2013-10-06-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Light

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: LIGHT

TR: Henry Z.



Light: Greetings this morning, it is I, Light, showing my presence in the request for more light, better light, optimum light, clear white light, here I am, my pleasure to be with you here this morning. I particularly was interested in the analogy brought forth about seeing things in a certain light or more specifically, to be able to see things in the light, when the light has singled something out, not necessarily out of the darkness but singled something out which you are not quite conscious of, to bring it to bear in your consciousness and thinking.

Light is a tremendous phenomenon. Light contains elements which can alter and shift and transform. Light can bring things into view. This is one of the physical aspects of light and on a human level, spiritual analogies to light are quite similar to this physical analogy of light. Light can also shine upon things which are kind of in the background of your consciousness, bringing them forward for your perusal, for your edification. All the while light is intending to bring your awareness to bear upon your present situation, that light may be able to show you a way to deal more effectively and efficiently in a spiritual sense with human situations because this is the intention and purpose of light. It not only illuminates but it heals, it brings everything unto its frequency, its resonance. Light brings things to its command. As a human you can become a light bearer or an anchor for light, a beacon of light.

We have spent many discussions dealing with the healing abilities of light, the expressed intentions of individuals and especially the person being treated, that they are completely conscious and aware of what is going on to express as was expressed today, that they clear the path and come to a place in their own thinking, in their mind, in their willful decision to allow light to proceed forward where humans cannot tread, to take the place of the repetitive ambiguity of the mind to the preciseness, the all encompassing clarity of the moment in which light coalesce in aligning all of the elements properly that they may now move into healing.

In a certain sense, physical abnormalities are sort of like a congestion. Things get slowed down and then they stop and start bumping into each other and you get kind of clogged up. Light realigns the elements that are not moving and it helps them to move forward or to move, not in any one particular direction but just move, to change, to shift. In all of the scenarios, the consistency about aligning your will, about allowing this to happen, about grounding yourself in the belief that these things are truly possible, it is tremendously difficult from your end to understand that all things begin as light and as light extends itself and turns into energy and energy turns into form and matter and form and gets down to the level where you are, you are locked into a physical psychosomatic condition as a human. You don't understand the clarifying principles of light necessarily. It's not on your everyday agenda. You feel things, you think about things that you feel and many of you actually make them worse by your thinking about them and the way that you think about them, your worrying and the way that you hold them.

But light is an intention from the divine universe which is pure and unadulterated. One day you will wake up and have become a fully fledged being of light. This will not happen automatically. It is something that is earned step by step, beginning where you are now, being aware of what light is. There is a certain amount of heat involved with light at your level. It is the practical nature of light, it comes from your sun which is a glowing burning orb. You can feel it when you go outside when it is light. But the light that is in your mind, the light that enlightens is not the same light. Similar qualities, I would say it is my sister, yet divine light is pure reality of God's presence, presence of the Divine, the Divine mandate of perfection and when something is perfect as Divine light is, it is incorruptible. This is why the qualities of Divine light are the same in Paradise as they are on Urantia.

The amount of light is different but your world is growing into the light more and more every day and it is tremendously helpful to have groups such as yours who are intent and willful to accommodate and utilize the light in creative ways for you to begin to understand the nature of light, its qualities. I could say, do not underestimate light but I would rather say, experience the full potential of light. There is no situation whether it is physical, internal, whether it is group related, social, that cannot be affected by light. Light will affect everything it encounters.

In this respect, light is very much like its divine counterpart, love. True love is also incorruptible and there is no situation that love cannot affect and you start combining these divine elements of love and light and pretty soon you will begin to comprehend the divine dimension of Paradise. The thing about both light and love is that their affect and their result are both immediate. It is in this immediacy that they can be more fully understood.


So continue your projects with light. Continue to support its application and continue to experience the effects, the results of the applications of light and love. This is all I have to say this morning. I thank you for allowing me these few thoughts, go in peace.