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I'm not a doctor nor am i a certified health practioner of any type. However something i am very passionate about and have well studied, practiced and researched is health and the biological electrical, magnetic and chemical function of the human body and how it functions in relation to mind, soul and spirit. Much ideas and knowledge were led to by my intuition/inner voice, dreams, astral travels.

Basically - i am a health freak. I've been this way since age 5 after a metaphysical experience during a schoolyard accident involving another child. I have this innate knowledge of the nature and inner workings of the body coupled with mind and spirit. I wanted to be a doctor when young but it did not turn out as planned which is for the better.

Also am driven by my EGO who wants to live forever and never die (physically) and thus wanted to chemically, magnetically and electrically reproduce/emulate "ascension" if there was ever such a thing. It is my believe when the body-mind-soul-spirit are all in complete harmony that such a thing as physical ascension ( or what i call biological transmutation) could occur - bBiological transmutation to accommodate higher cellular (soul-ular) frequency i will discuss much further on down the track.

It still is my "belief" that an open mind, free spirit and fully aware conciousness whilst we are focused here in this physical domain or universe is very much dependant on a healthy, clean, fully functional and operational biological spacesuit (body). Many will argue that spirit directs and over-rides the physical body. But i will have to say here at this point it is both - for a poisoned body knowingly or unknowingly can not accomodate a highly aware and functional spirit/soul with the exception of very few.

Below i'll begin with the centre of all glands/chakras which is the Thymus/Heart. Though many will assume that the pineal/crown or pituitary/3rd eye chakras are the most important, it is the thymus/heart which is the regulator of moving from social monkey mind to an open-aware super consciousness.

The thymus gland is probably the most scientifcally under-studied gland and it was not so long ago that many doctors assumed it to be of no importance and would yank it out on the slightest sign of illness or breathing-lung problems. More on this later.

Nature of Life

The nature of life is the blending patterns of unending energy waves and pulses in an outward spiraling progression drawing all and everything towards itself. Energy within the biological spacesuit (human body) is created by various electromagnetic fields which are set into motion by spiritual intent and will. These require active material elements such as light, air, water, minerals, vitamins and enzymes to name a few. In our current state of being we can not have one without the other. Our spirit and mind coupled with mental and emotional attitudes form resonant patterns which are reflected in and by our biological makeup as well as our external reality.

Energy is always transforming, evolving, involving and transmuting. The human biological spacesuit is no different than any other animal species or plant species in that when reduced it is made up of the same elements and minerals as found throughout the whole of nature. What made the human organism unique and stand out above all else is the human spirit and consciousness which animates and drives our biological spacesuit.

Essentially our vitamins, minerals and various biological elements are made up of from light and electromagnetic patterns which take shape by spiritual intent and will. As our consciousness expands and becomes super aware we will no longer be required to partake of our more physical substances such as minerals and vitamins as only light, air and water will be required and sufficient enough. As we withdraw our focus from the material we will be vibrating only as a lightbody.

All animal, plant, insect and ecological life is an extension and reflection of humanity. An example is our animals which are a sub-extension of our soul family groups. That is to say that our beloved dog or cat are a sub-extension of our oversoul, which is US. Next time you give your dog a kick look at like you are giving yourself a kick.

The human spirit is aware of itself. Not only do we know as other species also know, the human spirit KNOWS THAT IT KNOWS, it is AWARE that it is AWARE, something which other animal and plant species do not know.

Our biological organs are all made up of the same elements but in different configurations and patterns. Not only is the organ shape different but the ratio of their elemental makeup. That is, different organs will be made up of different ratios of mineral and vitamin. It is this ratio which forms patterns. eg. the heart organ may contain more magnesium than the liver organ and our liver organ may contain more zinc than our eyes.

What is important to understand is not the mineral make but the pattern and shape. In our outer reality our foods such as fruit, vegetables and herbs all have the same characteristic in that they also form similiar shapes as our biological organs. This is a frequency signature. Notice how our foods have similair shapes as our organs. eg. kidney beans (Kidney, Pancreas), banana (penis), cauliflower (brain) ... broccoli (lungs), pears, etc. There is intelligent reasoning and design to why this is.


All these egyptian mythologies like Horus, Isis, Osiris, Seth are actually not about gods as such but about genetic engineering as in;

Genesis = gene of isis
Is-Is = is is = dupliciation / copy of gene
Osiris (os-or-is) = unified light of the gene duplicated
Horus (hor-is) = sun/son duplicated
Seth = Knife / to cut / split

The SHIELDS OF HORUS - this is essentially 4 glands and their related chakras. Further, later, i'll discuss what i call the "Wings of Isis" which are the Pineal and Pituitary glands when synchronised set up a resonant corridor/chamber of communication activating the 3rd eye.

4. SKIN (extension of the heart chakra)

The THYMUS is like an invisible shield that protects the body against unwanted unseen radiation.

The THYROID is the physical shield, mainly shielding toxins.

You could say that the thymus/heart shield the "unseen" and the thryoid shields the "seen" or "outer-external-self".

The parathyroid inner-gland is located within the thyroid gland and protects the "inner self".

The skin as well as an organ is like a gland and can be considered an extension of the heart chakra/thyrmus gland. The skin is the physical sheath / shield version of the invisible thymus.

  • Vitamin D is produced within the skin via ultraviolet light.
    • Research shows Vitamin D to behave like a hormone.

Please remember - The heart / thymus is the key central chakra linking and interwined with all the other chakras. First and foremost everything starts and ends with the heart chakra spiralling in and out of it. If this is out of balance then everything else is out of balance. A sure sign of the heart chakra been out of balance is "addiction". Emotional addiction which can represent itself physically in many ways; addicited to stress, addicted to sex, addicted to drama, addicted to violence, addicted to drugs etc.

See Heart Spiral Meditation for further information.

The above 4 glands / 2 chakras are defined as the "Shields of Horus".

Some non-linear perspectives are described below;


As said this is the central chakra and co-ordinates all the other glands/chakras. i.e. it instructs/synchronises them on what they need to do which is produce hormones, increase and decrease production to keep the physical body, mind and spirit in balance and fully operational.

The key emotion which kills/shuts down this gland is AGGRESSION. This can be self/inner aggression or outer-aggression. This gland is the aging gland and it is the first to begin to shut down usually around by age 40 it is virtually shut and unable to co-ordinate and synchronise communications with the other glands and thus hormones all go out of alignment and out of balance from here on.

Auto-immune diseases are all related to thymus/heart malfunction / shutdown.

This is why some tribes when upon awakening will pound their chest and scream as it revitalises the thymus gland (like Tarzan).

Aggressive, rage, violence are signs of an imbalanced Thymus/Heart chakra especially if the emotions are suppressed, they can cause swelling with toxins. Also people who perceive others as aggressive against them for no real reason can also have their heart/thymus chakra out of balance.

The heart/thymus are linked to the adrenal/sacral glands, the spleen/solar as well as the thyroid/throat glands.

Non-productive states of mind are also reflective of this chakra been out of balance as well as love issues and difficulties at the centre of ones life is obviously linked to this chakra.


The thyroid is emotionally linked to anxiety

The thyroid regulates the physical appearance of the body and thus is reflective of how the mind sees itself manifest. The thyroid is the infra-red sensor as it picks up / monitors / regulates heat with in the body in tandem with the pituitary gland.

Inability to stabalise body temperature usually while sleeping or hot flushes is a sign of thyroid imbalance and possibly pituitary imbalance.

Inability to tolerate heat at normal levels is a sure sign of thyroid imbalance and manifests as inflammation.

Combined imbalance of heart/thymus and thryoid/throat is inability to withstand or shrug of insults, "taken to heart".

Combined imbalance of parathyroid (innerself) and thyroid (outerself) will manifest as spinal problems such as alignment, sciatica etc.

Combined with the hypothalamus (end of spinal chord in the brain) other mental/soul imbalances are reflected in rigidity, mental blocks etc.

Thyroid imbalance combined with veins/arteries problem is reflected in creative blocks.

Thyroid imbalance linked with sacral/sex glands imbalance is reflective of energy wasting not realising ones full potential.

Thyroid imbalance linked with stomach disorders is reflective of inabaility to absorb / digest emotions, ideas, concepts and unbalanced emotional responses to people around you.

Anxiety causes the build up of toxins in the thyroid.

Tremers following "any" addicition withdrawal is a sign of weak thyroid.

The thyroid in a final attempt to rid itself of seen and unseen toxins will pass them over to the thymus and when the thymus is unable to eliminate the toxins then tumours can arise. Another example is goiter.

Parathyroid / Innerself

This gland is in the same package as the thyroid but has acupuncture importance. This gland/chakra is linked with experience and anger. As mentioned imbalanced thyroid and parathyroid shows up as spinal problems. Things like perceived bad experiences or bad memories will cause an imbalance.

Thymus and Parathyroid imbalance can manifest as bone problems such as arthritis or osteoporosis.

Inability of acceptance (refusing to accept) of an experience can show up as imbalanced parathyroid and kidney stones. These can also manifest in skin imbalances like corns or hardened areas.

The parathyroid is the shield of the inner-self protecting one from past bad experiences. When these are unresolved or not allowed to flow or be accepted then the inner shield begins to wear away and thin-out and when the shield breaks down it is reflected in one losing self or self control and direction.

Imbalances such as anger, holding onto old memory patterns or programs can be reflected by calcification of glands and organs.


The skin is the physical shield of the thymus. Whereas the thymus is reflective of the unseen the skin is reflective of the seen.

An example is psoriasis where the skin and the pancrease (solar plexus) and/or the thymus are out of balance.

Also emotions such as boredom can be reflected in skin disorders (itching) or old emotions that are held onto can be reflected in chronic skin disorders.

Next article in this series is Wings of Isis

Be Well