2013-10-03-This is a Training Field

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Topic: This is a Training Field

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Midwayer Jack, Teacher Tomas, Machiventa Melchizedek

TR: Gerdean



Prayer: Good evening, Father God and Mother Spirit. This is Gerdean and a passel of Your children who have gathered together and seek Your solace, Your guidance, Your blessing and Your company. Sometimes just being together is sufficient to ease our pain and answer our many questions. Love is the answer. So when we can manifest divine affection, all is well. Let us be continual fonts of divine affection, even as sometimes we have to rise above the fray and ruffle our feathers a bit in distress of some of the things we discover going on in Your kingdom. If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t even notice. Help us learn to discern how to comport ourselves in our path and do that which would be pleasing in Your eyes. Send us some counsel this evening through Your Teachers, through the many agents that serve Your divine character, that we might learn from them more of You and Your divine nature, thus making our own lives more meaningful and more useful to You, dear God. Amen.

0802-AB JACK here, coming in for the introductory focus and centering commentary, just to get the gears oiled up. I will jabber on a bit then about the things that take your attention off the divine path, those things that concern you, such as “shutting down the government” and the shooting in Washington DC today. Of course, there are thousands of social and political events around the world that divide and conquer, destroy and condemn, distract and destroy … all stepping stones to a greater reality, a higher path. Just watch out for the land mines.

We have a number of visiting entities here this evening. I don’t know who to call upon. There is no real thread jumping out to be addressed. Perhaps under the circumstances we could take a moment to check our list, check it twice, to see where some extra attention might be warranted. Everyone is getting older, getting wiser (Check; check). More and more are being introduced to their higher consciousness (Double Check). Well, I don’t see any reason for me to be here. It seems that God has everything under control. Perhaps one of these Teachers will come out and amuse us. I will remain in the wings, in any case.

I see Tomas coming forth. One moment, please.


Teaching Mission

TOMAS: Good evening, my friends. This is Tomas your teacher. One of the few teachers still vocal in this Corps of Teachers that became vocal 20 years ago, taking the Urantia movement by spiritual assault. Since that time the message of Stillness has gotten out to the world. The consciousness of cosmic contact has become a household word, hither and yon. An amazing amount of people have grown in spiritual consciousness and intellectual insight since we arrived. There are many teachers still at work , diligently working with the mortals of the realm, working intimately in the minds of those mortals who wish to be enlightened and edified, whether through the Urantia Papers or any other number of venues of spirituality that can and may and do serve, to enlarge the fledgling religionist.

Fifty years ago on this world it was rare to hear people talk about spirit matters at all. It was not socially acceptable to discuss religion, and the topics of God or Jesus or personal religious experience were considered inappropriate discussions, and now it is everywhere – and it is on the increase! Just because you don’t hear overtly from the Teacher Corps as you once did, just because those many groups have assimilated the message and moved on, does not mean that we have gone away or that we have failed in any way. It is a mere extension of the words of Ham so many years ago when he said “Welcome to Change”.

Today it is difficult even to look at the field of politics without inserting the concept of God consciousness and there are two front runners in that discourse. The fundamentalist Taliban on one hand, including fundamentalist Christians, and the up-stepped interpretation of the legacy of the Lucifer rebellion upon the land, the Illuminati, that rule so much of the world today. Both of those religious themes -- far right and far left -- have a strong hold on the collective conscious-ness of humanity. Fear underlines both of them, but fear is such an integral part of the human consciousness, it is hard to get away from it. We have had to learn to work around it, and in some cases with it, to get the work done, to bring about the necessary mastery over those things that hold you back, that hold humanity back from its rightful place in the sun. (sic)

Correcting Time

Setting the spiritual captives free is not something alone for Jesus to do, it is the work of his followers as well, and certainly has been the work of we in the Teacher Corps. To a great extent now the focus has switched over to Correcting Time matters, more material and political than the purely spiritual programming we brought/ we sought to instill. But we brought a foundation, and when you have built a strong foundation, your subsequent efforts then stand a better chance of succeeding. And so I say to you our work is not finished, that every time you go out to do battle, every time you go out to extend the spirit of truth into chaos, into evil, into the Lucifer legacy -- however it is being manifested -- you need to come back to your foundations; spend time in stillness; renew yourself in pure spirit; be cleansed from the process; renewed and strengthened to then go back out where you may be led to serve.

This foundation can be assumed but it is not to be overlooked. It is too easy for mortals and other lesser beings to be swayed by the drama of the realm in which you work, much as Caligastia was swayed, and his following, and under whose influence you are still operating. This next surge, this next epochal effort of the Correcting Time is going to take many years, even a thousand years, to rectify the wrongs that run so deep and upon which so much of your global infrastructure is placed. But mistake not, we are embarked upon the process of correcting Urantia. Those of you who have engaged yourselves seriously in the process of becoming spirit-born and God-led through the auspices of the Teachers, know that personal correction involves returning to the root of the error, of the sin, of the mistake, of the dis-ease … returning to that point wherein you made the ignoble choice, where you made a lesser choice, returning to that place and righting the wrong.

This is done in your psyche. And it affects your soul. Once that has been set into play, into action, your soul begins to rectify your distortions, your continued embrace of the right thing, the right stuff. The right path gains impetus, provides strength, invigorates, enthuses, and instills you with the spirit energy, even power to come away from that as if healed, as if cured, and ever so much wiser, such that now you are able to assist in the work of helping to heal or cure others. This is the work now at hand on the planet as we return our focus to those errors that were set in motion hundreds of thousands of years ago in order to right this planet, in order to turn it around. This is planetary rehabilitation ongoing, just as you have rehabilitated yourselves by choosing to live in the light instead of in self will. You have been set free, captives set free, and so shall Urantia be set free from the confines of isolation. And the task is monumental. But most worthy, for is this not the shrine of our Creator, Michael of Nebadon, where he died as a man to reveal the Son of God?


This is the business we are in: revealing sons of God to the Father, to each other, to yourselves, no longer lurking in the shadows, no longer hiding in the closet, no longer playing the games of survival, the game of thrones. We know who is “the king” -- our Master, who doesn’t even want to be called a king, but would be our Friend.

Indeed, there are days when the work is quite rugged and Jesus serves better as a friend than as a god. Those days when you need a friend to talk to, to complain to, to whine to, to be angry with, to vent to, just as you would with any mortal friend, to curse and beat the ground, to wave your fist in mortal gestures of frustration. And the spirit will stand by you, commiserate with you, comfort you, console you and align you so that y our can find peace, and in that peace you are prepared, you are renewed to re-enter the fray, understanding that all around you is a legacy of 200,000 years of evil and darkness, ignorance, prejudice, fear, shame, greed, lust, pride and power, ricocheting around like so many electrons, often bouncing off the wall, charging into fences, driving into walls, beating people to a pulp, abducting children, and all manner of dreadful things in their dismay and psychosis.

You are not alone. The Great Friend is with you and we are with you and myriad angels not only watch over you but work with you as you work in the field to uplift a suffering humanity and bring them into the light, the peaceful light of knowing God as Our Father. Some, you may only be able to introduce to a God of power; if they want to miss the fact of his personality, that is something they are going to have to work out for themselves but most assuredly this loving Father s real. And that philosophy is ideal for those of you who value the parent/child relationship, the family aspect. That ideal is sufficient to stimulate any hard-nosed materialist if it is presented even hinted at in ways that they are vulnerable to. So many crusty old fellows are really a softie at heart. Many curmudgeons melt at the sign of a grandchild’s smile. Many things tug on the heartstrings of humanity that open them to refinement of affection, even to the levels of the divine. These tender mercies are so powerful it is no wonder the prophet said “a little child shall lead them.” For it is in the voice and innocence of a child that we are opened, that our hearts melt, and we are moved to embrace that which is true, and good, and beautiful and in that we have embraced God Itself.

Ah, to know more of the divine nature! To embrace it, to be perhaps in awe of it without being in fear of it; to feel close to it and part of it without being overwhelmed by it; to be touched by it and moved by it without being pinioned and rendered dumb. And thus the lessons continue, the words proceed from our mouths as milk and honey, as encouragement toward your righteousness, toward your growing reality, your increasing sanctity, enlarging the capacity of humanity. We are grateful for your cooperation in these efforts no matter how it may be presented or dressed up or promoted. These values are lasting, eternal values, that we all do well to embrace and practice and promote as we pass by. Simply go about doing good.

It has been a pleasure to spend some time with you this evening. I am concluding my remarks now so I will turn the microphone back to emcee midwayer Jack. I will remain if there are questions -- and there are others in the wings who may be appropriately called upon depending upon the feedback we receive from our listeners. Again, thank you for your attention. Amen and farewell.


Student: Thank you, Tomas

JACK: Jack’s back and I’m eager now to see if there is anything from the peanut gallery. Or perhaps I should just say from the gallery. I know you are more than peanuts. I was just trying to make a funny. Sometimes the lessons can be such that you need to be brought back into common consciousness where your mind is able to function in its own right rather than being stilled by the mesmerizing meditation of our mentors on high. So like Merium who comes in and fluffs up the pillows, I come and say silly things like ‘Peanut Gallery’ all in the way of asking if there are any questions. If there are, you know you need to press star six to open the channel between us.


Lee: Yes, I do have a question. I’d like thank you for every … every week when I listen, I always get so inspired to go out and do God’s will and I thank you so much for that. It really is endearing to me that there are so many out there that care about us and I just thank you every week to be able to listen and know that we are cared about, especially living here as mortals.

Okay, now that I am done with that, my question is, you do … You are going to have mortals that are going to be volunteering to stay when Monjoronson comes, and you also have lists of mortals who would also like to be around when Christ returns and that will probably be in 1,000 years or hopefully less but my question is: I understand that the mortals that are here now that want to be with Monjoronson, they need to go through several things, several physical things that need to be put into them so that they can live longer and I’m wondering if that affects a person physically when that happens, and if that’s different for different mortals. I guess that’s my question. Thank you.

JACK: We are having a conference on this side as to how to respond. First, Machiventa Melchizedek would like to speak.

MACHIVENTA: Good evening. I am the Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek. I am coming here in response to the prayer of thanksgiving that was uttered sincerely by this daughter of divinity. It is registered eternally in your record, your gratitude and your humility. Surely you will do great things in the coming ages on high because of the sincerity of your soul. And since I am here to commend you and those of you who sincerely seek to serve, let me say that there will be myriad opportunities in the worlds to come.

The focus on this planet is indeed great, as it is on the other planets that were isolated by quarantine, but there are other fields which need your attention -- fields that need precisely the kind of attention that you have because you have lived here as agondonters. This is a training field. More potent than the military prep schools of your planet, they extend into the universe. You are like the green berets or the young cadets, swat teams with special training, and there are many places throughout the universe that require workers with your experience. Let us not become overly fixated on this planet which, while important yes, is essentially just one of myriad worlds. Even on high you will find it to be true that the workers are few. Here are you. We will send you. Fear not being advanced. That is all.

JACK: This is Jack. Every time I hear the big guns speak, I think “Uh-oh!” and I am reminded of Abraham and his military experience and I wonder how Abraham must have felt when Machiventa Melchizedek appeared to him 4,000 years ago, as you must feel when he appears to us today, with such power.


There was a question, however, about genetics, about the mortals being modified in some way so as to extend their service here. I am not authorized to discuss those kinds of theories. And I believe them to be theories.

Lee: Oh. Thank you.

JACK: Now, along those lines, let me say this about that -- and it sounds like a very big disclaimer of the things that have been said before this evening -- and I do not mean to negate the words of Teacher Tomas or the Planetary Prince -- but this is an experimental world. And I am not privy to how these experiments take place, whether they have all been embedded in the original DNA of humanity, whether they are options to modify as that which occurred with the original Caligastia 100, blending the advanced beings on Jerusem with the DNA of mortals from this world to create the Caligastia 100. I don’t know if that’s in line to be done again or not. I am not privy to that kind of information. But I live here. I have lived here for nearly 38,000 years, and I see no indication of any plan to extend the lives of mortals in order to serve here longer. It is such a vast universe and there are so many ways we are told that we will serve and now Machiventa tells us we are needed elsewhere, so I, like you, will wait and see but I will, with due diligence, do what I can do now here, and the troubles of today are sufficient thereto. We will deal with that when we get to it.


Student: Jack, I had a question about --ABC-22 I guess it was, being the head of the midwayers; they were assembling a temple or a tower in Mariposa. It was mentioned in one of the Flurries. I didn’t know if you knew about that. Are you aware of that?

JACK: No. I am not aware of it. Nor have I been there nor have I been invited. The talk about there being an aperture for coming and going from Mariposa is not new. It is, in fact, an anchor much like Gobekli Tepe, Stonehenge or some of those other amazing places of physical wonder that the human is drawn to , mystified by. It is good to feel appropriately small. And it is also inherent that small people will try to be big; they will invent yarns and sagas, even religions, about that which staggers their imagination so that they can feel they have a handle on it, so that they can feel they are in control of it, because to simply feel small, they find frightening -- even unacceptable.

We midwayers, primary and secondary, have our tasks set out for us. I don’t know what all the other midwayers are doing in their personal assignments but overall I have an idea of what we are all about and by and large I commend my fellows. What we undertake, we do. But I have not been advised of all the undertakings.

Student: I believe that because there are so many things that they are talking about in all these different Flurries and stuff that’s been sent to, I guess, Ron Besser, and they’ve sent quite a bit of their stuff, so much it’s hard to even think about it.

JACK: It is certainly fodder for the imagination. It helps you keep your mind activated, even if only to be amused. It stimulates thought. And stimulating thought, as stimulating study or contemplation, is a good thing. You need not become dedicated to it or devoted to its promulgation just to appreciate its allure, similar to movies, epic movies. Each one has an impact on the people, on the collective consciousness, that stimulates the minds of that time and place. Ben Hur did a great deal to move mankind forward, but look what Lord of the Rings and Avatar have done. And all of these fascinating films prompt consciousness-raising of one sort or another and this is good, but in the end you need to depend upon your own spirit of truth … and, again, realize that we are not finished yet.


I am finished, however. It’s been a full hour and I have been privileged to be here, to serve as liaison and interpreter for your world and that. They have been a joy this evening. We thank you Tomas and Machiventa for your profound messages and I thank you dear listeners for your kind attentions. Later!