2014-07-23-Reality Levels Discussed Briefly

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Topic: What Does TR Really Mean

Group: N. Colorado Mission


Teacher: Erion

TR: Tetrapod



T/R: Dear Michael, I am intrigued by the concepts of the various levels of Deity -- Supreme, Ultimate, and Absolute as they are described in the Urantia book. At the same time, I find them very difficult to grasp. Could you please provide some further insight into these concepts?


This is Erion. I will speak to you of these concepts. You must understand that I only understand these concepts intellectually, as they are yet impossible for me to experience as well.

Let's start with Supremacy. This concept has to do with space across the Grand Universe. All that there is of it. The Supreme summates all experience across these spaces. In time, the Supreme is incomplete, and therefore imperfect, as it is conditioned by time. As time progresses, the Supreme is completed into the masterwork of perfection. At the boundary of eternity, the Supreme blends with the Ultimate.

The Ultimate ever is and ever was, and it encompasses the Supreme in all aspects. The Ultimate eventuates the Supreme at every moment. What is the difference between eventuation and creation (action)?

Eventuation is the setting up of the context within which the action unfurls. This context can be considered a pattern. We cannot see, or in anyway experience the patterns that are woven into time. We see patterns in space, but the time patterns are too much like the water is to a fish -- part of the stationary nature of things-- for us to perceive.

Creatures of time, as we are, perceive time as a sequence -- a straight line, but within that straight line are patterns that are the relics of the eventuation process. Within the absonite realm of ultimacy, action is impossible because all actions that could be done have been done -- that is, all the events that could ever be eventuated have already been eventuated. That is a difficult concept to grasp. No?

Another way to look at it is that the pattern for every experienced event is already imprinted upon the time. So the world of Ultimacy has all of space-time frozen in a dynamic state of being. That is as close as I can come to understanding it and explaining it in terms that would make sense to you. Let me add that the Ultimate is not in a state of rest, like a rock. It is alive and vibrant throughout every inch of space.

Now for the hardest part -- that which I understand the least -- the Absolute. The easiest way to approach understanding of the Absolute is to consider the edge of absonity. At the very edge of absonity is the fact of will. Will is so difficult to grasp because it is a near absolute concept. It [the Absolute], embraces the actualization of potentials, where potentials are infinite in number, infinite in scope, in scale, in any and all qualities.

Potentialities are simply actualities viewed from another actuality, that is from the absonite level. Within the Absolute, there exists potentialities for all possible actualities. Within the Absolute itself, all potentialities have and always will be actualized. We see the Absolute as (our) actuality plus other potentialities, but the Absolute sees our actuality the same as any other potentiality. This is about as much information as I can provide at this time.