2014-03-09-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Playing with Light

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: LIGHT, Michael, Jonathan, Machiventa, Charles

TR: Cathy Morris, Allene Vick



Question: In the Course in Miracles I believe it is said you don't project light, you extend it, as though if you want to heal somebody just think of them in the light. [We are encouraged to play with light.] What occurred to me was to become a consistent beam of light, this walking torch, then whoever you think of is in the light?

Light: [Cathy] I am excited to hear of your involvement with light. The source is always available to be accessed and you are invited to become involved as you are able. The idea of becoming the light has great value for both the sender and the recipient. You have free access to light and it will fulfill you as it is brought into your being. The power of thought and your connection with others is far beyond your present concept. We are all one. Your thought is able to connect with all others; your intention is needed to begin the process of connection. As all vibration is rising on this world, the ability to connect is enhanced. Experiment freely knowing I am participating with you.

Michael: [Cathy] I am also participating in your light activities. As you grow in experience you will be more able to control the distribution of the healing and light you send. It is my most desired hope that you will invite me to join you as you bring this activity into your daily interactions. You are indeed my disciples and have my support.

Jonathan: [Cathy] I see from my present vantage point that the light activities have the potential for bringing this planet together. It seems fantastic from your point of view but be assured that more is possible than you are aware of it. I also encourage you to play.

Machiventa: [Allene] It is so pleasing to see you blend your intellectual ability to creatively connect the pieces that you were given to draw the logical conclusion that served you very well in your discovery of a new way of using light to heal yourselves, others and your world. I applaud you and look forward to seeing the positive benefits that will result from this discovery.

Question: If we experiment freely, then our different methods are all working, is that correct?

Charles: [Cathy] In our discussion of light, the point can be emphasized that light is fluid, endless, boundless and eternal. You have this tool available to engage in at any point. Feel empowered to connect with the light source and let it flow through you. All aid is facilitating this process. It is part of our plan for correction.

Comment: The main thrust of what was being said seems to me is how we don't really realize how very very accessible every other being on the planet is through our minds. We think of ourselves walled off in these fleshy bodies but it is an illusion, that we are one and that instantly we can connect with anybody on the planet and that is a reality and that if there is a diminishment of that reality it's because of our thinking, it's because we don't believe it can happen. But if we remove that wall of disbelief, then access is granted, the flow is unobstructed.

Comment: The text states that all spirit is contactable. What we're doing is trying to find the phone number.

Comment: Exactly, or where's the phone?

Comment: What seems to be implied is that everything is light. How can it not work [directing light] when everything is light. Our world seems to be light through and through, nothing but.