2013-09-04-Those Who Know

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Topic: Those Who Know

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Tomas

TR: Gerdean



Prayer: Father God, thank you for being in our space, and for our being in your space. Thank you for the fraternity that we share here among friends and with our spirit companions as well. Thank you for the uplifting afternoon. If there is something we would benefit to know or receive or think about, we welcome any who would want to minister to us as they pass by. Thank you. Amen.

MERIUM: Good afternoon, children. I am so glad to be here, to see you again, Elena and Phyllis. Nice to meet you, David. I have a hunch you have another name but we’ll go with David for now. It’s a good strong manly name. Phyllis too is yet to be identified, but these are not pressing issues. Funny, though, how it is that you adapt to your identity once you have its nomenclature. Well, what have we on for the afternoon? There are in fact a number of us in attendance. It being your day to reach up, we availed ourselves. I find the air is fresh enough that I need not stir it, thus -- your being comfortable – let us see if perhaps Tomas will visit and say hello. I’ll be around.

TOMAS: Greetings. I am Tomas, your teacher, your friend and associate in these matters of mind expansion and philosophic frolic.


There has been already this afternoon so much discussed, you have already absorbed so much, I am reluctant to put forth much more for you to assimilate. How about we simply experience the gift of the spirit that we each know -- that aspect of mind which abridges the divine, that superconscious realm which is the portal between your world and mine? Such a pinnacle of consciousness is not often reached, is not often accessible to those of you who are so busy or preoccupied by the concerns of the world -- and they are many, and they are compelling.

I know you have wondered “What’s going on in the world?” and “Where are the most highs? How are they faring in these tumultuous times? Are we winning the battle or not?” And I would say to you that we are winning … we who have been able to transcend the arena where you do battle with swords, even with words, and beyond the area where you battle your own self for faith against doubt. That is the one battle that you need to heed, the battle against doubt.

“Against what kind of doubt?” you say. Doubt that I do not exist; that we do not exist; that we are not overseen and cared for; that we are at loose ends and at odds with reason and destiny. For there is a plan! There is an undertaking, an intelligent design. You can see it from here, from this moment. We can enjoy this perfect pattern, poised in relative perfection -- awaiting the opportunity to act, allowing the moment to come, trusting we will be led to know, to say, to do, to be that which is perfect poise, perfect pitch. Rejoice in the knowing.

There are those who believe, there are those who have faith, and there are those who know. I know that you know. And so I will not lecture, but merely visit. How are you?


Elena: Just so glad to be with you again, Tomas. Thank you so much for your presence and your encouraging words.

TOMAS: Your presence has modified considerably since our last encounter, daughter. Elena: How so? TOMAS: Your retirement— Elena: Oh! TOMAS: -- compliments you. Elena: Thank you. I am much happier.

TOMAS: Of course! Even when you do what you love to do, doing it incessantly or consistently over a long period of time and within a framework that is not your own, will have an effect – sometimes deleterious to your own well-being. You have had the good sense to be mindful of your limits but, as with many conscientious workers, you have worn yourself thin. It is good now to see you calm and robust.

Elena: I do feel that way, although sometimes I think I am not doing enough, so …. I don’t know about that, but it feels good, so I have to believe I’m on the right track here.

TOMAS: Definitely. That sense that you are not doing enough is a common lament among men and women who seek to do the divine will and find that fulfillment in their soul. It is the incessant drive for perfection calling. Don’t let it deprive you of your enjoyment of your moment.

Elena: Thank you.

TOMAS: When the time is right, the work will be presented and I know that you will rise to the occasion. You will hear the sound of the Master’s voice.

Elena: Your words are very touching. Thank you.

TOMAS: It is my pleasure to spend time with you again. I will simply say that this is one of the perks of an eternal life. We are always glad to spend time with each other, even after many long distances and times.

Elena: Well, consider yourself hugged, Tomas.

TOMAS: I feel blessed. It is because we have learned to love one another. This comes from spending time together.

Elena: Yes.

TOMAS: This is what the Father asks of us -- that we spend time with Him in conscious contact, as I know you all do in your own way. Are there questions?

David: [Inaudible]

TOMAS: Your attitude is received as gratitude. Even if you are not certain where to direct your words, assuredly the universe hears you and takes appropriate note of your joy. This attitude reflects a soul eager to serve, and what greater gift can one give his or her benefactors and/or mentors than a willingness to pay heed. However, in mortal terms, at least, there seems to be a place for acknowledgement, of appreciation, of dedication, of duty and so forth, which certifies your intent, which cements your resolve, which secures your assertion that you are made glad by life itself unfolding.

You present a testimony of faith and in exchange for which you will receive gifts of the divine spirit, which will broaden your possibilities, enlarge your opportunities, and enhance your efforts. And so we grow. We all grow –together – as a result of each of us growing individually, as if we were a living organism – parts of the whole.

Consider there will be new beginnings eternally. There really is no ending. You may know closure at the end of an era, but it is not over; it is simply a continuance. All that is good, true and beautiful will come with you into tomorrow, into tomorrow’s new paradigm, new adventure, new saga.


I am glad to have made this moment known by being in it with you. Registered and recorded now forever, we can build on it. Amen and farewell.