2013-06-21-It's a Numbers Game

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Topic: It's a Numbers Game

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22)

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “Let us talk about numbers, sure, and whilst we are about it do away with some misconceptions. Firstly, there is no guarantee that the number 33 (Mathew’s number) has you communicating with a Midwayer Chief. For that matter the number 22, happens to be that of a Chief – me – but it is a coincidence, and certainly it has nothing to do with numerological master numbers. We have no need for these. Chiefs are appointed from within the various groups and the appointments are entirely based upon merit.

“ABC-3 (Beatrice), for instance, is a Chief or Leader of the powerful Churches groups, the third-born of my family, and her absolute genius rightfully places her at the head of her small sub-group. Fine. Now we come to the time-prompt:

“You are correct in presuming that we are very much limited in how far we can go in contacting you without your approval. If you want more than the occasional 11:11 wake-up call, you need to make that clear, preferably out loud, and we might well use 10:10 or 12:12. Still, these are merely further (additional) wake-up calls, and at this point we have not yet begun to earnestly communicate. Only hesitation, or your deep-down belief that you are incapable of hearing us is likely to stop you from connecting with us.

“It is our prime intent to have flowing conversations with you all that are prompted. Only in very few cases it is found that we erred in selecting someone as a potential contact personality. It happens, and then we find that no matter the amount of practice no breakthrough is achieved. For such an individual it is important that he or she receives suggestions and instructions through code, and these codes can be standard and prepared by someone else or individually ‘custom built’. However, you need to inform us of numbers and meanings.

“Let it be understood that some of us – indeed not I – have thousands of human contacts, could potentially deal with an even bigger number, and would hardly be mentally ‘discombobulated’ or throw a tantrum if each of our contacts had a different set of codes.

“That should clear things up in a few mortal minds. Let us now see how we will fare. It’s a numbers game, but let us with priority use meditation to get in touch. Only when all else fails, invent a personal code of meanings which will place you 11:11 light-workers in a position to do good for your siblings, mortal and celestial. This is ABC-22, glad to answer your questions, good to be home. Adieu.”