2017-11-21-Urantia's Borderland and its Cleansing

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Topic: Urantia's Borderland and its Cleansing

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Midwayer Sharmon

TR: Valdir Soares



Sharmon: “The human self is basically made up of mindal energy originating from the Infinite Spirit. Your individual self is powered by this mindal energy and so are the personality endowments that make you a personal being.

“When death overcomes you, the assigned guardian angel takes possession of all your mind and spiritual identifiers for you to be resurrected on Mansonia One if you are deemed to be of resurrection standing after the concerned adjudication.

“However, after death the life energy of a departed human being remains as, what you call, a ‘thought-form' which is destined to be absorbed by Mother Urantia (Gaia), our Planetary Supreme, to be synthesized as part of the Supreme Being’s evolution. This thought-form carries the experiential registry of that human in the form of values, feelings and emotions; all of which should be instantly absorbed by Mother Urantia as that individual’s life’s contribution to Her personal growth.

“Notwithstanding the fact that sometimes these thought-forms are so impregnated with unresolved negative and evil thoughts and feelings, that it makes it impossible for our Planetary Supreme to absorb them instantly as it should be. Therefore, these thought/feeling forms tarry around our world in an intermediary dimension between the material and morontia realms, called the Borderland.

“These entities are not personalities as they lack time-consciousness. They are of two kinds: firstly the ones that still reflect thoughts, emotions, and feelings of their sponsors, either awaiting their special millennial dispensational resurrections or already on Mansonia, and secondly, those whose sponsors will not be resurrected due to their total spiritual bankruptcy. The former will eventually have their conflicts and status worked out on Mansonia and will then finally be absorbed by Mother Urantia. The latter are forever detached from their former ‘sponsors’ and there is no hope of resolution for them, therefore neither any possible absorption by Urantia. These hopeless entities continue their existence by attaching to and feeding upon living human beings, and by harassing and disturbing others.

“On normal worlds, the borderlands are only temporarily in use because in time all their resident entities either have their situation resolved or they eventually fade into nothingness, as those mortals from the eras of light and life are of a lofty spirituality having their thought-forms immediately absorbed by their Planetary Supreme at death. They would otherwise neither be capable of feeding themselves on those spiritually superb living human beings, nor subject them to their spiritual harassment.

Urantia’s Borderland is exceedingly crowded due to the still ongoing disruptive policies from the Lucifer Rebellion, so that the attachment and harassment from the hopeless entities has become particularly overwhelming as to even make increasingly difficult the work of human, midwayer and celestial workers here. That’s why Michael called for a special cleansing effort of Urantia’s Borderland: to bring this situation to acceptable levels.

“Those humans involved in this cleansing should be able to distinguish between the two classes of thought-forms — the hopeful and the hopeless ones. The former’s moral disinclination to evil and harassment should help to identify them as well as their characteristic energy luminescence. The hopeless ones may be extinguished by means of your superior spiritual strength, but the hopeful ones should be helped, as happened in the case of Virginia Jamieson whose thought-form’s energies George and some of us midwayers helped to cross over to Mother Urantia.


“However, be mindful of the spiritual stress that such activity may bring you. Make sure to give yourselves regular breaks from it for spiritual revitalization. I am your friend, Midwayer Sharmon, the charming one, helping you find answers about this very complicated issue that Urantia’s Borderland has become for both humans and midwayers.”