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Topic: Fulfillment

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Damascus Scribe, Mathew, Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



The Scribe: “This is a lesson about fulfillment, indeed contentment at one’s chosen task, but as I see it, as self-actualization before I give it any other name. Every living creature, from the most basic of nematodes to the most advanced of our spiritual beings, desires fulfillment in life. Indeed, yes, I did, too, and all throughout the centuries of my on-again-off-again space-time commissions did I hunger for complete fulfillment. The nearest ever to this hunger being stilled was during the time Michael served in Damascus. It was in Damascus where my usefulness came into its own, where I triumphed and so did the Master.

“In Damascus, a busy trading city, and for a most enjoyable time, the Local Universe Creator Son and I, His temporary Guide and Teacher, worked hard, and in close association, representing all manner of people with their government and others; traders, employers, creditors. Michael’s thoughts were Mine and My thoughts were His and would that Michael had been an ordinary mortal, there and then fusion would have been so very, very likely. Personality attainment is high on the list of Thought Adjusters of all of many functions. For Me to gain personality status by accompanying a Creator Son on His final bestowal mission was the fulfillment of My dearest dream.”

Midwayer Mathew: “Midwayers that are created on normal worlds are entitled to a rather lengthy education for the simple reason that they function as teachers to a large percentage of the population on a great number of subjects, but always to a different species; humans. This is Midwayer Mathew, I am used to being regarded an alien on this world, but I’m also proof that the education your Secondary Midwayers were in need of was considerably longer than 20 years. Even if they were to specialize like Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8) Physiology and Psychology, Dreyfus (DEF-5) Politics and Beatrice (ABC-3) Spiritual Education, 40 years would be more likely. They managed virtually without education, so more power to them!

“My final fulfillment will be there when I arrive on Paradise but meanwhile this is much a worth-while planet and I will be content to work here for as long as Machiventa will employ me.”

Chief Bzutu (ABC-22): “I am a Secondary Midwayer, native to this planet. I was all at loose ends until long, long ago Primary Midwayer, Andrea, took charge of my education. For me the tasks I work through on this world is it – the tasks, yes, my underlings, colleagues, my superiors and my human students and co-workers. They simply are my fulfillment, for I already have the guarantee of life eternal.

“Fulfillment for the human may be problematic. At age 5 owning a draft horse may seem to be a sure fulfillment of life but she can neither house nor feed the animal. Neither can she come up with the purchase price. At age 12 fulfillment could conceivably be a guitar and a musical future now awaits her, but there are others in the house – most diligent boy students. At age 16 she will want to get married. And so on it goes and some never achieve fulfillment in this terrestrial life. We, your patient Midwayers, we continue to offer our services to assist you in your drive toward self-actualization, for we know we are each other at our spiritual root source. Good day from us all.”