2013-11-15-Give Me A Chance

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Topic: Give Me a Chance

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “It is I, your Spark from God within or better known from My work of guiding you as your Thought Adjuster. I am watching and waiting patiently ‘in the background’ of each mind, to note if I can make a difference by uplifting your thoughts to a higher level, more becoming to an evolving child of God. I wish for you to pay attention to My words as I truly desire that humanity wake up to its true purpose – to be open to God’s guidance.

“Perhaps this planet will finally progress as do her sister planets, which are forging ahead due to the ongoing efforts of their citizens. They have left the ugly propensity for war far behind as they en masse answer the Call from God’s Sprit within them to help uplift and guide them on the ascension path to perfection. Even though they may outwardly look different to your species, inwardly they are just like you, and they have a soul in need of development. They all are your brothers and sisters, as they spring from the same spiritual Root Source – the Universal Creator of All.

“When will humanity on this tardy planet wake up and develop their God-given talents and begin work on peace and progress for their selves, so the planet may benefit exponentially? It is all in your hands and within your capabilities to wake up and proceed in the right direction, which according to God’s will is the way of love towards one another.

“When will you give Me a chance and start listening within to what the soft Voice from God is guiding you to do? Of course, you are always free to follow up or neglect Me. Free will is never ever coerced. However, giving one’s Thought Adjuster a chance to provide one with guidance, has never been put into sincere practice on this planet, other than by a few, who, after much turmoil within their souls, decided that there had to be a better way.

“This is the secret to a successful life, My friends. This is the way success is noted in heaven’s chronicles, which you will later get to search for yourselves. Let it not be a story filled with regrets, so you end up saying: ‘If only I had listened more to the Voice from God within, I would have lived so very differently.’ These are the words the angels hear all too often. Therefore, this is the reason why I bring this most important life-changing issue to the fore of your minds, yes, of the minds of all those who may chance to read these words.

“By giving Me a chance, your inner life will become more peaceful, so your outer life will gain the soul-rest and expansion this poor world is so badly in need of. The planet can and will become more stabilized when more creatures living upon her become more balanced and loving. So please, think about this and give Me that chance to guide you. I will not disappoint you. However, it is up to you to do the work.”