2014-08-17-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Upheavals of Contrast

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles

TR: Mark Rogers



Prior to the transmission there was a brisk discussion about the potential of impending upheavals as stated in the Urantia Papers, the Teaching and Magisterial Mission transmissions and positions one might take to deal with them. The following is in response to said discussion.


Charles: Thank you for allowing me to pull a seat up to the round table discussion that you have this morning, I am Charles. It has been my pleasure to take in your conversation and register the tones of your discussion and heartfelt questions that you have. I would make a few points for your consideration.

First, I would acknowledge the importance of this observation that, as was said, maybe the whole thing comes down to choice because a truer statement could never be offered of the dynamics involved of your experience of life and lives as mortals of the realm. Truly, if there is one objective that is prompted from you, it is that you exercise your free will choice one way or another, you are created to do so. This whole scenario is manufactured to enable you to do so. So when you engage this process, you are indeed engaging the process of your universal ascension and the purpose for this creation that you enjoy known to you as your life here on Urantia.

Much consideration I see is given to these different choices and which ones may represent wrong choices, which ones may represent more appropriate choices and which ones are errant choices and there is this burning innate desire in mortals of the realm to firmly define these different choices and to underline and underscore for yourselves the more correct way to go, the better choice to be made and exercised at any time. However, the more spiritual influence you allow, the more spiritual awareness you possess, your definitions change and your understandings expand and you find yourselves reconsidering what made these old thought patterns or even current thought patterns which seem to stand in need of an upgrade.

This is part of the process that you undergo as you assimilate information and make your determinations about its appropriateness, its goodness, its truth and its beauty. Remember, that all information may be held up to these standards to see how much truth is contained, how much beauty is present, how much goodness is represented by any choice that you are confronted with. It may be screened through these same filters and in each case, if measured up to these standards, it will clearly come down on one side or the other as being more valuable, as containing more value, more truth, more beauty, or more goodness than other choices that may be made. So in a very strict sense, all questions of worthiness may be addressed in this same way.

Another significant component of your discussion is the growing awareness of this distinction between the inner environment and the outer environment. I will use these terms in a simplistic way to make the point. Your inner environment is almost entirely and solely conditioned by your thought patterns, your awareness, your acceptance, your degree of truth, beauty and goodness that you hold yourself to, your quantity of love present, your capacity to forgive and your awareness of your position in the universal scheme of things, all determine for you your inner environment. Literally, you are conditioned by this quotient, this combination of factors and this can remain true regardless of the external environment which may or may not exist.

Your inner environment is conditioned solely by your choices. The exterior environment is conditioned by a collection of choices. The accumulation of the choices of many determine the exterior environment. They condition what will be allowed, tolerated, embraced or shunned. The exterior environment which you are exploring the predictions of and observing the phenomenon of has yet to be determined, has not yet been created. I encourage you to keep this in mind. No matter what vision of potentials may be brought to your attention, they do not yet exist, they are not real. They are visions of potentials much as the video game is programmed with potentials, and the program may contain all options to be chosen but they have not yet been chosen and activated. They simply remain potential until enough individual choices and votes are cast to choose that version of truth. This is where you come in as those creative light workers who also may be in possession of awareness that you are so, creative light workers, that your version of reality, your internal environment may be shared and used to influence your external environment.

You all are aware of the universal force of attraction and that energies draw to themselves like energies and that environments may be so charged with energies that no other energies may find a home or be able to co-exist within any given determined energy field. This is like your internal environment, your energy field. If you charge it in such a way and condition it in such a way that only like energies may co-exist, then as you have witnessed in your lives, your environment is conditioned to reflect your determined choosing that it be so. You surround yourself with friends that support you, you do for yourself those things which promote health and healing, you distance yourself from those influences which distract you or create fear or bring on stress. In this way you go about choosing your way into a conditioned environment.

The same holds true for the external environment. It may be conditioned just as the internal environment. When enough individuals choose to condition the environment with the proper positive energies there will be no space left, no room to be filled with the negative energies, the fears, the hatred, the doubt. But this is not done by accident, this is done by choice. This is done by your every choice, every day your willful determination to choose truth, to choose beauty, to choose goodness in every choice, all the time. If you do this there will be no room left, all darkness will be crowded out by the light. There will be no opportunity for darkness to creep in when there is so much light.

This is how it will get done, this is how it is being done. One by one individuals awakening to this profoundly simple yet profoundly significant role that they will play of simply choosing. One choice after the next after the next, each subject to this screening of whether it belongs in this energy field that you create. Each pass through the filter to determine how much truth, beauty or goodness may be present or represented by this choice. If it is not enough, if it does not pass up to the measurement you wish, then simply do not choose it and it ceases to exist for you.

I caution you all that these times that you live in and in the days ahead, you will be greatly challenged by being bombarded with the contrast provided, the things not to choose, the disappointments of mankind, the things that clearly do not pass the test of truth, beauty or goodness paraded before you like some horror movie. Just reflect on the fact that these aspects may exist, they may certainly be real for those involved, but each and every time one of these arises before you, these injustices, these disharmonious circumstances, simply practice not choosing it. Simply be reminded that these contrasts are there for the likes of all humanity to reflect on and reject.

Surely, in order to make your position in life you must take a stand. You must choose this over that. You must exercise this grand gift of grace, this choice that you have and cast it wisely. This is what you have been trained to do. This is the key to your ultimate success throughout your universal career that you are just establishing at this early stage. If you will see life as nothing more than this every day, every hour, sometimes every moment opportunity to choose, that that is the game, that is the gift of grace and you are free to choose as you will.

You may not choose for others. This is an important aspect for you to keep in the forefront of your mind. You may simply choose for yourself in your circumstance, with what you're confronted with, with the immediate situation before you which demands a choice. You can attempt to envision how you would react in other circumstances and make a mental exercise and practice out of these potentials that are before you but you are simply required to make the decisions of that which is immediately before you. Make every attempt not to borrow trouble into your lives, you don't need it.

True, your brothers and sisters on the planet are navigating great hardships and this is a supreme challenge for them in their existence, in their lives, in their circumstance but their hardships are borne by them. Your circumstances, your hardships, your choices are borne by you. They may not be shared back and forth other than encountered as a condition of the collective consciousness. Stick to your reign, your kingdom of opportunity, that which is immediately in your environment and which overlaps out onto the greater environment.

But you cannot save the world single-handedly. You cannot save others from the plight of mans inhumanity to man. Certainly you may contribute to the overall growth and awareness, the imposition of light to the general equation, but this is merely a vote by you, merely a contribution on your behalf. Many others must vote as well and make their contribution. You do have sanction and control over your internal environment and you must be somewhat protective of the dilution and pollution of your internal sphere of influence.

Back again to the choosing or not choosing based upon whether it fits or it doesn't fit into your sphere of light and love and peace and happiness. Not every thought, not every circumstance can find residency in such an environment. Not every circumstance belongs in such an environment. While there are a great many stars in the heavens, each one is its own environment. Each one is unique and has its own characteristics yet all share the vast scope of the heavens. This is as each of you, you are contained in the great heavenly body and yet you are unique and individual. You have your own environment over which you have jurisdiction. That is your mission, that is your function, to condition your environment, to be the best planet, to be the best orb that you can be in the great heaven of stars and to trust that all of you constitute the great heavenly body.


I hope in a roundabout sense I have given you food for thought this morning in context with some of your thoughts offered earlier. I thank you very much for the opportunity to be heard and to listen and to feel as thought I am sharing with you in the process.