2014-01-01-The Akashic Construct

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Topic: The Akashic Construct

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Teacher Samuel of Panoptia

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “My greetings are extended to the many on the English 11:11 Progress List, as well as those, and today especially, those on the Spanish 11:11 Progress List. It feels kind of refreshing to me to be the first in this, your brand new year, to chat with you.

“I wish to speak with you about the Akashic Construct. What is this Akashic Construct? The Akashic Construct is a method of establishing communication. It is so named because it puts a building, a place, and great scenery to your meditation efforts. It is a place you can design yourself, feel at home in, and invite others into – mostly Celestials – but humans in need of healing as well.

“The Akashic Construct, as do many other visualization techniques, helps bridge the gap between your mind and the vast knowledge of Spiritual Teachers, who may otherwise remain invisible or even unknown to you. The Akashic Construct gives you a meeting place between ‘heaven and earth’ where you can ask questions and receive answers, even record messages from Celestial Teachers, as this human is now recording my words on the subject I volunteered to speak about.

“Visualization techniques are in use all over the seven super-universes. On my planet, Panoptia, there are literally thousands of such methods, as these are designed by the individuals and used just by them personally, for any kind of achievement at all. The Akashic Construct, however, is specifically put together for communication with Celestial Teachers, as well as the healing of human friends and strangers.

“The method is designed to allow you to become deeply relaxed (Part One), move brain and mind activity from left hemisphere to the more creative right hemisphere (Part Two), and build and enjoy a private place of your imagination where you can learn and observe what goes on in any place, and any time at all – past, present and future (Part Three).


“Many receivers of Celestial messages and even more of the 11:11 Progress Group healers began their careers by practicing the Akashic Construct.

“This is Samuel of Panoptia. May 2014 become a successful year for you all. Good day.”