2013-10-10-Preparation for Service

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Topic: Preparation for Service

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Charles, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you for this meeting place of all these beings of light who come together as moths to the flame and there are spiritual lessons to be offered, taken in and brought into our own individual selves to increase our awareness because that is the goal Divine Parents, the increasing of our awareness, the discovery of what is. That's all we are here to do, simply uncover and discover those aspects that we know not at this time. Thank you for help in this process as we come to you in times like this and petition your assistance. We have been so greatly rewarded for such efforts. We understand that you are there to support us and help us. This has become part of our awareness as a result of our experience with you. We would activate that portal once again and come to you now, return to the well with you where we might drink deeply of the cup that you would offer us to further understanding and perhaps greater awareness as a result. Let it be so, even now.


Preparation, Trust

Charles: Hello my friends, fellow sojourners on the spiritual path, I am Charles and I delight in an opportunity once again to mingle with you and to join in with you in the flow of your thought patterns, the flow of your thinking as you have so generously offered of these currents. I would attempt to ride them now with you. There was but one question really tendered among all of you, one deeper question from which all other questions spring and that is: Born of expectation, born of inspiration, the question always is and forever more, what is next and how can I be a part of it? What is about to happen, are all things occurring as they should? Am I in the right place at the right time? Are my efforts being directed properly? Am I gaining perspective and awareness throughout this process? The same question takes many different paths and tangents. Are we in training? What is before us as a result of such training? May we ask others for assistance and advice and help? Are the plans for the betterment of the universe throughout these various missions that are unfolding still unfolding? And how will we know them, how will we interface with them, what will they be like?

This is such an admirable part of human nature, this desire to seek for what is out there beyond your realms of perception on the other side of your boundaries of observation. And so it is you come to meetings such as this over and over again, seeking what is next, what is next for you individually and what is next for the collective, for the whole because you sense that there is great change afoot. Not only have you been told plainly by those who you have sought counsel from in the spiritual realm, but you feel it inside, internally, because you are a part of it. You are a part of the whole which is changing and moving continually. And so it is normal and natural for you to feel unsettled as a part of this gigantic movement which is happening.

But side by side with that, it is quite possible for you to as well, feel connected to the gigantic movement as a whole, to feel part of the entirety of it all and in this way take great comfort and solace for when you truly embrace this truth, that is, bring it in and make it part of your awareness and activate this truth in your lives with faith, then you are truly enveloped in all that is changing around you. As the part, as the fragment, you also have personal responsibility for individual growth and progression and movement in the direction of the Divine. So as a part, there is still a role that you must play individually. The guiding of the fragment towards perfection, back towards the whole, this is your job and responsibility. If this one responsibility were mastered, then all these other questions about the what if, the when and the how would all fall into place quite normally and naturally as they do when you arrive at a greater place of awareness.

You see much of the tension that you may sense about impending change may be a reflection to you that none shall escape this change, that everyone must navigate their own craft through it and be responsible for their own passage. This does not represent a fearful challenge to the believer. This only represents a joyous journey to one who has sufficient awareness and demonstrates sufficient faith. To these seekers, the upcoming changes will be used as catapults to propel you further and further. To those who have sufficient awareness to realize that this is the movement of the Divine, the motion that is sacred in moving you forward is change. The sooner you are able to embrace this for what it is, the easier your journey will become, the more rewarding, the more satisfying, the more peaceful.

You see, another mortal trait that you grapple with in your evolution is thinking that you have things figured out, that things are settled in your awareness, you've got it down and you don't need any more help. Those thought patterns are indeed an obstacle to any openminded consideration of what change has to bring for you. So I encourage you all to follow the Master's suggestion and look at life as if through the eyes of a trusting child, not one who is silly but one who is trusting in the unfolding of what their Divine Parents has in store for them, as one who has the faith and trust in a family that is the whole and realizes that they are a part of such a family and having such trust, it enables them to rest comfortably in the journey, to be at peace with the process which very often involves what we refer to as change here today.

So I invite you all to be at peace with the questions of your heart about change, about what's coming, about help that may be offered, about the unfolding of the future and to look at it and see it with the eyes of a trusting child, to see what their Divine Parents would unfold for them in this process and be ever-willing to see change as the energy needed to move forward, out beyond what is already embraced to a new level where you may embrace more. This is the only way for you to get there, is to allow that you may do it, to allow that it is normal and part of the process of change, that you should embrace greater and greater awareness, that you will and change is how it comes to you. Be not afraid to let go of those things which seem so constant in your life in favor of those things which can catapult you into new awarenesses. In the swinging through a forest, one must let go of one vine and grab another to make any progress through the forest. You must constantly be willing to let go of life's lessons that brought you thus far in order to grab on to the new ones which can propel you even further.

I will take this opportunity to say yes and yes and yes to all your questions. Yes, you may feel free to petition help from any beings that you may be aware of. Yes, plans which are underway are progressing quite well. Yes, you are being trained and there is a mission at hand for which you are being trained and yes, all of these fascinating nuances that you encounter of spiritual expression are all related, are all part of the same whole. There is nothing that you can contact which is outside of this whole. All things are reflections and fragments and parts of this gigantic continuum.

So trust that you too are part of this and you will be led and guided and it will be up to you to extend your faith, to move forward in trust and to gather to yourself greater and greater awarenesses that you may then personalize and realize in your life for this is the process and you are in it up to your necks, surrounded by it. So do not consider that it can go on without you, that somehow you will be forsaken for such is not possible.

Thank you for the opportunity to weave some threads in with yours, bring some more thought patterns in to coincide with yours. It is a pleasure to be given this opportunity and I delight in it each time I am granted it. I now will relinquish this space in honor of others and I thank you once again for your attention, good day.


Light: Hello friends, Light here. It is my pleasure to come among you and seize on one of the details mentioned this evening and that instance is the instance of acting as a light anchor. I bring this up in your presence tonight because each and every one of you are such a light anchor and the more you bring this into your awareness, the more you expand your faith to encompass this truth, the more effective you will be in the process. Each one of you knows that where you are, there exists a core of energy and that around you, things happen. This is a demonstration of your core of light that you bring to the equation. Wherever you are, whenever you are, there is a conduit, a portal you might call it, that is channeled to you and runs through you on its way to distribution out beyond you. This is what it is in real terms to be a light anchor. The focal point that is used to direct energies from on high, to funnel them through your being and channel them as your will so desires.

This is where you come into play as the reflective lens and where you can direct the energies. To those who are in greater awareness, there is a purpose around such an existence, and not only are you there in ability to tap into divine light but you are also there with the ability to tap into the mortal framework, the mortal consciousness, the mortal and material reality becomes directly influenced and infused with energy through conduits such as yourselves. In this way, there are those who become healers, there are those who become great artists, many become ministers, many act in service in response to this sacred ability that you are given to be a conduit for such divine energy into such a material existence. Truly, many are turned to ministry of many forms when they realize the sacred nature of such a connection and a sacred opportunity provided by your very existence on such a plane as you inhabit.

So if it is true, and it is, that you have access to divine energies flowing right to you and if it is true that you have the ability to direct these energies, to focus them, to harness them and to employ them for the benefit of moving the mortal dimension towards the divine, then that is your sacred mission, that is your privilege, your honor, to be able to act in such a position and what makes this position truly effective is the awareness of you the participant for I can tell you of the truth of this: You can even know the truth of this but until you decide to execute your freewill choice, to harness your faith and to make it so, nothing can happen.

You truly are the switch that allows this divine light that is coming to you, to move through you and your freewill choice is the finger on that switch. This is the gift that you can give back for being part of such a magnificent circuit. This is your opportunity to employ the measures at hand over which you have jurisdiction in gratitude for those who have given you these opportunities. In honor of who you are and towards the cause of your divine parents, you can execute your choice and move in that direction, infuse the circumstance with divine love. This is a sacred gift that you have to give, a gift which no one else but you may give and so I honor your choices, each one, your being here tonight, your desire to be the best you can be, do the most you can do. These are sacred intentions and are cherished by your Divine Parents.


It is always a great pleasure of mine to stop by and remind you that you are beings of light, focal points of light, directors of light. Light is your stock and trade, you generate it, you direct it, you receive it, you employ it, you infuse it into your surroundings and I tell you this and you must take it on faith and you do, another sacred gift you give to your Divine Parents. So know that you are honored and loved and cherished for the fragment that you are, the part of the whole. Without you we are not complete. Go out and act in joy that you are aware of this association you have with light and play with it, give it away, bathe others in it, demonstrate it in your daily lives, offer it to your fellows and become known as a purveyor of light, one who deals in light for this is who you are and it is only up to you to have awareness that this is so but I delight in telling you it is so nevertheless.

Thank you all for assembling around this pillar of light created. I now relinquish the platform unless there would be any dialog or questions. ...pause...I trust there is much for you to consider this evening. I thank you all for joining and would bid you all have a safe journey as you move forward in anticipation of change, of growth, of expansion of awareness and of a peace throughout the process since you are coming to fully understand and be aware of your association of the part that you are of the whole. Go in peace and in love, farewell.