2014-01-18-God's Limitlessness

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Topic: God's Limitlessness

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “In following through on your thoughts this morning, I am ‘enticed’ to pursue your ideas with a deeper explanation of what the limitlessness of the Creator means. You humans at times entertain some kind of an idea about how everything visible came into being from the invisible realm. At least, all normal minded mortals would have some thoughts about this mystery, and perhaps discuss their ideas with others. There are some who would delve a little deeper into the mysteries of life, and there are those who would make a study about God’s limitlessness and have their own personal views, which, if acceptable to others might in time become accepted as truth. Many a book has been written in this manner, which might serve as a steppingstone to others.

“However, it is truly valuable, and indeed recommended that humans personally experience the limitlessness of God. Therefore, the Creator desires to be intimately involved with all thinking creatures that are capable of having their own thoughts and form their own opinion. To that end, especially on this planet, and without exception, all children capable of independent thoughts are gifted with a Spirit-Spark from God when they make their first moral decision. This Spark, called a Thought Adjuster, is also limitless and specifically aids the young person throughout life to gradually uplift his or her thoughts to a higher level of thinking. The limitlessness of their Indweller can provide everyone with the unending freedom of becoming perfect like God, and becoming co-creators in their own right after they have finished their ascension journey towards perfection. This is, provided of course, that you humans have been willing to follow the leadings and prompts of your Indwellers.

“Limitlessness is somewhat comparable with endlessness, which is so very difficult to understand, as this needs to be experienced. Since the Indweller is limitless, and has always been limitless, you humans get this greatest of Gifts handed to you on a proverbial platter. You humans have free will, which is another Gift from God, so you are not forced to accept eternal life to take part in God’s infinity. You can now dimly comprehend what marvelous futures await you. This earth-life is the all-important foundation on which you will build your eternal life.

“Therefore, choose with care what it is you desire to do during this precious lifetime. There is enough information ‘out there’ – a proverbial smorgasbord – with which to enrich your mind, and help evolve your souls together with your respective Thought Adjuster. Partaking of God’s limitlessness is the choice all mortals have. Choose wisely if you desire to eventually fuse with your Gift from God within. Think about how that would feel; being clothed in a small measure with God’s Majesty after you too have become unconditionally loving. There are many mysteries to be solved during your travels through eternity. Never will there be a dull moment, as everything operates by and through the love currency in the universes of space and time as a reflection of God’s limitlessness.”