Ascension Blue Chronicles-part 1

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Children of the Earth, riders of the waves
The moment of awakening shall soon be upon you

We once played together in vibrant lavender fields
And our hearts smiled with the laughter of your children

In those ancient of days we both knew our mother as Gaia
Your memory of us is like the dim flicker of a candle
As it struggles to remain alight in the wind of a stormy night

The veils of deception have beseeched your souls
As the fallen archons Eli-Jehovi weaved their web
Winding you up in a never ending inverted time loop

Higher harmonics of light and sound have been filtered out
As they drown your senses with binary harmonic distortion
Causing your senses to become blind, deaf and numb

Timeloop after timeloop they have altered your reality
For the life that you now live
Is not the life YOU as a soul intended

Timeloop after timeloop we have attempted intervention
Amongst the realms of the dark archons
Where even your angels fear to tread

Timeloops occur around every 70 Earth years
With the next loop to occur in 2017
There is a transition window of 4 years
For the dark archons to complete a loop
The next transition they shall commence soon
It is during this 4 year transition cycle
That we shall have a window of opportunity
For intra-dimensional intervention

Within this 4 year transition you shall witness
Many a strange anomalies and catastrophies
As a battle above and below rages
For the freedom of your human souls
To free you from a never ending reincarnational cyle
That the dark archons have forced and imprisoned upon you
Within this mirror half-light harmonic universe

We do not speak of the flesh nor material realms
For we have long departed these realms and dimensions
We speak of that which is your spirits and souls (soullular / cellular)

We (blue human archon) are alone, outnumbered and overpowered
This has been spoken of in the Blue Laments
However our numbers here are increasing with each awakening moment

Millenia after millenia, Timeloop after timeloop
Our first attempts here were first contact
The dark archons have erased this from your genetic memory

When this did not succeed our interventions became limited
Many of us would incarnate into your realms
Only to be hunted and extinguished

We made many attempts to bargain and negotiate
With the dark archons to no avail
Now we are left with raging battles

As you stand upon Earth's shores
Listening to her oceans roar
A sea of ultraviolet blue light shall descend upon you

A raging wave will wash away the veils of yesterday
With the vibrations of divine creation

The wind blows and restless are your weary souls
No longer shall you be enslaved unto forever repeating cycles

Upon your rememberance there will be rage in Eden
As you discover serpents are angels and your angels are demons

No ascension finds us where descension has left us
And no space contains us where time has touched us

Darkness can not hide us
And death can not silence us

Dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn
The departure shall be the gathering

And all that remains unsaid shall be said
And all that remains unknown shall be known

The moment of choosing shall be your unchoosing
And the moment of doing shall be your undoing

To break the inverted time loops that bind you
A universal system reboot has been scheduled

Farewell to you dark archons eli-jehovi and to your never ending timeloops
Farewell to you dark angels Michael and Gabriel for your deceptions shall be no more
Your divide and conquer through the many religions and gods is now coming to an end
Your double inverted mirror universe is about to be shattered

We were there over 12,000 years ago as witness
When Eta Carina became a majestic supernova

We were witness 650 years ago
As Betelgeuse went supernova
And Orion was no more

The light of these two supernovas is yet to reach you
As you gaze upon them today
Witnessing only the light of yesterday

Pulsar one to pulsar two
The Vela and the Crab

Upon our ascension/departure from these dimensions
We left behind synchronised pulsars in your galaxy

These are time and space markers
Synchronised to the heart beat of the galactic core

Communicate with the flicker of distant stars
Telling tales of your long lost histories

When the frequency of these pulsars begin to flux
Your past shall be your future and the future your past

The moment of undoing is almost upon you
In that moment you shall die and live a thousand lives

Time shall come to a standstill
And everything shall be frozen in ultraviolet light

Life time before life time shall be peeled away
Layer by layer like the many shells of an onion

All that is within shall turn without
The Inner shall be outer and outer inner

The giver shall be the taker
As the taker shall be the giver

Within five blinks of an eye (2017) shall come the moment of undoing
Where all time and space shall be frozen in a moment of suspended animation

All that has come to pass shall be unwound and unbound
All that is a replica of the divine shall fall and fade away

Upon the moment of undoing all your senses shall be restored, and;
All that is forgotten shall be remembered
All that is unseen shall be seen
All that is unheard shall be heard
All that is unknown shall be known

The bridge between the caterpillar and the butterfly
Is the same bridge between separation and oneness
It is a chrysalis dreaming itself alive

And one morning in an unguarded moment
As you gaze upon your reflection
In the drop of a morning dew

You shall realise (realeyes) that the divine
Is about to birth inside its own creation = YOU

Do not let the ripples of creation separate you
And the afterglow of light become a long lost memory

For you shall not know the depth of your oneness
Until the very moment of your separation

We travel on the edge of ultraviolet supernova light
As we await creation's signal

When divine creation shall send a heart-pulse
A supernova wave encoded with the spirit of humankind

Humanity shall rise again and be stripped of the chains
that have bound and wound it to this fallen time and space

And you shall dance in fields untrodden
Where your feet shall move with our feet

We shall sing the sonic codes of the divine
Where creation's voice shall throb within y/our hearts

And Earth shall pass into the twilight of Gaia
Where you shall sleep through the dark night of your soul

In the flash of a moment
All that is Done will be Undone
And with human eyes you will awaken in the morning of another world

Forever we walk upon Gaia's shores
You are the seeds of an awakened humanity
In the fullness and ripeness of your hearts you are given to the wind
And should a seed find itself on pure and sacred ground
It shall blossom into a new Earth

Forever-blue horizons reach way back into your future
And as the sun rises you remember your forgotten dreams
Only to find yourself standing in deep water
Your hearts beating upon Gaia's shores

Earth is beautiful blue, until another time, another place
Where silence and peace shall speak as loud as war once did
And Mother Earth ascends to what she was once before, GAIA.