2013-06-02-A Holy Alliance

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Topic: A Holy Alliance

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “Thank you, my treasured child, for listening to my still Voice this morning. You are amazed to hear that we, together, are forging a most holy alliance between us. Even though you do not yet to the fullest extent realize what this means – the forging of an alliance with your Spark from God within – I can try to somehow explain. My steady Light within you is feeding your tiny light, and at sometime in the future – near or far, it does not matter when – your light will be totally consumed through fusion by my eternal Light. This will only come about when you are totally and irrevocably ready to be forever joined with me in our bonding.

“Even now, nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God and his abundant blessings. Even though before you were born I chose to in the future indwell you, still it is the universal God who ultimately decides which Thought Adjuster will inhabit which child on this planet. This was made possible because of Jesus’ completion as a Master Creator Son of God.

“It is this most wonderful news, that presently each mortal can receive this Gift from God, which opens the door to untold possibilities. Each thinking mortal gets to choose how he or she shall live their lives. Not even the angels are allowed to interfere with the free will of their humans, and no one is allowed to interfere with their choices once they have developed enough maturity within their selves. All thinking humans have the power within them to choose whether or not they desire to become immortal. Their only requirement is faith in God and the gifts they bring with them in the form of truth, beauty and goodness, which will have been developed during life in the flesh. You all will need to explain what you have done with this Gift of Life, which keeps on giving. Little ones have no concerns, even if their lives have been cut short. They get their chances to make the choice of eternal life, albeit without needed earth-life experiences.

“Having explained this, let us now go back to what an alliance with God means, because that is what you do, when you bond with your Thought Adjuster, who over time, changes into a Thought Controller, known as such on High. This shows the status between the human and the Divine, and it shows the promise of a most holy alliance in the making. Thus we can progress towards fusion on a more solid basis as you slowly on learn to abide by my admonitions and start living according to insights that arise from deep within.

“Increasingly you will experience the unconditional love of God, so you can learn to live likewise with the additions of tolerance, patience, respect for self and others with an increasing capacity for unconditional forgiveness – in short, living a Christ-like life. These are some of the qualities you will acquire during your short but intense life in the flesh on the way to becoming an immortal being striving for perfection with the help of your indwelling Companion, to whom you are betrothed to the everlasting glory of God.”