2014-11-02-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Healing Light, Being Present

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Unknown, Charles, Gerdean, LIGHT, Jonathan

TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers



Unknown: [Cathy] The energy of the portal has a great light and healing. We enter the light by intention. Father, we reach for your healing and love. Our hearts are open to your forgiveness and grace. In gratitude we receive your gift of healing light. The light is streaming from the portal. It flows around us in love and healing. It has the ability to wash away the pain and error from every cell of our physical body. As we are showered with the light it is flowing through all parts of our body. The light is filled with the Creator's love and forgiveness. It is carrying away all error and disease. We feel its warmth and love. It is moving into each cell of our physical body. It is moving through our energy body bringing cleansing and purity. We are so grateful for this gift of grace. Love flows through us and within us. We are able now to look within and find the dark secrets we have wrapped in pain and hidden from ourselves. In the Father's love and light we are able to unwrap the layers of protection we have built around the pain. We are able to open these dark areas of pain and lift them up to our Father and Spirit. The light is gently moving through the darkness and it begins to shift into a lighter and lighter more transparent package. We are feeling the love of our Parents, taking away the dark areas of our being. We are feeling the grace of the First Source and Center. We are showered with light and forgiveness for all error. Our minds are open to healing. The Spirit brings intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, counsel, wisdom and worship to enhance our being. As the shower of light continues, we relax into the Father's love. Our bodies are renewed in the original pattern of creation. Each cell is remembering the pattern of health. Each cell is able to return to the original function. Our minds are open to the guidance from our Creator. We can relax into the love and light with the knowledge that all is well.


Charles: [Mark] Greetings this morning my friends, Charles here to interject some thought into the stream. I very much appreciate the sentiments expressed of the difference between being with someone there in person to fellowship and commune and being there with someone in spirit to fellowship and commune. This is one of the greatest distinctions a mortal of the realm may come to make in their short existence, the dynamic of considering yourself housed within your physical vehicle and needing it to be present for you to be present and the distinction you have encountered in your own experiences of being present at another place with the essence that you are.

This is one of the greatest exercises you may choose to undertake, to shift back and forth between where you consider yourself housed to where you would project yourself to be. There are many references made to the fact that your physical body is only your temporary address and that becomes clear to the spiritual explorer when they encounter the reality that they can be in a different location, can project themselves to be in a spot other than where their physical vehicle may be located. This is one of the most powerful demonstrations you can make to yourselves, that you are in fact this spirit being, this being able to transcend the limitations of space working your way towards transcending the limitations of time.

So it is that you might position yourselves when it comes to being with a friend as they may be suffering in their life experience or simply to be with them to commune and provide fellowship, suffering or not. This is a choice that you have, an option that you can exercise and you are discovering that it is not only quite possible, but quite effective when applied, this ability of yours to make your presence known, to bring your awareness and consciousness into the equation, choose to insert yourself in the dynamic with your good intention and your desire for the best possible outcome.You are also wise in understanding that you are not given necessarily to know what the best course of action, what the best choices may be at any time but you are correct that there are ones who do know and when we defer our will to our Divine Parent's will, then we are assured that the right direction may be chosen for the best possible outcome.

It is always a pleasure to join you and to witness your encounters with this exploration of spirit. I assure you, you are on the right trail. You are following the right signs, they are leading you in the right direction and you are about this process correctly. I welcome you as your proceed down your journey. We will be at many an intersection to fellowship on your experiences. I bid you all have a good week before you, thank you.

Gerdean: [Cathy] I wish to bring myself into this healing and light circle. If feels so good to receive the love of the group in meditation. You can rest assured that the light is around you and the portal is a true creation for wellness. Feel the love, it is everywhere here and flowing to all. Go in confidence to use this tool for good, it is a marvelous creation.

Light: [Mark] Hello again my friends, I am Light here to speak some words of encouragement to you. My dear friends, my dear family, you are indeed owners and operators of this great creation that you have created. I refer to your portal, your point of energy transfer. In having been involved and having invested yourselves, you each are an integral part of this mechanism and you may take the expression of this instrument and you may guide it and direct it. You may use it to put others into, you may use it to shine light on others in their direction. You may use it to attach to those who are in need of support. You may bring others into the light. It is yours to use, it is yours to direct and wield as you so will. It is as though you are on the end of a great fire hose and the water has been turned on.

Now, what will you do with this tool? Where is this water needed? You may activate this at your choosing and direct it how you will. Do not forget to drink from this pool, to take for yourself some of the refreshment, some of the recharging, nurturing energy that passes in this portal. This point that you have created has been embraced and developed and we welcome this connection, that it be strengthened and preserved as we move forward. We know you are with us in this regard, we count on you to anchor your end of this bridge we have built. I assure you we are anchoring ours and we rely on each other for the strength of the span between us but it is so and it is so because you have chosen it to be so. You have fostered it and fashioned it to be so, now we may use it. Now you may use it. Please, avail yourselves, take advantage of this unique configuration as we will. Truly, this is a reflection of the gift of grace of our combined intentions to create such a passage. One of the great neural networks of the Supreme reaching out into the farthest places, one more connection made because we are alive and choosing to make it.

I know you all join me in expressions of gratitude for those who have provided these gifts of grace for us. May our gratitude be in our picking up these gauntlets that have been laid down and moving boldly forward in our ascension process. Thank you all for the opportunity to stand around the fire with you and commune with you in this way. It is indeed a great privilege, thank you.


Jonathan: [Mark] Hello friends, Jonathan here, just a little bridge maintenance, a little more bridge building. I would support the efforts you have made thus far and contribute to them from my end. I thank you all for your willingness to build from your end and the effort we have both made to reach and meet in the middle. It pleases me so well to be a part of this group that has pursued where spirit has led them and we have met in these places of spirit and explored new arenas together. I cherish that you are the comrades that I have had the pleasure of sharing this journey with and I look forward to much time before us as we may so choose. I leave you my love my dear friends. See you next time, bye now.