2017-04-04-Facing Disappointment

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Topic: Facing Disappointment

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Midwayer Sharmon

TR: Valdir Soares



Sharmon: “My Dear friend, this is Sharmon, the most charming person in the Midway Realm; your friend of some years and happy for being here again to inspire your contemplations. I know that a constant trend in your mind in these days — due personal and public issues — is how to deal with life’s disappointments. Believe me; among the things that life brings in abundance, disappointments make the top of the list. Therefore, all will creatures in the universe of time and space, and mostly we evolutionary creatures, must learn to face them or else go through life holding numerous unhealthy grudges.

“First, Let it Sink In. When disappointments happen, trying to deny them only makes the situation worse. Instead, accept them; I even would say, embrace them, not in a sick and masochist way, but in a way to allow you to achieve full conscience of its impact on you. Trying to ignore it is in fact to deceive yourself. To downplay its effect on you, also, is damaging to yourself. Let it sink into you. Get a full appraisal of its consequences on your life. You need to know what damages this disappointment caused, so you can begin to repair it.

“Second, Re-Assert Your Goals. When you suffer a disappointment, you might temporarily lose sight of your life’s goals. Usually, that is when depression may occur and you may go spiraling down into the drain of commiseration. After you assessed the damages of the disappointment you suffered, re-assert your goals in life: spiritual, emotional and material ones. If your goals are based on meaningful values, you don’t need to change, but if not, do not be afraid of re-adjusting them in the right direction. In doing this, do not fail to obtain the always available assistance of your Thought Adjuster within.

“Lastly, Start Anew. Depending on the dimensions of a particular disappointment you have to deal with, you may have to restructure all of your life, or at least parts of your life to begin again. Don’t be afraid to start anew. See it not as a delay in your life, but a fresh new opportunity to re-invent yourself, to make it better. If you are striving for betterment in your life, do it without fear, for you have much, much help in the spirit realm available to you. However, it is your courage, faith, iron-clad determination that will make the difference.


“Therefore, my dear, facing disappointments is difficult for everybody because a disappointment takes from you something highly valued. However, on the positive side it is a great opportunity to re-evaluate your life and make changes that, without suffering the disappointment, you might never have the opportunity to make. Do not let a disappointment throw you in the depression pit. Receive it, re-evaluate it and restart it. If you are too comfortable, you may stop growing; that is why sometimes the Father allows some shaking up in your life, so you can lift yourself higher and higher. I am Sharmon, your friend. Blessings!”