2013-06-05-Q and A Session with Charles 3

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Topic: Increasing Vibrations During Meditation

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson, Charles

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Spirit Space Spiritual Enrichment Center, Saugatuck, MI


Daniel’s Invocation: Dear Heavenly Father, Christ Michael, Nebadonia, everyone of the hierarchy of light, we are so pleased to be here and that you are here with us. We ask your assistance tonight to reveal to all of us what we need to know and we ask our celestial guides, teachers and angels to assist us in this process and we give thanks.


RAYSON: Good evening, this is Rayson. I am here acting as your MC, your master of ceremonies, but I am not necessarily the one who will reveal to you or one that will answer your questions. We are not sure; you have not made a decision, yet, as to whom you would like to ask questions of. Do you have anyone in mind?

Student 1: Rayson, either you or Charles; you’re just all great, so I don’t know. Which ever would like to lead would be appreciated. We leave it up to you.

RAYSON: One moment.

CHARLES: Good evening, this is Charles. How can I be of assistance to you?

Student 1: We have some questions we’ve formulated since our last Skype. This was two months ago; we took a month off and we needed some time to come up with some questions either from the last Skype or that we developed on our own, so we’d like to ask you some things.

CHARLES: Certainly, please begin.

  • Increasing vibrations during meditation

Student 1: In our meditation group this evening, it so happened, we talked about vibrations and I have a question about the relation between vibrations and communicating with spirit. I assume that an increase in our vibration level helps us to assist with communicating with spirit. Can you explain how this works and the ways to keep our vibrations at a high level so we can communicate with spirit more easily.

CHARLES: Of course, I’d be glad to. The vibrations that you speak about, and having a resonance with spirit, emanate from the energy of your emotion being. When you are deep into greed and lust, hate and vengeance, then your vibration is only about 0.5. But when you rise to forgiveness, tolerance, forbearance, and patience, and so on, you have increased your energetic level to a higher state. When you bring through the loving imminence of Jesus, of God, of your Guardian Angel or Thought Adjuster, then your energetic vibration is probably 9.5. And so when you raise yourself into your higher vibration, you are really clearing out all your negative emotions. You will never see a true master or avatar that emanates negative emotions. They are always of the highest vibration level possible. You can always check how you’re doing by observing yourself, your feeling within you, identifying what emotional state you are in most of the time. It is useless to pray or meditate when you have negative emotions. If you loathe someone and have negative emotions or are hostile or belligerent or jealous, then your prayer state and your meditation state is a waste of your time. It would be better to use that time to forgive yourself and to forgive whoever caused that in you. You see, it is within you that is the source of the true vibration or lower vibration. It is not the person who has caused that; it is your response to them. If you were truly an evolved master, someone could say anything to you and you would not respond, you would not have negative emotion. So, you would be in an evolved state of being so that you could respond to your world around you in a very positive, loving state.

Let me go further in answering this. When you want to be more loving, or say “God is love,” what that means is that God is the presence, the emanation, the origin of all positive, dynamic, harmonic energy. This is love; it is the absence of anything negative. So when you want to be in meditation or to pray or to just live during the day you would want to emanate joy, happiness, comfort, satisfaction and fulfillment. This is evidence of much personal growth inside. Does this help?

Student 1: Yes it does and also, is there anything we can do, any activities that you recommend that we do to keep our vibrational level high, besides stillness?

CHARLES: Yes, I mentioned forgiveness, tolerance and patience. When you have negative emotions and when you are impatient, when you worry, when you blame other people or projected these things, they are evidence of an un-evolved self. And so, this is evidence that is a reflection back on you. When you have observed this in yourself, then you have homework to do, so you would want to practice forgiveness. You want to begin to understand what it is in you that causes you to react to other people this way. Do you understand?

Student 1: Sure thing.

  • Be self-examining and self-observing

CHARLES: So you want to be self-examining and self-observing—not self-analytical—that is not a good practice to pursue as it is too convoluted to the individual’s mind to handle adequately. You are usually much too immature to do that well. You need another person to help you. So I hope that clarifies how to move ahead in your positive role at a higher vibration level.

Student1: OK, thanks Charles.

CHARLES: It does not help to use drugs to become calmer, as this is simply a mask over your emotional state and gives you a false positive.

  • Personal responsibility for global pollution and global warming

Student 2: Charles, our intention in aligning ourselves with Father God is to not take part in harming others. As we see more effects of pollution and global warming, I’m afraid that the human mind will not stop harming the earth until we see consequences with thousands of people dying. I feel that we are or will be committing genocide and I don’t want to be a part of that. How much am I personally responsible for? This is probably a sustainability question but how much of the overall action am I responsible for?

CHARLES: You are responsible for your own state of mind, your own state of consciousness. If you react to what is happening in the world negatively, and you are blaming everyone else for this, it holds yourself harmless and you are not helping your personal situation or your global situation. Consciousness is to rise to the level of the master to seek peace in the world, to seek harmony with the elements. You do not have to figure out how this happens or how it occurs that divine order and correct ecological and environmental developments occur—that is not your chore to do. Yours is to be responsible for your own environmental situation, beginning with your own mental and emotional environment.

Just as I answered the previous question, you must approach your position in the world as though you were a global manager, a planetary manager, that you were the creator of this world, and that you have a positive influence to bring to the situation. Immediately, you have caused no harm to the world, you can cause no harm socially to the world and we ask you to cause no harm emotionally to the world, but project a loving countenance upon the world and see your world in peace, see your environment working together and people work together with you, with the environment. This is the projection of your consciousness onto the whole world. It is very, very powerful. This is where you begin. Do you understand?

Student 2: Yes I do.

CHARLES: Does this answer your question?

Student 2: Yes it does, thank you.

  • Mortal roles as sons and daughters of God

Student 1: Charles, as our unsustainable society and world continues to break down, what is our role on this planet as Sons and Daughters of God?

CHARLES: It was summed up in the previous answer to this question. Your role as Sons of God is to become like God, to become more perfect more loving, more caring. That means also dropping the negative orientations that you have toward yourself, towards others and towards your world. Love yourself, love others, love your world and know how to do that, how to express that and it begins, of course, within yourself.

  • Using the merkabah

Student 2: Charles at our last session with Monjoronson we talked about projecting the energy of the merkabah to other places were it’s needed to expel imprinted energy. I’m grateful that this is something I can do to help heal our planet. I have a few questions about the time and placement. The first time I sent the merkabah, I asked it to be in place for 24 hours. Do we even need to consider time when we project the merkabah?

CHARLES: No, you don’t want to limit the merkabah’s work for a time period. You would really want to have the energy work in that area until the difficulties are resolved. You also must be aware that your consciousness is the trigger that maintains the work of the merkabah. Do you understand? So that when you are inattentive, when you forget about your prayer, the rejection of the merkabah, the merkabah will begin to collapse in that area. So you maintain that through your own awareness and your own consciousness. You do not need to attend to it minute-by-minute or hour-by-hour, but you would want to project the energy of the merkabah in the area daily until you feel like this work has been completed. If you take on a huge project, for example, peace in the Middle East, then you must attend to this almost every hour of every day of every year for many years ahead. This very distraught area is going to become even more difficult in years ahead.

  • Are ghosts imprints?

Student 2: Thank you so much Charles. I have a related question about imprinting. Do mortals get confused and stay here in spirit as ghosts or is this an imprint of their consciousness or emotion?

CHARLES: What do you mean by imprinting?

Student 2: When mortals die, is it possible for them to stay here as ghosts, or if we see an image, is it just an imprint left behind of their emotion.

CHARLES: You have several questions there. Can you break that down, please?

Student 2: OK, is it possible for spirit when a mortal dies, is it possible for spirit to be left here on the earth plane?

CHARLES: Only to the extent that they were unaware of an afterlife as a mortal. There is absolutely no reason why a mortal would want to remain here in such confusion, such a state of non-movement, non-growth and non-improving quality of life. The individual would want to choose a better quality of life to grow, so for the individual to want to remain here in the borderland area makes absolutely no sense for the positive constructed individual who wants to move on. Those individuals, who have remained here as discarnate entities, were unaware of an afterlife and unaware of their decision-making to move to the positive light. Do you understand?

  • Assisting those in the borderland

Student 2: Yes, is there anything that we can do, or are they assisted to make the transition?

CHARLES: They are assisted. Those that are in the borderland now can be assisted by you when you become aware of them, to guide them to look at the light over their shoulder, literally and metaphorically and move towards it. Everyone, whether it is a mortal or a discarnate being or a morontial individual understands what home is: The light is home. This is someplace where there is comfort, security and a place where you are appreciated and accepted. If you become aware of those around you that are discarnate, then you would want to urge them to look at the light and move towards it. Looking at the light and moving towards it is a decision, a very small decision, but the decision to look over their shoulder and move towards the light with the decision to complete the process and they will enter the light.

Student 2: Thank you, Charles.

CHARLES: You’re welcome.

  • Working with your Guardian Angel

Student 1: Charles, I wanted to tell you a little story. I was driving home one night from the city and I was very tired and on the way back I noticed a blue light on either side of the car and in front of the car. I was wondering if this might have been my Guardian Angel protecting me or some other celestials protecting me as I was going home, is that possible?

CHARLES: Yes, it is possible and very probable.

Student 1: That’s good to hear. How can we work with our Guardian Angels more to help them with us?

CHARLES: (Chuckling.) You need to help yourself first. You do not need to help them help you; you need to have a relationship with them. First, is to recognize that you do have Guardian Angels, you can have a celestial teacher if you choose to and you must begin to realize that you can have a conscious, intentional relationship with them, if you choose to begin. You may not see them, but you can speak with them in your mind or aloud and we do suggest you do speak to them aloud when you are alone and apart from other individuals so you are not so self-conscious; ask them questions, tell them what you are in need of, what help you need. You see, there is so much for everyone now on your world that the real tragedy or travesty of being spiritually oriented, is not asking for help, even with the most mundane of things. Of course, when it comes about that your request is answered, or you see the participation of spirit with helping you with some project, then you would want to be elated, happy, glad and thankful and express your gratitude. This is the beginning of an ongoing relationship you have with spirit.

This one spoke to his Guardians for many, many years before; when he asked the question, he received an answer and he realized that the answer did not come from his own mind. He began to realize that he was having an intentional, conversational, conscious relationship with his Guardian Angel. You can do the same. It is a very sincere effort. Do not strive to play games with your Guardian Angel; do not try to second-guess them; do not try to trick them into answering you, because they are yards and yards and yards ahead of you. They already know what is forming in your mind before you even come to the conclusion of asking it. So what is needed is a very sincere relationship with your Guardian and it begins by taking your life seriously, even humbly, in the company of angels and that you have the presence of God within you to assist you with the development of your morontial self. Does this help?

  • Questions on world government

Student: It sure does. I have another question. This planet will eventually attain light and life and by then, I understand, we’ll have a world government, though the world government will have compassionate leaders. Is the current attempt at creating a world government just a steppingstone to one with compassion? Once the system is set up, is it a matter of better politicians filling the spots, just like a steppingstone into one that is going to work out for our world?

CHARLES: No, more questions please. You said many things there and asked many questions. I would like you to dissect what you have said and begin to ask individual questions. Lead me and lead you into a logical, rational construct with this topic.

Student 1: Let me see if I can do better. The current world government evolving….

CHARLES: That’s enough. Now ask a simple question of no more than twelve words about that subject. (Pause.) Let me help you simplify the complexity of your mind: “Are we on the right track?”

Student 1: Uh…

CHARLES: Would you like to ask that?

Student 1: Okay, that’s a good start.

CHARLES: The answer is no, you’re not on the right track. Next question.

Student 3: How do we get on the right track?

CHARLES: There you go. You begin to get on the right track by not thinking in terms of power and control and authority. You see, the current government model you have is all based on authority, control and power. The model that is in use now can never metamorphose itself into a compassionate, loving, caring, altruistic process of government. A truly developed governmental culture does not begin at the top; it begins at the bottom with all the people of a nation, a change of culture, a new way of thinking. You see that the Western culture that has spread through Europe, Japan, and the Pacific area—even in China with its different governmental model—is still highly competitive. Competition causes separation; competition says, “I must become better than you; I must make more than you,” and so on. And this culture you have throughout the world is quickly outgrowing itself, so that competition is going to metamorphose into the next stage of development. We are not telling you what that is; we are leading you as individuals into a new evolved state of living. And when that happens with enough people, they will require their governments to become more evolved, more compassionate, more caring and to take more actions, [make] policies and laws to sustain the people in a compassionate, altruistic way, without usurping their personal power, and giving them individual options for living in communities and societies. So this is how it begins at the beginning level.

  • A change of heart guides your mind

All of your questions tonight have to do with a change of heart. A change of heart guides the activity of your mind. Your mind must not dominate your heart. Your heart knows the true way. It is intuitive. It is not your “heart” literally; it is the compassionate, loving, considerate, tolerant, forgiving side of yourself that must evolve. And so too, your government must evolve to reflect that. This will not change until individuals change. I’m going to take you into a subject we’ve talked about before and that is the earth changes we’ve spoken of long before you were aware of the Correcting Time. The earth changes have been spoken about for decades. And so these earth changes will cause a change in mental attitude, a mental conception of the world and it can only be made more complete by a change of heart, a development and growth of that intuitive, loving self that’s in each individual. This will power the earth changes into a positive way. The earth changes are simply a wake up call to your culture that they will succumb and implode if they continue in this way even after the earth changes. I apologize for having gone on so long and at length to your question, but when you break down your large conceptual questions into small pieces you have more to chew on that way.

Student 1: I get it, thanks.

(To the group) Do we have any more questions?

  • A priority to be more complete, more loving

Student 3: I’m wanting to stay in more love, courage and certainty and I know it is within, staying connected to source and I’m just asking for help in whatever you can give to us to this week, to pay attention, to stay more connected with love, God, source, all the time. That’s my priority; I want to stay in love.

CHARLES: Then I suggest that after our meeting today, you have a moment apart, so to speak, where the audience is quiet and you go within and address the things that you have heard and things you want to work on. You would want to ask spirit to help you grow. All of you are so immature, that you really are not able to articulate fully how you need to grow or how you want to grow, but the fact that you do urge yourself to grow and that you are longing to grow, you understand the need that you wish to seek.

And so your prayer would be to hold in mind that you want to be a more complete, loving individual and you ask spirit at all levels of the hierarchy of light to help you each day and each minute. And so, you would hold this quiet meditative prayer in mind whenever you have a moment by yourself, whether it is at a stoplight, in a temple, church, cathedral, your living room or your favorite chair. When you have a quiet moment, connect to your heart and receive the love that is there all around you. And this would be a tremendous assistance to you. Remember, as you grow in love, you must also drop away the negative emotional ways of responding to your world.


Student 1: Thank you, Charles, and we’d also like to thank Rayson for being here and also Daniel. Thank you very much and we look forward to next time.

CHARLES: Certainly! Good day.