2013-06-19-Revelatory Progress

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Topic: Revelatory Progress

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Midwayer Jack

TR: Gerdean



Urantia Book

Question: We could read this book, and have read the book, but … is there new information that would help us today that has evolved from its basic teachings? We’d like to know if there is something very meaningful from this book that is going on in this world today.

0802-AB Jack here. Good afternoon, everyone. It is wonderful to be with you again, as always. I am particularly delighted to meet new people. Hello, my dear, I am your cousin Jack, a secondary midwayer. I am, to hear it said, Gerdean’s oldest friend. We were introduced many years ago, 1968 by your calendar, when she and Alan, her first husband, were introduced to the Urantia Book. I didn’t come in here to parlay personalities, however. I came in because of your provocative question.

The Book itself says it will be outdated in time, as humanity evolves, and the question is “At what point does that begin to manifest? And how? What are some differences between then and now? 1955, the year it was published, and today, 2013?” Well, you are experiencing one of the most-- the biggest at the moment. The Book says science will most quickly become outdated because humans are inventing new devices all the time and along those lines, furthermore, they were not allowed to predict what might happen in the future so you find no reference to the stillness, the correcting time, the teaching mission, these processes of transmitting/receiving.

There are many other fields of thought that could be considered science, thus outdated. Or other things that are being presented to your consciousness that the Book has no knowledge of, interest in, or relevance to that seem to you to be extremely relevant. And so it gets interesting. Where do the teachers draw the line and say, “That is a brilliant interpretation of reality but it is not true reality”? How does one say such a thing without offending the hearer when they know what they experienced, and they approve of their interpretation, indeed, [they] feel their interpretation has been sanctioned by Mother Spirit and those who are part of their entourage of spirit family members who know them and love them and guide them through the vicissitudes of life.

Well, look at me, just jabbering like one of the big guys. I didn’t mean to get all heady but it’s a very interesting subject. The Urantia Book tends to steer clear –not the book itself, but those who guide the book – tend to steer clear of anything having to do with “occult” and so many of the things that you would ask about will not be in the Book because occult is not what the Urantia Book is intended to foster. And here again, there is that question: Where do you draw the line between the realm of spirit reality and the realm of occult phenomenon? – between Science and Metaphysics?

Most Highs

There is probably no hard and firm answer to any of these hypothetical, philosophical and metaphysical questions, but there are assumptions that can be made based on group perception. If you have ten people and eight of them like it that way, chances are it will stay that way. For “might may not necessarily be right, but it is” and in a good system, this is a good thing. Democracy is one name for it. The common wealth is another, even “the kingdom” – as affected as that word may seem and oh-so-difficult to define. So now I have not only not answered your question, I have created a hundred more.

For the record, the facts are set forth in the text. The laboratory is spread before you. and the research materials available are practically endless. This is part of why it is called an adventure, and it is also why it is called an eternal career, because it is not just all fun and games, there are responsibilities, there are effects to your causes, and so the interest is in how you direct your destiny for it will influence that of everyone.

And that, coincidentally, is how the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men. They are like chefs, fine chefs in a fine restaurant, making an exquisite soup, putting in just the right amount of this at the right time, and just the right amount of that. And then they stir the soup, perhaps later, tossing in another ingredient and letting it simmer, and adding things as the day goes by, such that, at the end of the day, there is a savory supper.


Question: I want to give an example of when the Forum was submitting questions and discussing the Papers and the Book was being written and presented and elaborated upon in order to answer the questions, there was no one there that had the Eastern philosophies; there is very little said about reincarnation because nobody was interested in it. (That is my assumption.) A lot of detail is given to Adam and Eve and the Caligastia 100, and the Lucifer Rebellion; these are all things that the revelators felt were very important to bring into our consciousness.

During those times there was no real metaphysical interest in the group. Now, a lot of people are more conscious of their energy -- their chi energy, if you will – vibrations, and what raises our vibration. We want to raise our vibration and so we are learning about how that comes about. So there are new concepts, new ideas, that aren’t even touched upon in the Urantia Book because of the times it was written. I think those are the things that I would personally like to know … the wholesome truth and relevance regarding zero point energy or that which we become conscious of, pay attention to, or …

I want to know what things are going to help change the world that aren’t already in the book. I want to know about healing. GMOs are destroying our food chain; we’re being poisoned; we’re full of toxins. That’s not addressed in the Book because people weren’t being poisoned back then. So these are things that aren’t in the Book that are important for today’s people, for dealing with oil spills, power struggles to keep us dependent of fossel fuels, squashing inventions that would make it a better planet for everyone. These are the things I have particular interest in.

JACK: They are being addressed by the teachers. But for the most part, no, they are not discussed in the Urantia Book, partially because it was produced in the United States, overseen by religionists and scientists with a Christian flavor. They were urged to ask more intelligent questions, yes, which did garner a greater quality tome, but they only had to know more about that which had something to do with them and that supported their own understandings. Given human nature and the proscriptions given to the celestials who were helping bring it about, the end result is an excellent quality compromise, but it falls on you to investigate and develop some of these interests – particularly some of those which will help the planet, the life on the planet, the future of the planet – and that gets us back into the science of it, which is the material aspect such as agriculture, that you really must get back to and pay attention to, with newborn eyes.

Many of the things that humanity is engaged in today are very destructive; no question about it. They should be stopped; they should be understood; they should be acted on wisely. This requires leadership and leadership is not entirely understood in your consciousness. There was a system set up, a government that was filled by elected and appointed officials to do a certain job and answer to certain persons or peoples. Unless the tasks are given, unless and until there is a new job created that will focus on the relevance of your concern, there will be no official investigations, particularly when the opposition is well established and employs hundreds and thousands of people and impacts the economy so greatly precisely because leadership is mis-aligned from the needs of the people today as compared to when the law was established, the committee was formed, the original principle was introduced.

Government itself is a large and cumbersome machine, much like humanity. When it is stirred to act, it can be very effective but it is slow to organize, slow to get to move in one direction at the same time, and until it moves in the same direction, it pulls against itself so that it doesn’t get so carried away with its largess, with its own power, it can act fanatically, or in some fashion that directs pain and suffering on a great many people … not just war but disease and certain social restrictions and customs that are not in keeping with the current program of operation, the current status quo.


Question: I need to know as an individual who cannot possibly have an impact on huge corporations, on governments that are basically corrupt and greedy and that control the masses by fear and misinformation, how are we to make a difference in the world? How can we, as individuals with this revelation … I mean, we have good information about our history and I know you don’t predict the future, but I’m saying right here, right now in this situation, how do we maintain our integrity and make a difference in the world?

JACK: I’ll stick with it, since I’ve gone this far. What can you do is what we have been talking about for 20 years and, in fact, what you have already learned how to do and are doing. The only thing is you will want to see it multiplied, accelerated, and this can be seen when you surround yourself with like-minded people … peer groups who reflect back to you values you want to see.

There has been a lot of emphasis on groups, the power of groups, the importance of groups, but not much has been done to crystallize that concept in your mind as it having great value. Granted, the kinds of groupings may move around, may reorganize itself from within or without, but in order to get anything accomplished, you need to have other people who think as you do and cultivate those people as co-workers in the work that you want to see done. In this way, you see, you have group unity, and in group unity you have real power.

So much of your time these days is lost crying in the wilderness, for there is no one there to hear you, or they too are feeling so apathetic due to a helpless and hopeless situation, they have given up and so half a dozen of you sit around discussing why you gave up instead of doing something about it, yet and still. But I tell you that six people who have a fierce feeling toward something, a deep loyalty to it, who believe in it and give of themselves to it emotionally, psychically, and spiritually (more so than materially or financially but those should not be set too far aside), there are projects you can undertake that will serve as exercises in faith as to what you can accomplish.

Do you remember in the early days of the Teaching Mission when transcripts were being kept and passed around to other groups, individuals who had not yet received their teacher, and this grass roots effort resulted in well over a hundred teachers coming on-line, opening the door then to thousands of other entities that pour through your mental living room on a regular basis: personal teachers and guides, lesser angels and seraphim, teachers, even entities from high up and far out places in the universe?