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Topic: Great Challenge

Group: S. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Lanaforge

TR: Simeon



Lanaforge: To find that space of connection is the goal. What would it be like if you could allow yourself to engage with spirit in all the things you do, to see from a place of centeredness regarding all matters, difficult or easy? God is here with us as we endeavor to communicate with you for the betterment of yourself, and I know you also seek to help the world and are willing to share the message if you could but hear it clearly. This is the challenge.

We would like to engage you all at a different level, one that goes beyond simple mindal infusion. Understand that the great challenge for humanity is to come to terms with the relationship to spirit, to God, and to achieve that connection individually so that life can be manifested within that spirit boundary where the decisions made are more beneficial than when trying to guess valiantly but somewhat disjointedly, trying to do what God would have you do without really trying to connect with that presence.

Imagine a student in school who tries to do the lessons without listening to the teacher, without seeking that guidance, to just hope that you will do good things and make the right choices, and get the right answers without studying, without reaching for the help. Many people on your world believe in God in theory, accept there is a presence out there, and then proceed to go through life hoping that one day at the end of their journey they will get to meet this presence, when the reality is, this presence is ready to meet you each day, each moment, each time you listen within and seek to connect.

Again, God is here with us in this journey. We can share insights with you from our experiences and from what has been prepared as a result of our meetings with various personalities, but we utilize our sensitivity to God’s presence in doing this, and we exhort you to do the same. Our connection is made stronger when you are in search of that presence, for if our mission is to serve God as we know it is, then let us not waste time trying to understand aside from that presence, but with that presence we shall understand together how we can help you to help us to help you and to help others regarding the ways you can focalize human effort on Urantia.

I sense your humility in the recognition that you do not need to achieve something to be in God’s grace and in God’s presence. We do not need to hide from that which gives us all that we are and all that we can be. Think of the cooperative spirit that can come as you and I and our Father and our brothers and sisters cooperate to spiritually guide you as you seek guidance, and those who would also seek to know as a result of our ministry to you.

We’re in world changing times here. No vast predictions need be made, but recognize opportunity lies with us in this relationship. What if others could get a glimpse of what you have glimpsed, could understand what you have understood, that there is hope and possibility, that there is a plan and that you are not alone? There is a shared enterprise working throughout the universes to bring enlightenment to any who would seek. This is the cornerstone of our work. This is the mission at hand.

I am a system administrator who chooses this opportunity to engage with the hope that you can see what lies ahead and hear what we would share. Lanaforge is my name, but the only reality you need to recognize is that we are here. You are a part of our system. Urantia is part of our system and we engage the administrators here on your world as we do all the other worlds. The step forward is the willingness to bring the Father presence into our work. Your connection will be stronger. It will allow us to share more readily, information, as is necessary.


We hope that you and others who can hear this message will engage, as we work to reclaim your world as part of our system of planets and institute the plans and patterns necessary to realize your part in the plan, for the time of isolation is ending and we will be a part of your processes moving forward. There is no need to hide from it, no need to worry for what it all means, no need to feel you are not up to the task. We, together, in relationship to our Creative Spirit, will manifest understanding of certain principles that beckon you forward toward a certain destiny and an achievement of higher principles.