2013-08-31-New Era Conversations 7

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Topic: Syria, the Decline

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Charles

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator: Michael Mc Cray


Prayer: Heavenly Father, Michael, Nebadonia, we come to you again asking for another session with a representative of the Triumvirate. Truth is a commodity that is in short supply here right now, we ask for your help discerning it. Thank you. Amen.


CHARLES: Good morning, this is Charles. It is good to be with you once more. We do not have an agenda for you, but would be willing to entertain any questions that you have to help clarify what needs to be clearer.

  • The situation in Syria

MMc: Is the upcoming military action in Syria a potential for World War III as one of the events that you said we should be looking for?

CHARLES: It will not be a World War III situation at all, but it will involve the whole world. The persistent use of the word “war,” is over-worn, it is misused. It is outdated and does not portray an accurate picture of what is happening in your world. Although this will not develop into a World War, it will have all the repercussions of a World War, both with the disruption of societies, economies, political stability and social stability throughout most nations.

MMc: I have only a few questions for you today. I’m hoping that you can enlighten our readers and me on what is a confusing situation for us. Are there certain political agendas at work in our Administration, being dead-set on military action in Syria? If so, what are they?

  • The destiny of the Americas

CHARLES: There always exists within any political realm, any governmental situation of national scope, multiple agendas and oftentimes conflicting agendas. I will cut through those to tell you about the over-riding historic agenda of this nation: It is part of its destiny. This nation and these continents of North, Central and South America are continents of destiny. What is occurring, what has occurred with the deaths of those individuals from gas attack, from the government of these people—in other words, a government that attacks its own people—is immoral. It is the antithesis of moral civilization; it is the antithesis of the three core values of social sustainability.

  • The upholder of moral action on a global scale

The agenda for this nation now is for it to be the sole evident moral upholder of global morality, meaning that while many abhor war, as all rational individuals should, there is a necessity, however, to compensate or react to immoral behavior on the part of nations and their governments. You have seen, have heard that the United States takes on the role of the world’s policeman. This is a skewed interpretation of a moral upholder—an upholder of moral action on a global scale—this is part of the destiny for this nation and this continent. There will always be those who choose peace, which is the desirable course, but when you are peaceful among wolves, the lambs are always eaten. Morality of sustainability requires that those who would perpetuate socially unsustainable and immoral acts must be, not punished, but eliminated. Punishment has a perspective of rectitude of wrongs and this is not the case here. It is simply that a non-socially sustainable and immoral regime must be eliminated.

Further, the course of destiny of the North, Central and South American continents is by example. The example we wish to generate is not as a socially sustainable moral policeman, but more importantly that of a socially sustainable moral example — an example that devises sustainable, democratic processes for the many nations of these two continents. In a socially sustainable world, there is a necessity for examples that demonstrate social sustainability that other nations and communities and societies can emulate. On the other hand, there is a necessity for diminishing influences that are detrimental to social sustainability. Social sustainability is a two-edged sword that nations must wield into the future in order to remain independent and eventually cohesive. And when we say, “cohesive,” we mean cohesive based on the fundamentals of social sustainability, for social sustainability will, in the end, result in a holism of nations—not only a community of nations, but the holistic nature of one nation whose traits and values and characteristics become indigenous to every nation. It is much like the United States: It is composed of 50 semi-independent nations, so to speak, but you all get along based on commonalities, and so in the future, the commonalities of a global community is based on the commonalities of social sustainability.

  • The Syrian government is morally corrupt

MMc: So, you are telling us that the government in Syria has gassed its own people? (Charles: Yes.) Eliminated?

CHARLES: This regime is socially unsustainably corrupt from the father to the sons, who periodically have killed large numbers of their own people for their own political reasons. This is the antithesis of social sustainability. We wish to simply state that this regime that has lasted now into its second generation is universally, morally corrupt.

In the evolution of social development on Urantia there is still primitiveness in the development and evolution of socially sustainable group of nations. Social sustainability can only be expressed by nations that are rational. Social evolution goes through developments and stages—it evolves from war-like nations, as you see on your world, to nations that are united and at peace with commonalities that support each other. Progress that is made from the different stages in the beginning is often quite violent and highly destructive. The situation you see in the Middle East is violent, very destructive and if the intentions are correct and we can be of influence to that area, then they will become socially sustainable, developing, evolving societies.

Do you understand?

MMc: Yes, I believe I do.

  • Bringing about peace on a primitive planet like Urantia

CHARLES: We are not saying that we accept violence and such as a method of universe administration—not at all—but rather on worlds such as your own, which are so primitive, there is almost no means short of the “fiat,” a miracle by the Creator, to bring about peace, other than nations rising up against those extraordinarily sadistic nations to correct them. And, to correct them often means eliminating their political leaders and bringing movement ahead towards peace. Your world is so primitive that violence is the only rational means to bring about the peace in these areas. It is not that we approve of it, but that it is condoned as necessary, given the primitive nature of your world. Failing to do this on your part would mean that you condone or even appreciate the violence that is done within nations upon their own people, and that is an abhorrent situation.

We do not support violence; we will be there when the pieces fall to help everyone put it back together again. Do you clearly understand our position regarding the violence being done by the dictators and by your nation?

MMc: Yes, I believe so. It seems that the violence that we are about to inflict, or will inflict upon that government is necessary to bring it into some kind of moral line to force them to the realization that moral beings do not kill their own people.


  • The unraveling of societies and economies

We may speak further that this is a later step of the “unraveling” that is spoken about by Strauss and Howe, in their book, “The Fourth Turning.” This is the developed stage of unraveling that will support the unraveling of other societies and economies. There is not any one particular or peculiar event that one can point to that can be identified as moving the turning from unraveling to chaos, but you are in the middle state now where it will advance very rapidly into chaos. You must realize that in the background there are other movements that have been suppressed, and when we say, “movements,” we mean economic and health movements—health as in pandemics and so on. Eventually the economic breakdown of the world will prevent the containment of pandemics that will then spread uncontrollably, much as you have seen the “Rim Fire” in California that began as a lightening strike and then moved rapidly to engulf many square miles of land to the point where it became uncontrollable. This is a similar situation with the pandemic—pandemics—that will develop in the future. There will be holding actions to prevent it from further expanding, but it will expand.

  • A moral responsibility to be part of the reconstruction

We make you aware of these things because it is necessary that you have individuals who are aware and who do not panic, even in the face of tremendous disruptive actions in the world and in their personal lives. It is to hold a perspective, to keep one’s head, so to speak, intact and in place so that you can be part of the reconstruction of your societies and communities. For us to deliver the fundamentals and operations and training necessary to build socially sustainable societies, the development training was begun long ago, knowing what lies ahead. People who are reading these words and hearing these words, you will have a moral responsibility to come forward in your communities and your societies in support of the three core values of social sustainability, and these values should be incorporated into all your organizational policies and values and operations, that they be incorporated to provide a standard of performance for every social organization, whether it is economic, political or social. Through these words, become partners with us. We know that many of you are unbelieving and unaccepting of your situation in the world, but nonetheless, it will become so obvious and so self-evident of what is needed, that you will eventually come to support these three values that have helped your species thrive and have helped it to become sustainable over the last 40-50 thousand years.

MMc: So, what you are telling us is that the situation with Syria, possible military intervention in Syria is but one link in a chain reaction? That it will accelerate the global financial collapse, and then the global financial collapse will release the pandemics that the CDC and others have been able to squelch because of their intervention in areas where these potential epidemics begin? [Note: The CDC and WHO have teams that monitor parts of the world, mainly Asia and Africa, for illnesses that can be spread person to person. They work on eliminating these where they begin. A part of this ends up in the flu shots we see each year. They also work with the government there to quarantine the more serious infections.]

  • The vectors of spreading disease

CHARLES: Yes. You have discovered that the vector that has spread the MERS in Saudi Arabia was not camels, but bats, and you know that bats travel through the air very rapidly and operate mostly at night, therefore, their invasion, the spread of this disease, which will lead to an even more highly virulent virus, is done easily and quickly without many peoples’ awareness. Birds or bats travel long distances quite easily, almost undetectably.

MMc: Bats hide out during the day, basically to be undetectable.

  • The decline of societies will be very rapid

CHARLES: It is amazing to those of you who become aware of these cycles in your society that it takes many decades and centuries for the growth and development of a society, over the lifetimes of many people who, as yourselves, become complacent about the growth and the appearance of stability. The upward curve is very slow, but the downward curve is very rapid and can take place within weeks and months, and they almost always occur in less than a year. With the human population so large as it is, occupying so much of the planet, the decline of your societies and their stability will be most rapid. In centuries past, when the methods of communication were slow, it took years and even many years for the decline to be in place, but nonetheless, it was still in perspective to the ramping up and the benevolence of growth, very rapid in comparison. So, you will see here on your planet that you will have high times for years and in three months, you will have the despair of all humanity evident.

MMc: You said within a few months?

CHARLES: Within a few months of the initiation of the decline. I did not say in a few months from this moment or from any specific date. A few months, relative to the initiation of the decline.

MMc: Very good.

  • The majority of people worldwide are unprepared

CHARLES: What will be so shocking to many people is that they will be taken unawares; they will have no appreciation of that. This one recently spoke to two highly educated individuals about social sustainability and the rationale for developing socially sustainable practices, and they were oblivious to the potential of the decline of their civilization. They were thinking that the ups and downs of the stock market and of the economic stability, and even the political/military stability of the world was something just contingent upon the moment, something that could be rectified with negotiation or with some temporary police action. They had no thought or awareness of the global interactive nature of nations and societies and economies that could react so quickly to each other in a negative fashion. So, you see, even those who are well read, well educated, well cultured and aware of history still seem oblivious to the potential of global disaster that can occur within weeks and months. This says that the vast, vast majority of people worldwide are unprepared for what is to come.

MMc: Yes, I understand.

I must ask you to clear up something for us: Some of us blame the ultra-rich elite for orchestrating the global economic collapse. Is that the case?

CHARLES: No, this is not the case. Those ultra-rich are in that position through their own prowess and knowledge and capacity and experience of manipulating markets and knowing how to increase their wealth. They will be equally victimized by what is to occur as anyone else. What so validates this perspective is that they are also victims of the contemporary paradigm of “winner takes all.” They have to be in the top 10% of the 1%, who are ultra-rich, yet their wealth has not helped them improve their own forecast or their own capacity to perceive a new paradigm of economies that must take place in order to finally stop the cycles of the rich and the poor, the ultra-rich and the ultra-poor, and the crash and burns of economies over and over again throughout history.

  • The need for new paradigms in politics and economics

What is needed now is a new paradigm for political process and economic process, one that removes the ultra-rich and the ultra-poor. This cannot take place until there has been a vast decimation of your population, as there are far too many people. When you have tremendous aggregations of population, you have incredible disparity between the top and the bottom. Such large numbers allow the ultra-rich to become ultra-ultra-rich, and those who are ultra-poor to become even more poor, to live upon the scraps that they find in the street. This is incredibly despicable and demeaning to the human spirit. The finding is that these individuals, whether in the top 1000th of 1%, or the bottom 1000th of 1%, have come to accept their situation as “the way it is,” and they continue to live that way without questioning it. What is remarkable, my friend, is that the ultra-rich are just as incapable in the paradigms of their lives, as the middle class. The ultra-rich are unable to escape the paradigm of what they live in as are the ultra-poor. They think the ultra-poor cannot change their situation because they have no money. That is true in part, but is also part of a belief system that this is part of their life and this is what they live in. If you were in India, they would accept this as part of their caste, both for the ultra-rich and the ultra-poor. These people are incapable of changing the paradigm of those economies. It is remarkable, is it not? (MMc: It is.)

  • The purpose and intentions of the Triumvirate

The intention the Triumvirate has set for the Correcting Time and its programs and missions is to change the paradigm of social existence on Urantia to one that is friendly to the spiritual development of Urantians. The concepts and values of social sustainability create a level playing ground upon which all can come out ahead without there being an ultra-rich or an ultra-poor, that the educational training processes of these programs involving social sustainability are to train individuals not to accept the status quo of the old paradigm, but to accept the process of living socially sustainably on equal par with others, where you are given equal value as anyone else. Whether you are rich or poor, you are seen as a social asset to society whose quality and value can be improved with training and through education and opportunities to develop your potential to grow, to improve your quality of life. It is time now to stop the cyclical nature of social ups and downs, of economic ups and downs that have been charted out by Strauss and Howe. This cyclicity is evidence of an outmoded, outworn, antiquarian economy of societies and of money and commerce, and of political development. It is our intention to bring this cyclical nature to a close during these highly climactic events and developments. Now is the time to bring about a new paradigm where every one’s ego and their smug status quo elitism are shattered.

MMc: Thank you. What you are telling us is that most of us are naïve to this situation that we are now entering? The mainstream media is not reporting on this because they don’t realize it’s happening.

  • The lack of planetary management perspective by societies

CHARLES: Yes, there are those in the higher echelons of governments and economies who are fully aware of the foreboding and impending economic collapse, and they are hoarding away their stashes of money and goods and the means to sustain themselves through the times of immense turmoil, but they still do not see the destructive nature of the cyclical process that exists on your world, and do not have a plan for overcoming it other than simply living through the times of despair to get on the other side again and once more amass their wealth and material glory.

What has been missing is a planetary management perspective by societies. Even the League of Nations [in the past], the United Nations and NATO still do not see themselves as managers of a planetary system or of planetary systems. Rather they are self-protective, self-maintaining and strive to maintain position. Through the holism of the three values of social sustainability, this too will change. It is our hope for anticipated developments within your societies, through social sustainability that your leaders—educational, cultural, political, economic leaders—would see that these three values bring about the concept of planetary management. When this begins to enter their consciousness, then the work of Machiventa Melchizedek and his entourage, which includes the midwayers, will be most influential to bring about positive events of a global nature.

  • The sovereignty of “all,” of “oneness"'

Eventually, there will be an abhorrence for the concept of sovereignty, the necessity of separation to maintain self-identity. This creates a highly punitive environment that works against the oneness of all humankind. The sovereignty of “all” is the sovereignty of “oneness,” where there is a sovereignty of humanity that helps support itself to sustain itself across geographic boundaries. It is necessary eventually that political boundaries be dissolved so that you can appreciate yourselves around the world as one. The idealism that is in the lyrics and melodies of oneness are not premature, but very timely, that there is an identity with your world community. You have heard songs that “We are one,” “We are the world,” “We are the community of one.” These things will become real as there becomes an identity with the union of all humanity. You just simply live in geographic different places.

  • Who or what brought us to this precipice?

MMc: I believe that you have answered this question already, but I ask it simply because I want you to put the answer in one place so no one can miss it. Who or what is at fault in bringing us to this precipice?

CHARLES: It is not a “who” or “what” answer; it is simply the way that your humanity has evolved and developed. It is inherent in the paradigm of your societies, your cultures, your economies, and your nationalisms. It is a situation of social progress that has led you to this dead end. It is not one person, it is all of you; it is not one regime, but really the regime of human consciousness that has failed to develop to include the one of all of you. Everyone is a victim and everyone is at fault. Until this is realized there will not be the general emphasis or energy or interest to bridge the separation to enter into a new social paradigm. The “who” and the “what” is personal identity, national identity, selfishness, which expresses a selfishness and “we-isms”—”us” against the whole, “we” against the whole, that is so widespread.

  • Innate commonalities—the three core values

Your religions have been of no use or benefit either. Exclusiveness of the Protestants and the Catholics, as you have seen in Ireland, is the same as the Sunni and the Shiites in the Middle East; the smugness that “we are better than you,” and it has to do with the egoism of individuals, of nations. Everyone will soon realize that everyone suffers; everyone will lose, everyone will have lost, and that there must be a new way. The only possible means by which you can develop that is to find your universal innate commonalities. This is why we have taught you the three core values of social sustainability. These three values are the glue of all humanity; it is the glue of your species, no matter what color, what race, what nationality, what ethnic group, what religion. You all have these in common. When these begin to be applied to all your social processes, social policies and social organizations, then you will see that this oneness is a commonality that brings you all together. When you prosper, then others prosper because you see them as equal, you want them to be equal, you need to have them equal, because when there is not equality, there is separation; and when there is separation then there is isolation. Isolation brings about a necessity to become one, even if it means fighting another person to eliminate them. You have an innate desire to be one, and you have chosen the most primitive means of striving to achieve that and it is through eliminating the opposition, which is incredibly naïve; incredibly primitive and incredibly ironic and destructive.

MMc: Roxanne, do you have any questions?

  • A question on the decrease of population

Roxie: Yes, I have one. Charles, I feel a conflict within myself towards such deaths that occur through military action, versus the need for our population to decrease. Whether by conflict or disease, I feel that the decimation needs to happen. My conflict is that there isn’t a means to decrease our population by only the deaths of the undesirables that preserves the higher-minded people. Would you address this, please?

CHARLES: Yes. The means by which you have in mind is arbitrary, you sense that there is a rational means by which humans can choose who is eliminated and who is not, but no one of you in your seven billion individuals has that wisdom. Therefore, the means of eliminating those who are undesirable must not be arbitrary, but must be universal, and will apply as well to those who are as intelligent and rational and evolved as those who are not. It is the only means by which a rational, egalitarian method of applying this through values of social sustainability can be developed. If those who would be saved knew in advance that they would be saved, then they would become a “chosen people,” and we have seen how difficult that can be whether they are elitists, whether they are a nationality, whether they are a culture, or a religion.

Yes, you have striven to see through this problem, but the problem is human made to begin with. Therefore, the means of thinning the population of earth will be done by an egalitarian means that is unconscious of its own existence in the decimation. Pathogens do not care whether the victim is rich or poor, only that carriers assist in the development of their vectors of becoming more widespread. In the development of the viruses the most effective vectors are those carriers that seemingly, but unconsciously, helped assist the virus to make it more widespread and successful in its contamination. This is done through birds and through bats—not through worms or grubs or beetles. We wish you to be at peace with this; it is a mind, an intellectualism that has no right answers, dear. The linear logic of your lab techniques do not apply to a human society. The same was tried by Hitler in striving to raise his Aryan race, and this is demonstrably unfair and vicious when taken to the extreme. Therefore, there must be the creation of a new paradigm that consciously and intentionally comes out of the objective wreckage of your human societies and global population. As human societies have not evolved to apply planetary management practices for the benefit of all, the Triumvirate has chosen this time in human history to apply it through the co-creative practices being developed in the Correcting Time Program.

We, the Triumvirate, the hierarchy of light in Nebadon, have not espoused a means by which this selection process is done through the mind of man. Pathogens that have developed on your world have developed naturally through their own evolution. This was not done through any machination of Christ Michael or his hierarchy of light. There has been no overt or subjective means by which Christ Michael has tended to its dissemination on your world. This is simply the result of over-population, of over-productivity and thoughtlessly by billions of individuals, so that now you have far too many people on your world. We are seeing a world whose natural processes are about to run their course. Now will the work of Christ Michael in the Correcting Time begin to apply itself to those people who receive those principles of survival and sustainability, where they can thrive, grow and become greater in all aspects of their lives. Your question is very poignant; the answer is probably disappointing to many of you, but in the realm of planetary management, this is how it is done.

What you are seeing on your world are the worst-case scenarios that precede the days of light and life, of social settlement, social stability and social sustainability. The history that is being written about your world on the walls of history in Salvington are desperate and sad. What is portrayed amongst that is the heroism of right thinking, of high values, of high living in the principles—as you can understand them—of morontia mota. You see individuals who are living those values out as they are able to understand them with limitations of their minds and the capacities of their society to receive them. There are true spiritual, moral heroes on your planet at this time and it is through these individuals that the seeds of light will be planted among those who are willing to receive them. The way is not clear to you; it has only recently become very clear to us of what is to become, and we give thanks for those who are among you, who are morally courageous and morally willing to receive that which is of the light.

Roxie: Thank you, Charles. I don’t have any other questions at this time.

CHARLES: Do you have any comment?

Roxie: No, I’ll work on what you have said and see how that settles with me. Thank you.

MMc: I wish to thank you, Charles for your enlightening us in this session. Would you like to say anything more in closing?

CHARLES: You are most welcome. No, we have made our point—we hope. We also hope as well that through the ramblings that were recorded here that this can become a very powerful and poignant lesson for our readers and listeners. Thank you.


  • Closing remarks

We wish you a good day and a good life. You are noticing that many are crossing over, usually those that have harvested the greatest amount of wisdom that they can during their lifetimes. You will see more and more of the elderly making their exits in a timely fashion. Those who hang on and remain are really more a part of the problem on Urantia than the solutions. We truly do hope that there will become a genre of study called “planetary management.” Of course, it will not make much sense if it is done through the peculiar nationalities in their national interests, as true planetary management must include only those things that bring about union, those things that are common to all people, those things which are universal to all humankind, and then applied to your social institutions so that they can become more sustainable into the long-term. We wish you a good day. Know that you are blessed during times of great travail and during times of great joy. The Father’s love is equal for everyone, the opportunity for growth is provided to everyone. It is to you to redefine how you see your world, to reframe your lives in terms of new dimensions, rather than the old paradigm and the limited dimensions. Good day.