2014-01-30-Adaptation, Adam & Eve's Offspring Leaving

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Topic: Adaptation, Adam & Eve's Offspring Leaving

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Midwayer JACK

TR: Gerdean



Prayer: Father God and Mother Spirit, thank you for setting aside the chaos so that we can find clarity in this moment, in this extended moment, this Stillness, at which you are at the heart. Thank you so much for the peace that you bring to our lives, the clarity that you bring to our minds, and how much you help us in the efforts to communicate with each other in this material world. Thank you, too, for opening up this new dimension of communication, where we can depend more on our morontia reality, on our soul’s understanding, where we still feel heard. Thank you for the teachers that you will send to address our specific needs. And thank you for being with us, to watch over our integrity. Amen.


MERIUM: My dear children, this is Teacher Merium. I have by-passed our liaison midwayer. He is around and may come in before the evening is over but I have wanted to get the floor for some time. I wanted to talk to you about adaptations, just to reintroduce to you the idea of adaptation, since it is so important that you learn to adapt. Indeed, you will be forever adapting to other circumstances and personalities in and throughout your eternal career. Adaptation is essential to master and re-master as time goes by.

It is a particularly poignant lesson because of the isolation that you have experienced. Your sense of isolation is so great; your adaptations have remained very rudimentary, very individualized. Truth is, you don’t adapt well at all. Your independence is inbred. The first adjutant is kept busy with your instinct to survive, which in many cases consumes a huge percentage of your consciousness and I must say, it isn’t even a conscious part of your consciousness, but a sub-part of your consciousness so you aren’t even aware of how much you do to stay alive and be on top of the situation, whatever that situation may be, however it is you may conceive it. Therefore, adapting to one other person becomes important. And the ability to get along with three or four others is almost a phenomenon. Even those of you who have something in common that would draw you together are often only kept together for a short time because of the nature of your needs – that is to say a lot of quick, short lessons are in some ways more effective than long, enduring sieges of that one same lesson. (Let me not get too tangled up in verbiage.)

Adaptation is something that goes on also between sectors, social sectors. When you find yourself a fan of a particular ball team because you live in that town, and then move to another town, to some extent you need to adapt to the new circumstances of the new home team. These have to do with loyalties, of course, these layers of adaptation, and that is one reason they take so long. Once you have developed a loyalty to something, in order for it to be meaningful, you have adapted. Yes, you have to unlearn much of what you learned in order to adapt to the new circumstances.

This brings to mind a picture of Mohammad Ali in the ring, dancing, being quick on his feet. Those of you who are quick on your feet can adapt more readily. When you are quick in your mind you adapt more readily as well to the philosophies or politics of new and different situations.

The fact is, you will be adapting endlessly and it is important that you allow for this endless parade of change to take place with your approval and cooperation. It is good to have the courage of your convictions -- and when two people agreed on such convictions, there is cause for rejoicing indeed -- but for the most part everyone has his or her own thoughts and perspectives and preferences and beliefs and they are unlike anyone else’s, and so in the end everyone must adapt.

That’s all I will say on that today. Perhaps we can talk about how to move this mass of mental momentum in meaningful ways, in order to accomplish something, but that can be done some other time. I have not had a chance to practice my teaching skills for some time and so I felt it important to exercise my gifts and I appreciate your tolerance of my experience.

I am going to give this back to Jack to emcee. I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you. Bye-bye!

0802-AB JACK here. I wanted to mention, on Merium’s behalf, that she is a young but experienced teacher with the Teacher Corps, having established her identity among the mortals of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Teaching Mission group back in 1995 or 96. She also asks me to say that she wants you to know she feels she is a construct, that there is much more to her than what you perceive, and although she is responsible for much of what you perceive about her, it doesn’t matter so much as the relationship we have and even more importantly the fruits of our co-creative efforts. She likes to call herself a baby-sitter, but she is unlike any babysitter I ever knew. (Of course, I didn’t have any babysitter and I got into quite a bit of trouble, so I am no example to follow.)


There has been a question submitted from “the outside.” It has to do with the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve who left after the default. The querant asks:

“I'm trying to understand why Adam and Eve's children were given the option to stay on Urantia or be transported to Edentia. Why did they decide to make it worse for our planet by taking all the violet children? Why were some of their children given the option and we (the red headed step children, LOL!) left here to suffer the consequences?

“I can see now why it's called ‘original sin’ and how that sin transferred onto us. We are being made to play it out while the violet children who could have uplifted our bloodlines were transferred out of here. Why is this!!??

“It seems like they should have left everyone on the planet to make the best of it. By taking over ¾ of the violet blood, they just made it more “tragic” for us who are left behind. [Reference UB 75:6.3 and 75: 6.4]

There is so much to be said about this question, but I am curious about the nature of this question.

Who is the focus here? Trying to understand why Adam and Eve’s children were given the option to stay or be transported to Edentia. Everyone has free will. They were born into a paradigm of free will choice. They were not dragged away kicking and screaming, and yet the question seems to think they were taken.

Why did they decide to make it worse for our planet by taking all the violet children? Well, they didn’t take all the violet children, only those who opted to go.

Why were some of them given the option? Because they were old enough to make a choice. Those who were not given the option were too young; they were still young enough to be in the charge of their parents.

And why were we left here to suffer the consequences? Well, this really goes to the heart of the question. Are we seeing a little jealousy, a little envy, a little sibling rivalry? ‘Why do you get to do this and I can’t?’ There is that element in it.

You perhaps need to put yourself in a position of being one of these adult children of our Material Son and Daughter, to see how they may have considered. Let’s see if we can draw a parallel.

You come from a large family; you have the option to attend college in a distant city or stay at home and help your parents with your younger brothers and sisters, and the countless foster children they take in. You can do either one. Having already been elder children in the family, having already helped your parents raise your brothers and sisters and worked around the house for many years already, why would you not want to pursue your opportunities? The circumstances were not ideal, and yet what parent doesn’t want to see their children aspire to and attain the best possible education and life experience? Perhaps they thought that’s what their parents would wish for them. There is certainly no shame in the choice they made, even though even now they wait to find out their destiny – busy no doubt, but certainly not doing anything special, certainly not more special than the work you are doing. Your arena is far more fascinating … I have no doubt. The opportunities and options to serve here are infinitely greater than where they are, and certainly more adventurous.

It was not ¾ that left. It was a goodly portion, but you were not left without an infusion of Adamic blood. It did help. It could have been so much worse. I won’t even take the time to ponder the many ways it could be worse but I have no doubt, given the nature of the mortals I have known, endless are the possibilities of mischief-making, and it was very unstable times in which they lived. Perhaps they didn’t feel up to the challenge of relocating and building a new garden from scratch. I am sure each one of them had their own reasons but I expect they had their communal reasons as well -- those that might come from adaptation. What did they want to adapt to?

Having the option, wouldn’t most children opt for the advantage as they saw it? Won’t you opt for the advantage when you see it? Don’t you think it is a gift when that option arises and you are free to take it? Don’t you in fact rejoice and thank God for his goodness that would give you such a wonderful opportunity?

There will always be challenges on this planet, as there are challenges on all the evolving worlds, and while the challenges you face may be unique, there are those who would argue they are not that much more difficult, at least Michael has every confidence in your ability to pull through as efficient and effective kingdom-builders.

I understand, due to those pesky technological problems, we are cut short in our agenda this evening, and so I won’t talk any more about why Adam and Eve’s children left for Edentia as compared to those who opted to stay. I will open, in fact, time for a question should there be one before we sign off. Remember to press star 6 to open the channel so that your question may be heard and recorded and responded to. Go for it.

Gary: One question I had was, didn’t Adamson’s wife, his first wife in the Garden, didn’t she opt to leave us also? Would that be a good reason? When her children left? To go with them?

JACK: That will be your homework assignment.* No fun, I know, but it’s just too interesting to not know something about it. Every time I read your records I get more and more confused. I heard it this way or I saw it this way and now I read it and it may not be what I remember, which is not to say I am right and it is wrong but … only the Father knows the true story and all the details. All the rest of it is an attempt to put together the pieces. Hold on to the history that we remember, even as one of the options is that you can rewrite your history every few generations as you see fit.

Gary: Yeah, that seems to be done quite a bit. An example is the cave in Greece, they discovered a skull that they say dated back to 700,000 years ago. [Inaudible] they sealed the cave up so that it was actually 300,000 years ago.

JACK: 700,000 is probably closer to the truth. Gary: They just didn’t want to admit that they were wrong?

JACK: They have not reached the point where they are willing to adapt. They are still holding fast to what they believe. All right then, kids. What are we going to do next week? Back here? Same time; same station?**

Tom: Yep.

Gary: Thanks, Jack

JACK: Thanks for coming. Later!

Homework Assignment

From Paper 75: The Default of Adam and Eve, read Section 6. Adam and Eve Leave the Garden; 8. The So-Called Fall of Man. Also, from Paper 77: The Midway Creatures, read Section 5: Adamson and Ratta