Ascension Blue Chronicles-part 5

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As a prerequisite it is recommended you first read Blue Lament for Humanity if you have not already done so.

With only 3 blinks of an eye remaining before 2017
With which an event greater than anything you have seen
Shall descend upon you and infuse all frequencies

This event will mark the birth of a new vibration
Within the consiousness of the Earth's biosphere
The energy contained within will transform ALL

This transmission began rippling through your morphgenetic fields in 1967
With an octave shift in 1987 and a harmonic fifth in 2006-2007
Wave after pulsing wave shall come until she Earth has given birth in 2017

No ascension finds us where descension has left us
And no space contains us where time has touched us
The gathering shall be the departure

We departed these dimensional and material realms
Before the universal rift and the polarisation of Gaia
Where Earth, daughter of Gaia became separated and hostage

Hiroshima your echoes forever frozen in time
Enola's kiss is never going to fade away
Her radiating light caused soul amnesia
Forever stuck in a repeating time loop

Hiroshima signalled the urgency and our descension began
Our blue angels began arriving slowly but surely
The winter of 1963 it seemed the Earth would freeze
With John F Kennedy and the Beatles

A new wave en-mass from 1967 a large influx began
Each decade brought more and each wave unique and different
Your children and their chldren are now conduits for what is to arrive
The ground-force is almost established just a few more blinks

New harmonics and pulsations of awareness will enter
The human atomsphere to break down the prison walls
That enshrouds your minds, hearts and souls

There is none to fear with this coming event
Your unique individuality shall not be dissolved
Instead it will flower and blossom
To its full and intended potential

The purpose of this is to set free your your souls and temples
From recycled reincarnation within this fallen system
Which is a tool trap used by your enslavers to harvest
The bio etheric energy of your souls

The human spirit was not designed for recycled reincarnation
Repeating and looping over and over the same life and drama
To tell you that this is a normal condition is a dark lie

Your bio etheric temples were not designed for such short life spans
Your enslavers downgraded your genetic template in the garden of Eden
Your new age institutions are the same harvest trap as your religions
Your arch-angels are demons and your serpents are your saving angels


Your duality is two sides of the same coin
As your enslavers play you off against each other
An illusion to keep the harvest fresh and thriving

Your souls are likened unto black-box recorders
Storing the memory of experiences life after life
Uploading your experience to your spirit (bio etheric feedback)

The purpose of this is to fine tune and improve
Your bio etheric templates for further DNA activation
Increasing bandwidth and storage capacity allowing
For further download of your greater spirit into this realm

They wiped your soul memory lifetime after lifetime
The longer you have been reincarnating here
The greater the difficulty to pull away from their gravity

Ever seeking creations's arrow
We travel on the edge of ultraviolet supernova light
As we await creation's signal

When divine creation shall send a heart-pulse
A supernova wave encoded with the spirit of humankind

In that moment the light of a million suns
Shall birth a majestic supernova
And it shall wash your souls
With ultraviolet blue waves

This light shall be isomorphic by design
Resonant and tuned only to the spirit of humanity

All that is not in resonance
Shall fall and fade away

As you stand upon Earth's shores
Listening to her oceans roar
A sea of ultraviolet blue light shall descend upon you

A raging wave will wash away the veils of yesterday
With the vibrations of divine creation

Pulsar one to pulsar two
The Vela and the Crab

Upon our departure from these dimensions
We left behind synchronised pulsars in your galaxy

These are time and space markers
Synchronised to the heart beat of the galactic core

Communicate with the flicker of distant stars
Telling tales of your long lost histories

When the frequency of these pulsars begin to flux
Your past shall be your future and the future your past

For you shall not know the depth of your oneness
Until the very moment of your separation

When humanity shall rise again and be stripped of the chains
that have bound and wound it to this fallen time and space

Humanity encoded holds the secrets of life
From before the moment of creation
In your sleep we sing these secrets to your souls
So they may be remembered like a long forgotten melody

All that has been taken shall be given
And all that has been stolen shall be returned
Humanity's gift has been its curse
And this curse shall be the fire that ignites its transformation

Earth is beautiful blue, until another time, another place
Where silence and peace shall speak as loud as war once did
And Mother Earth ascends to what she was once before, GAIA.

And one morning in an unguarded moment
As you gaze upon your reflection
In the drop of a morning dew

You shall realise (realeyes) that the divine
Is about to birth inside its own creation = YOU

In the flash of that moment ... All that is Done will be Undone