Ascension Blue Chronicles-part 2

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Your hearts are the poems of your souls written upon the nature of your bodies
And should your hearts remain empty then so to shall your souls

Be saddened no longer for humanity shall return
With the messanic waves of divine creation

And as you sleep your dreams become our dreams
And the moment of your awakening shall be our awakening

In that moment all that was done shall be undone
All that is unblessed shall be blessed
And all that remains unloved shall be forever loved

And Within the echoes of your future memories
We shall meet once more on the bridge to the infinite

And all that is unspoken shall be spoken
And all that is unsung shall be sung

And together we shall build a new Earth
Amongst the lavendar fields planted by those that came before you

It all began amidst the darkness of the Eli-Jehovi wars
After aeons the nuclear dust had settled

The Earth had fallen out of harmonic resonance with Gaia
There was still a glimmer of light and hope

The blue sheltered light and silence had arrived
The 7th wave and let there be light exploding

A supernova of brilliant magnitude brought you new encodings
And a new world began with the first landings

Oceania and Balaenoptera we prayed for the Earth
But only time shall tell

We lamented for Atlantis and Lemuria
And before them, Amentis and Ioria

Before the aeon of human hibernation
The codes had been stored within the mountain chambers

The Blue shining ones made it crystal clear
Before retreating beyond heaven's gate

Their words echoed "Before a new cycle begins again
Ascension of the soul must be in the physical to obtain"

Dearest Blue of Whales
Ever we await your trumpet braided encoded signal

Your sun is beginning to pulse a new song
But without your resonant bellows from within Oceania

Your sun will not sing in tune
For without it the child within can not grow

Blessed Daal of Fins
Will you allow history to forever repeat itself
Will you beach again

But no one is listening beneath a blanket
Of disarrayed and confused binary frequencies

The supernova awaits your signal
From deep beneath the blue sheltered light and silence

Your souls are frozen in the gravity of timeloops
An echo of our memories of future pasts

Ever seeking creations's arrow
We travel on the edge of ultraviolet supernova light
As we await creation's signal

A coming moment in your time
As a cycle ends and a new begins
The milky way shall have rotated
To face the eye of creation

In that moment the light of a million suns
Shall birth a majestic supernova
And it shall wash your souls
With ultraviolet blue waves

This light shall be isomorphic by design
Tuned only to the spirit of humanity

All that is not in resonance of divine love
Shall fall and fade away

Humanity shall rise again and be stripped of the chains
that have bound and wound it to this fallen time and space

And you shall dance in fields untrodden
Where your feet shall move with our feet
And We shall sing the sonic codes of the divine
Where creation's voice shall throb within y/our hearts

And Earth shall pass into the twilight of Gaia
Where you shall sleep through the dark night of your soul
And with human eyes awaken in the morning of another world
Where all that is unloved shall be loved

It all started as a dream and shall end as a dream
In your sleep you shall awaken and when you awaken you shall dream
And in that dream you will hear the unheard and see the unseen
And all that was forgotten shall be remembered

Humanity encoded holds the secrets of life
From before the moment of creation
In your sleep we sing these secrets to your souls
So they may be remembered like a long forgotten melody

All that has been taken shall be given
And all that has been stolen shall be returned
Humanity's gift has been its curse
And this curse shall be the fire that ignites its transformation ...