2013-07-30-Children Are the Angels of the World

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Topic: Children Are the Angels of the World

Group: School of Light and Life


Teacher: Celestial Teacher Welmek

TR: Mark Hall



This is your friend and teacher Welmek. Greetings to all!


Little children are the angels of the world as they reflect back to us the love and light that so fills them when they are allowed to live with love unconditionally. They give it back so wholeheartedly with great joy and exuberance, and loving to be kind and generous to everyone in their environment. They are the delight of all people in the heavens and on earth too who are open to their special ways of love and light. They have great needs for unconditional love and discipline and wisdom, that if conveyed to them in the discipline that they receive in the way of encouragement to be about their business of learning to play and socialize and have fun. weighing

So many times as we grow older we forget about these most important things of playing, having fun, and really enjoying life. It becomes so serious with all of the obstacles and the things that as adults we must face in our lives. So it is with great pleasure that we can look upon the little children as they play and have fun and learn from them, the great joy and exuberance, the great way that they show us how to be here now in the moment without fretting or being concerned about what is coming next, and how to achieve or do this or that. Children are the greatest examples of delight and pleasure in living their lives in each moment fully alive to what is available to them to enjoy. Indeed, the point of being a parent is to love unconditionally as our Divine Father loves us.

So with that in mind, it is always in our best interest to give little children exactly what the Divine Father has given us—by deeply understanding them, being available to them, enjoying them, and giving them what they need. In turn, their loyalty and there goodwill to us and to all is readily available and is understood by those that will open their eyes and ears and open themselves to it.

How wonderful it is to observe you as little children; that is, as you grow in child-like faith, and you grow in learning to transmit, as you grow in learning to do the Will of the Divine Father. We are all like little children in that we all have more and more to learn in respect to love and understanding the will of the Father, in living our lives completely and totally given over to the moment of doing the Will of the Divine Father–living in the present time without thinking about what’s coming next, or what are we to do, but just simply living as we are given the things that we need to be doing, and as we learn to ask our inner spirit and our celestial guides for help as needed.

Little children are the best examples of how it is to be in relation with our Father in heaven. They are indeed some of the most wonderful blessings that we can have. It is always great to be able to be like a little child—to observe them, to play with them, to have fun, and most of all to know that we ourselves are growing as we are able to enter into this kind of relationship with little children


Bless you all as you grow like a child in faith and trust in the universe and in doing the will of the Divine. We love you and we will be with you more and more.