2013-07-21-It's a Matter of Light and Vibration

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Topic: It's a Matter of Light and Vibration

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Universal Voice

TR: Chris



Universal Voice: “There is a purposeful process to the slow and gradual phases of becoming perfected. To become ‘god-like’ involves much more than just the acquisition of knowledge and progressive experience, for it is also a matter of light and vibration. All things, animate and inanimate, consist of light and vibration at the subatomic level. Therefore, because the Infinite Creator is the Source of all things, beings, matter, and energy, He must also be infinitely bright and of the highest vibrational frequency that is infinitely increasing. No created thing could exist and vibrate at a higher level than does the Source.

“With this in mind, consider the condition of the creature starting out at the bottom rung of the evolutionary ladder living in a material body on a material world in time and space. Being of the lowest vibration where the sub-atomic particles that make up the human vehicle have slowed to a velocity where they are near solid, renders this form of life incapable in its current condition, from standing in the presence of a Creator who is infinitely bright, and infinitely increasing in vibrational frequency and energy. No creature in this imperfect condition could approach the intensity of the Infinite God. Our consciousness must therefore also be qualified by its condition in relation to the consciousness of the Creator.

“Consciousness must always make use of a vehicle to interface with its environment whether it is slow and dense or it is fast and light; material or spiritual, respectively. With this in mind, an assumption can be made that if consciousness were to evolve or to become ‘enlightened’ to a high enough level, it would reach a critical mass-like point where it could no longer be contained in a vehicle (body) of lower vibrational stasis and would thus transform or transition to another form. The human body was designed to interface consciousness within a limited range or tolerance to experience life in an environment (realm) of similar vibration.

“There must be a gradual ‘up-stepping’ of both the vehicle and the consciousness of the creature before it arrives at the doorstep of the Creator’s abode where the creature may stand in finality of relative perfection. The Creator calls us to ‘be perfect, as I AM perfect.’ This ‘calling’ sets up a tension within us to seek out those perfecting experiences that will bring us ‘home’ and in the presence of the Infinite Creator.

“There is no magic spell, invocation, prayer, lifestyle, practice, or allegiance to creed, which can transform a human soul from its state of imperfection to a state of relative perfection by merely shedding the material vessel and passing on into the hereafter. All must ascend through the progressive levels of creation; learning, growing, becoming, experiencing; developing their consciousness and raising their vibrational signatures until that time where they can approach the intensity of the Infinite God. Yet will each soul ascend at its own pace; on its own unique path; and in its readiness to embrace the higher meanings and values required to pass from their present vibrational state to a progressively higher vibrational state. This is universal law.



“We are One.”