Ascension Blue Chronicles-part 4

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As a prerequisite it is recommended you first read Blue Lament for Humanity

--- 2013.10.26 ---

Invisible we are and in your midst we walk amongst you
Unnoticed and in silence from sunrise to sunset
We are alive standing right next to you

Close your eyes and you shall see us
Silence your ears and you shall hear us
Calm your senses and you shall feel us
With open hearts you shall experience it all

As you bathe in an ocean of radioactive waste
And drink from your intoxicated rivers
You shall lament a future's past

Have you not eaten enough bullets, swallowed enough metal
Tasted enough hatred, felt enough rage or embraced enough war
Lifetime after lifetime and still you return to this same loop in time

Your establishments and institutions
Made up of deceit, lies and control
Shall all soon be coming to an end

When you Sleep you shall Awaken
And when you Awaken you shall Dream
And when you Dream you shall Live

Eternity shall become a moment and a moment eternity
Black shall become white and white shall become black
And sound shall be as coloured light
And light shall dance like a sweet melody

Within the entropy of time all shall fall from grace
But within the space of nothing you shall turn your face
And space shall become time as time becomes space

Humanity is on the edge of night slowly shifting into day
You are at the centre stage, the pivot, zero and flash point
You have gone where angels fear to tread and were not designed for
Humanity shall become a new biological Angel
YOU are the bridge between spirit and matter

Your Earth did not come with a moon
Tides caused by the moon is a big lie
Which in truth tides are caused by
The gravity waves from your Sun

Your moon is one of many Noah's Ark's
An artifical satellite ship of the eli-jehovi
Built from material raped from the womb of
Both your Mars and later your Earth

The moon placed into an artificial jitterbug orbit
Is the cause of dis-harmonious gravity waves
And disconnect between your mind, spirit and soul

Behind the moon they hide and when they come
They shall pretend to come in peace and open arms
They are your enslavers from your garden of Eden

But now in your awakened state you shall real-eyes
That your angels are demons and your serpents are angels
And in this moment of realisation there will be rage in eden
And their moon shall rain down upon your Earth

There is a filter (ozone layer) in your unseen
Vibrating just beyond your fields of perception
Filtering out harmonic vibrations (UV light)
Which are conducive to your connection with source

The filter (ozone layer) was placed here by your enslavers
Earth did not come with an ozone layer
Nor did it come with polar/ice caps

Earth did not come with a broken spine nor a lob-sided tilt
All above is manifest from the rape and pillage she endured
A forgotten traumatic memory from which she still quakes and weeps

The dimensional alignments of 2013-2017 coming is your call-to-home
During this time the double-mirror image
Can be seen for what it really is - an illusion
Find your way back to the centre within YOU

Chaos and order exist in one and the same moment
With both serving to sustain each other
Through evolution and involution inside and out
Creating all infinite potentials in all directions

This is the cosmic tree of life ever expanding and compressing
Universes upon universes reaching backwards and beyond time itself
Parallel universes and universes not yet come into being
All existing simultaneously going beyond time and space itself
The entire realm of existence is a great flower in eternal and infinite bloom

Gaze upon your stars that flicker in your minds eye
Trace the underlying cellular matrix of the living cosmic clockwork
The very laws that govern your universes above and below
And all dimensions of light and darkness that exist
Are all inside and within the centre of YOU

It is all self assembling, self sustaining and self referential
And with each infinite moment of creation is a variation
Layered upon itself ever growing and evolving like a plant
All are branches in the endless and infinite tree of life

Divine creation is about to birth inside its own creation = YOU

Meet us half-way within the spirit of your dreams
As we whisper to your souls so that you may remember

Do not let the ripples of creation separate you
And the afterglow of light become a long lost memory

For you shall not know the depth of your oneness
Until the very moment of your separation

Forever we walk upon Gaia's shores
You are the seeds of an awakened humanity
In the fullness and ripeness of your hearts you are given to the wind
And should a seed find itself on pure and sacred ground
It shall blossom into a new Earth

Forever-blue horizons reach way back into your future
And as the sun rises you remember your forgotten dreams
Only to find yourself standing in deep water
Your hearts beating upon Gaia's shores

Earth is beautiful blue, until another time, another place
Where silence and peace shall speak as loud as war once did
And Mother Earth ascends to what she was once before, GAIA.