritual nature. The mind is the interface between the spiritual nature and the physical body. Everything takes place within the mind. You cannot access the spiritual without the mind and you cannot bring the spiritual down to a physical level without the mind. The qualities of a healthy mind are personal. This is part and parcel of the Thought Adjuster's task within your mind, to correct or to adjust erroneous and misguided notions about who you think you are, to bring you into alignment with who you really are so that you will discover through these associations, a depth of quality that you can experience within your physical, emotional and spiritual human lives.

One of the qualities of adjusting these three elements, the spiritual, the mental and the physical, one of the adjusting mechanisms, is stillness. It is quieting the mind, bringing the mind into neutral, taking it completely out of gear, going beyond thought and focusing on something so simple as your breath, something that is a result of your life, almost an automatic response to life. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you still breathe, you inhale and you exhale and you focus on this. You focus on it until you can control it. In this way you quiet the mind from thought. It allows you a much more refined state of discernment. It gives you an insight into the quality of your health because things will be coming up when you sit and observe silent breath. The relationship between spirit and the mind is increased and the awareness within the mind of the condition of the body is brought into awareness and also into a space in which you can deal with things in a systematic way.

Just because you avoid things or hide from them or put them out of your mind does not mean that they will disappear, go away or cease to exist. Many times you must deal with things head on. How many times do you tell yourself, oh, it's alright, it's okay, I'm fine, but deep down inside there is a brooding sense that that is not quite so. You cannot lie to yourself in stillness. Stillness brings you right to the edge of truth. Stillness brings you right to the edge of a truthful awareness and stillness is a technique to consolidate all of the parts into a harmonious relationship. It should be part and parcel for a personal religious experience.

Again, this personal religious experience is a total holistic approach to who you really are. It has taken place in your whole life though as an adult you may notice that you made greater strides in addressing some of the particular individual parts, thereby achieving a greater quality of realness, of value, in your life. It is sort of like a house, built on an unlevel foundation. Well, you can erect a house on an incorrect foundation, but you may have some problems with the house and living in it and eventually the foundation may compromise the quality of the building which you have placed upon it.

These are like the parts of who you are. There is a relationship between all of these parts and you need to use personal discernment to figure out which part needs adjusting. But in general, a good place to start is in the mind, make your adjustments there. Make your decision to get that physical thing taken care of, don't let it go too far until it erupts into something else that is much more severe. It is like infection in the body. You don't ignore it because the infection can grow in the blood and all of a sudden you have infected blood and it can kill you.

Psychologically, this is the same way. You have traumas which need to be cleared out. When the situation presents itself you find ways to deal with this. You remember, oh yes, I need to do this or I need to contact this person or I need to share this, I need to get help. You do whatever it is that needs to be done to bring your whole operating system into balance again, into that feeling, that felt sense of goodness, feeling safe, feeling trustworthy, feeling confident, feeling like you can solve your problems and have the kind of life that you want to live and express. These are all parts of a personal religious experience.

It is not just the ecstatic nature of the Creator Son touching your soul, that you have a momentary feeling of bliss. This is also part of the personal religious experience but it is not the personal religious experience. Yes, it may be an acknowledgement, you may get acknowledgement from spirit, spirit is tremendously acknowledgeable but it is only a part. So the key words here are holistic, wholeness, relationship between parts, personal. It is like when you wake up in the morning and the body has to give you an overall assessment of how it's doing that day in a feeling. You may feel a little sluggish, you may feel tremendously energetic like you can take over the day no matter what happens or you may have an ache or pain somewhere.

Well, this is what the mind does with the body. You do not experience all of the things that are actually going on in the body, you experience the general nature of what is going on. It is like a person who has pushed him or herself to the limit where you wake up one morning and all of your joints and muscles feel like they are burning and are on fire. These are results of conditions known as fibromyalgia, immune stress disorder, not paying attention to what the body is trying to tell you, take a break to rest a little bit, to eat properly. This is why you have a week and days of the week so that you can for some days and rest for others, there is a balance and the body responds to this balance.

Even though your mind is saying, well this job has to be done and I have to work without any days off for twelve, fourteen, sixteen hours a day. Well this may be fine for the mind but it is quite a different story to the body. The body cannot support that type of mental conditioning. Eventually there will be a point at which it breaks, it gives, it just can't support such a mental state. This is an extreme example of stressing the body by the mind and there is a tremendous consequence. Just talk to anyone that has had fibromyalgia. It is not a very pretty thing to live with. So, it is important to keep the mind in balance, to find times when you can put the mind in a neutral stance. All parts will serve you well when they are balanced, a healthy balanced functioning. So it was important today to clarify personal religious experience, to get the sense that it is not just a part of your life, it is your whole life.

My friends, it is good to come here and to be able to share with you these thoughts. I thank you for the discussion, go in peace, thank you.

Light, Patience

Michael: Greetings my friends, it is I your brother Michael here today to share and empower this circle you have created by connecting with your mind, your spirit, your soul. I have come into this circle today just to share my love with you and to acknowledge you, to acknowledge the effort that you are giving to the life you live, for it is your lives and the effect that your lives will have on others that I come here to address today. My children of light, my little beacons of light, grounded by faith and shown forth for all to see. It is important that you become like little lighthouses to shine light on the treacherous shoals which ensnare people in the dark. We honor your light, the light you bring into this world, the light that you let shine forth in your lives, in your souls, for it is this light which will enlighten the world.

There are many lighthouses on the planet at this time. I feel empowered by my life in the flesh, that it continues to inspire and prompt people forward. It will always continue to inspire individuals to greatness, to a time when the individual greatness will become a collective consciousness, an organization of goodness, an organization of respect, social justice, loving participants. We of the spirit world honor all effort which works in our direction, the direction which attempts to reveal the spiritual quality to mankind within their lives.

Be patient my friends, be patient with your brothers and sisters. They are human also. Not one of you is greater than the human which you are. You are all humans, lovable loving humans in my eyes, and if one of you is to be greater, use that greatness to serve as an example of a being of light in the midst of a human population, a human being of light, to shine forth the spiritual wholeness which it truly is. I am a patient Creator Son. I patiently wait for the day that your whole world honors my life, honors the Fatherhood of God and the collective consciousness of loving and respecting human beings for I know that one day this will be the case because I will it so to be. We see it on your world and we know that in time you will not let us down, just as you here today will not let yourselves down. You will enlighten the words which I share with you today, that this will be. Your struggle is my struggle, your achievement is my achievement and your glory comes from the Father who seeks to become glorious in everything. This is what makes us brothers and sisters, is that we have the same Father and the same Mother. We share the same soul, the same spirit.

My friends, I truly love you. Go in peace, I thank you.