2015-09-04-Human Companionship

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Topic: Human Companionship

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Teacher Prolotheos

TR: Valdir Soares



Prolotheos: “Your olden writings are correct: ‘It is not good for man to be alone.’ Companionship craving is inherent in the human personality. Because human beings are unique personalities they can discharge many functions in solitude, but they really operate better when in companionship with other human beings. That is why in the evolutionary worlds most of life evolves in pairs of male and female, and are designated to be complementary to each other. Even in the celestial spheres many types of creatures, like angels, were created in dual types to allow for this complementation. Why is companionship so important to human beings?

“Companionship is satisfying. There is nothing wrong with enjoying solitude; in fact, human beings also need seasons of being alone to enjoy themselves. However, fellowship is basic in the very definition of ‘life.’ Life is not really life if is not lived with others. Lonely seasons help to make us better appreciate the togetherness with others and vice versa. Companionship enriches our life experiences. Situations, events, projects and mainly leisure are better enjoyed when in association with our friends and fellows rather than alone. Simply being present is not companionship; it demands a meaningful human interaction so companionship can be really satisfying.

“Companionship is instrumental. Many things can be done alone, but most of them can be completed better, faster and easier if done in partnership with others. Although primitive man was not very sociable, he had to learn to work in groups to better accomplish things in life; to find a wife with whom to share his life proved to be necessary and worth of enduring the irritations and frictions of daily.life. It’s sad that some religions on Urantia value loneliness as more spiritual than togetherness, when even the Paradise Deities have chosen in eternal and loving companionship in the Trinity.

“Companionship is multi-beneficial. Doing things alone may benefit the individual, but doing in cooperation with others, can benefit several others — even a whole community. Teamwork is not only a more efficient way to attend to most tasks in life, but also the best way to share the benefits and credits with a larger group of people. Love, respect and compassion cannot really be practiced in solitude. You need to be part of a group, a family, the class in school, the team at work, your community, city, country … the human race. Social and loving service cannot be performed without others.

“Some animals can also give you companionship, like dogs and cats, but never can they replace the kind of interaction a human being needs with another human being. People go in life looking for partners: a friend, a spouse, a fellow. Everyone needs companionship, but wisdom must rule their choices. Make sure the companionship will bring benefits to everyone involved. You can choose to live alone and sometimes that is a wise decision, but for most people, living in companionship is best way to grow as human beings. I am Prolotheos, your teacher-tutor on High, much enjoying your companionship.”