2013-08-10-Eternally Optimistic

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Topic: Eternally Optimistic

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thuroc the Entertainer

TR: George Barnard



Thuroc: “Greetings precious ones from both me, myself and I and my dear consort, Rihte. It is I, Thuroc the Entertainer. I come from halfway across the world to be with you. Cautiously I have first thrown my hat into the ring to see you pick it up and shelve it. What is that you say? This is not a hat, but a dunce cap? Admittedly I am the odd card in the pack, the black sheep of a family of lilly-whites and ever so pleasant woolly ones that bring you sweet messages.

“Not always from me do you hear the lovey-dovey words of, ‘yes, you are doing well, my dear human brothers and sisters’, and ‘a bright golden-paved road stretches out before you’. Is it not true that so very like what constitutes your species behaviour, you will live as much as you can the hard way, almost each of you to a man, or woman? For the entertainment I provide, especially that for my Midwayer colleagues and others, I study your politicians… yes, closely.

“And could it be that due to my rather manic personality that I, at times unexpectedly, begin to suddenly feel somewhat depressed about some of these leaders of men deciding that their countries’ resources are buried in other nations’ lands? That human rights must be upheld in only the weakest of nations? That integrity must be expected from those in far-off lands, but wicked lies be acclaimed and truth be despised at home? I don’t consider such to be legitimate!

“Today there are classes of people that are greatly more equal than are others… supposedly… and here I speak on behalf of all of the 1984 (Secondary Midwayers), to tell you that for now you are still free to think. Soon, however, nothing may be yours except a few cubic centimetres inside your skull. Did the 1984 know George Orwell? You might ask. Of course, we all knew him, and he certainly knew some of us to be by his side as he projected mankind’s future.”

“Well now, here you have a clearer picture of the two sides of Thuroc the Entertainer, perhaps a better idea of your western civilization now lacking any true form of democracy, anywhere. Soon you will awaken to the sad knowledge that your children’s children will be held in involuntary servitude to those who call themselves the elite, but who will hardly refrain from theft and torture, and whose minds do not conceive of fair living for the common masses of this world.

“I know that in the end the indomitable force which is mankind’s drive for fairness and equality will win out, never to be repressed again. I am eternally optimistic in this Correcting Time. I am Thuroc the Entertainer, and I say good day, my white-bearded old friend.”

George: “Thank you for being straight with us, my ever-young-looking joker.”


Thuroc here quoted George Orwell more than once, and also suggested there to have been an association between the famed writer and the Urantia Midwayers. Other Midwayers some years ago also made claims of such an association.