2013-06-04-Of Attaining Perfection

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Topic: Of Attaining Perfection

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22)

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “Both you and I have come a long way in understanding each other, and, incidentally, our improving use of the English language is an important part of why we can be at ease with each other. Our countless misunderstandings are now a thing of the past. However, there will come and go still many Christmasses before either of us will attain perfection, so let us therefore consider that our understanding of each other’s imperfections is what has us entirely at ease.

“Criticism of another’s behavior, thoughts, demeanor and expression – and even paranoia about these, and not simply of the individuals, but of families and entire nations – does slow our already tardy acquisition of self-mastery toward perfection. The answer to the scourge of criticism is serious investigation as to what the other party is all about. Most disapproval and outright denigration simply falls away when a little effort is expanded in understanding others.

“Intolerance of another’s habits is mostly found to have only imaginary causes. ‘They’ – whoever ‘they’ might be – cannot possibly act like you, because they do not live in your street, because they do not live in your town, your country. They might well speak a language you do not understand. They might well have an education unlike yours – considerably more extensive or even absent, entirely. The variations are myriad, and hard to gauge.

“An absolute rarity is the individual so tolerant, so devoid of criticism, that he or she has the ability to readily accept all for what they are, or might be. Do not count yourself among these advanced ones, for this god-like attribute can seldom be found anywhere on the planet, but in the most innocent newborn, as in the most advanced of spiritual ones. However, success can be achieved in your sometimes lonely and personal drive towards the attainment of perfection.

“There will be a time for you, in the ages to come, when all of you have left far behind you all intolerance and criticism, all hatred and false pride, all feelings of superiority and of inadequacy, even all memory of mortal and morontial imperfection – a time when there is only love in your heart – a time when all you can contemplate is being a contributor to the whole of our universes – a time of your unconditional loving embrace by the Creator of all creatures.

“At that time you will once more share with your Creator all that you experienced from your mortal beginnings to your travels to Paradise, to Hear the Father Creator say, ‘You are my beloved child of whom I am exceedingly proud.’ Waver not in your convictions and teach all my simple lesson that real love is based on admiration, based on respect, based on understanding, all caused by a willingness to approach and befriend.”


“Such a pursuit will assure you of the attainment of perfection. This is ABC-22. Adieu.”