2014-07-27-Monjoronson Dialogues

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Topic: Higher Perspectives

Group: Long View Project


Teacher: Monjoronson




You are devoting some time this morning to cleansing the atmosphere before we begin, somewhat nervous about this endeavor; desirous what comes forth be accurate within the uncertainty of the undefined. Rest in the fact that all creative writing is such drawing upon Higher Intelligence in one form or another; this particular methodology only more directed in terms of intent and participant.


I’ve summarized world events in overview and that continues to deserve close observation. The results of unsustainable resource demand and the destructive industrialization which promotes it continue to breed conflict in all the carbon rich resource areas of the world. For example, the genocidal conflict in Israel-Palestine has deep cultural roots and religious overtones but it is also resource driven and murderous as only greed will allow.

Many conflicting factors compose the distorted make-up of this war including the biblical traditions of the Jewish people who’s Biblical Pentateuch ironically commands “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” the pogrom against Jews in Europe in the 1940s, the displacement of the Palestinians through European post WWII guilt, the rise of Israel as a military and fundamentalist controlled regional power, the armed internment camp that Gaza and the West Bank have become, the desperate politics of terror that many believe is the only alternative, the choice of violence over reason that festers at the heart of this seemingly unsolvable problem and the refusal by those in positions of power to include compassion in the overall equation.

If one reviews the history behind the violence in the Ukraine a similar chain of predatory events can easily be traced from the years of Czarist control of this fertile farm resource, to the Stalinist pogroms and forced displacement and murder of millions, the nuclear explosion and mass contamination of the Ukraine from the Chernobyl melt down, the violent politics of the far right and the proxy war inspired by US intelligence, again an arm of the resource driven policy that underlies most of the aberrant behaviors enforced by the military and intelligence arms of the deep state governments involved.

There is displacement of human beings world wide because of the unsustainable demands of the industrial society, its dominant financial sector, and the destruction of the global environment because of these demands which include gross over-population. The growth in population is synchronous with the cancerous growth of the world’s economies, military forces, devastating mining, industrial fishing and agriculture and a host of other totally destructive endeavors that are metastasizing to the point of threat to the future of humanity as a species and to the world as a supportive life environment.

So much for the good news. This is the state of affairs and it certainly is depressing to review them in such stark terms, but how would there be any hope for change without an honest appraisal of the human impact on planet Earth? What is being emphasized here is clarity concerning the cognitive dissonance between human behavior and belief, between what people would believe about themselves and the actual state of world affairs. The irony or paradox of this condition is that curing the problem requires a conscious(ness) that includes the disastrous difficulties while positing a condition that transcends them, by creating an environment that is non-carcinogenic, to continue that metaphor, and more importantly conducive to life.

The main causation in terms of Higher Intelligence at this painful crossroads is in raising the vibration as I have termed it in previous Dialogues. The human experience is much like the frog in boiling water, around them and within them, the acceleration of the intensity of life continues, breaking apart the human constructs so that as the poet once wrote “the center will not hold.” This shattering if not seen from the larger perspective of longer time appears darkly apocalyptic, and which in some ways it is, but from the larger perspective is just the removal by natural means of the impediments to life.

The greening seed can break the adherence of concrete at a molecular level, and the burgeoning of life in its essential vibration is having a similar affect upon the hardened structures in human consciousness and in the physical matter they create and inhabit. Life will out, of this there should be no doubt, but the part that humanity may continue to play in Life’s great orchestration is the question of the day.

You are seeking strategies for curing these problems and yet you are aware that the simplest and most affective strategy is in your own hands. Your inner environment can be filled with the pollution of noise and distraction or it can be quiet and serene like the once edenic environment of the disappearing earth. You may not control the global forces that brutalize and force exodus but you can find the path of reason and negotiation in your day to day affairs of business and personal relationship.

The human disposition is to force its will, to demand its “rights,” to enforce what it thinks will add to its benefit, but beneath that cacophony another music is playing, a quiet sound as yet but growing like a symphony in the human, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms of this world, that resonate with Life. Life it is, and resonance with this eternal force in any one individual or circumstance is immediately connected to the same phenomenon worldwide.


The matrix of global violence is an awful and obvious fact, but so to is the rising wave of peace and sustainable action. The inevitable outcome is as yet unknown, so let’s not dwell on some fantasy of rosy deliverance, but instead focus on what contributions to sustainable life can be made, because indeed they can and because they must.

We will continue.