2016-11-27-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Advancing Curriculum

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Jonathan, Machiventa

TR: Allene Vick, Cathy Morris



Jonathan: [Allene] Hello everyone, this is Jonathan. You are right Allene, I am here. I have been here for quite a while. I am delighted to be in this group and I will definitely be here to work with all of you always. As you mentioned, perhaps I could help you getting a little further than you are. If you would like to ask me any questions I will be happy to take them and do what I can to answer them.

Question: Can you offer any suggestions in lieu of our change of direction, do you have some comments or suggestions of which direction to take, perhaps one of action? What are some of your thoughts from your side knowing us like you do?

Jonathan: Well there are a lot of answers for that one as you know. Seems to me it was pretty well decided that the focus of the group was going to be on healing and service. Now there is another focus on using your creative abilities so perhaps you might focus on developing them to do healing in different areas of service. Perhaps the first step is to take action to develop your abilities and understanding of creativity and the creative potential that you each have within you, how to recognize it, how to use it and how to develop it. Perhaps you might start with the idea of recognizing all the many little synchronicities that are displayed before you. These things do not happen out of the blue. They are very well coordinated with your divine helpers who are assisting you as you make your wishes and desires known whether they are voiced or not, as long as they are formulated. We all have these things happen, they seem like little magical moments. Perhaps it is better to pay attention and realize these are just examples of creativity at play like a wink and a nod to let you know your unseen team is with you.

Machiventa: [Cathy] I wish to clarify the idea that contact has changed since the circuits have been reactivated. This Correcting Time has modified the possibility of communication between morontia level participants and the up-stepped peoples on the planet at this time of increasing spiritual activity. Many of you have begun to enter the initial morontia levels during your time on this planet. This facilitates communication on the morontia level. I wish to encourage your group to reach out for contact between the two levels. As was mentioned before, you are helping to develop the advanced study curriculum for this Correcting Time. We are working with you in what ever direction you decide to explore.