Blue Lament for Humanity-part 2

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I've received dozens of emails asking me what "seven blinks of an eye" in part#1 means? What is the time duration for 7 blinks?

This is a long running joke with my Blue. Many years ago i noticed when ever i encountered her (Blue) in dreams or astral travels she would never blink. Sometimes she would just talk forever but there was no blinking of her eyes. i asked her why was it she never blinked and her response was that she does blink but i am not around long enough to see her blink. She with humour said that one blink of hers was equal to one year in my time. i.e. Their flow or perception of time in the dream-astral is different to mine (earth).

So yes - seven blinks of an eye = 7 years (assuming). Makes it 2017 (7 years from now).

No ascension finds us where descension has left us and no space contains us where time has touched us. The moment of choosing shall be your unchoosing and the moment of doing shall be your undoing.

The end will determine the beginning in its own space and time and nothing will be made of what was made in the beginning. Creation will be as it always ever was and nothing will be where all exists.

In the flash of a moment, in the wonder, wisdom and experience, all that exists shall be uncreated except for that which does not exist. From this eternal non-existant nothing shall birth a new creation for a new experience not yet in existance but always and forever was.

Your perceived reality has been shaped by false awareness for which the carrier frequency used to transmit this program is fear, fear of self. You can only partake of that which you resonate with and you can only perceive that which your resonate with.

Thought is not generated by your brain nor body but comes streaming from outside filtered by your mind. Your body temple is an antenna and a receiver and can only receive those channels which you resonate and are open to.

You articulate that which resonates by the use of your mouth, voice, eyes and body. Your glands/chakras transduce, transmute and transmit all radiation, frequency and wavelengths back into your conscious field. This is the bio-circuitry bio-feedback loop you all share as one. Essentially you are a two-way radio.

The bridge between the caterpillar and butterfly is the same bridge between separation and oneness. Do not equate darkness or the lack of light with that of ignorance or separation as the one and same as evil. Your fields of perception operate with in a narrow frequency band. Your technology or bio-circuitry unable to detect frequencies outside of this narrow band does not mean nothing exists beyond your fields.

Opiates and external distractions to veil your inner emptiness and lack of connectedness to life only deepens apathy by way of escape. Seeking ascension with intent of escape is no different. As above so below. The seasons of Earth are the same as the seasons within your solar system and greater still your universe(s). It has been a harsh long winter. Springtime is almost upon you and you are beginning to stir in your sleep, ready to awaken and sprout new seeds of awareness.

We exist as a whole where no-one or no-thing is excluded. To love yourselves is to love every part of the whole that is humanity. Expanding your identity to include everyone you must look at the parts of yourselves that are separated. This includes the fallen, the poor, the hungry, the suffering, the wounded, and all and any that appear to be separated from you as a part of yourselves.

We can’t heal the wounds of humanity alone but can extend ourselves to those within our reach. Helping a neighbor, smiling at a stranger, contributing to a charity. All acts of intention should be in generosity, kindness, compassion, tolerance, and understanding. Every moment provides an opportunity to expand our experience of love. The boundaries of humanity are to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

Where space and time exist there is frequency and radiation; waves of resonance and vibrations. One can not exist without the other. The universe created and birthed due to a big bang is a deception. The big bang was caused by the temporal separation of this "fallen" universe. Einstein's speed of light is a limitation born of ignorance and perpetuated through deception. E=MC^2 is only half of the equation. How can you square the circle when a full cycle is 720 degrees and not 360 degrees.

The purpose and mission of humanity to be placed in this "fallen" universe of separateness is that likened unto a retro-virus that heals (antidote or vaccine). You are the bridge between spirit and matter. Your biological, bioetheric and bioauric body template has the fallen angels in a rage of jealousy for you posses something greater than they. You are here on a mission to heal this rift of separation. [more on this in part#3]

They are considered "fallen" for they refused to embrace creations spirit and matter as one. [more on this in part#3]. This separation created a cosmic rift or tear in space-time. Much like a tectonic fault line. This separation is an illusion for nothing is really separate. Like a mansion with many rooms and doors and one is locked up in one room refusing to come out and believing that this room is all and everything. This cosmic fault line moves and overlaps over cycles within cycles on the spiraling arms of your galaxy and universe.

As creation expands it has outgrown this sphere of limation and separateness. It is like having one part of your body grow faster and bigger than another part of your body/cells. This creates disharmony, disproportion, discomfort, pain, illness and disease for the overall greater body. Eventually surgery is required either/or the diseased cells are broken down and swallowed up by the greater body.

During the war in heaven (cosmic rift) the GAIA universe separated into two universes. To simplify we call them GAIA and TERRA universes. Further disruptions caused The Terra universe to be split into two. We shall label them Terra and Earth universes. They are known as twin universes (Terra/Earth). This separation is known as harmonic displacement (frequency lowering).

The GAIA universe encompasses the twin universes TERRA and EARTH. In a manner of speaking these three universes exist in the same space-time location but vibrate at different rates out of phase to each other. GAIA vibrates at a higher frequency than Terra which vibrates fractionally higher than EARTH universe.

TERRA vibration and others slighlty lowered to materialise within the EARTH universe. Regardless they are seen as twin universes encapsulated/surrounded by the GAIA universe. Please understand this separation is not really a physical separation but a vibrational separation much like your water and steam but are still the same. Your sun is a variable star ever fluctuating due to being harmonically separated from it's twin sun which remain within the TERRA universe.

There are cycles where Terra and Earth vibrations overlap. i.e. Earth's frequency rises and Terra's is lowered. This overlapping applies to all the planets, stars and suns within the EARTH and TERRA universes. There is no such thing as Planet-X. What is referred to as planet-X is a combination of Earth's twin planet Terra and it's sun come vibrationally ever close to Earth and it's sun causing great distortions in light and gravity waves. Sciencists are aware there are anomalies occuring at this time but are not able to explain them. The "fallen" reside more so within the TERRA universe and use portals. [more on this in part#3]

Due to the cosmic rift your spirits underwent a separation processes further fragmenting into smaller parts and spread out all over the three universes (GAIA, TERRA and EARTH). It was not envisaged this turmoil of separation would last the aeons that it has causing much anguish and pain as it has and still does. Earth and Terra can not continue as they are for much longer. A critical point is coming where massive transformations will occur.

The transformation can be with perceived as negative or positive outlooks. The 'fallen" stubbornly attempt to hold their ground. Very little realise that regardless the transformation will occur. What is at stake here is the soul and spirit of humanity if unable to transform/transmute will be absorbed and absolved by the GAIA universe. Simply this means that all experience of creation to bridge spirit and matter via the human vehicle will be lost. It is likened to formatting your computer hard disk, rebooting your system and all memory and data lost.

You are on the edge of a cosmic awakening, propelled by your inner transformations. As you open your hearts to the love that birthed you, you will shift into a frequency of now-ness where the all resides. As the allowance of the expression of love comes into alignment and spirit reaches critical mass, igniting, firing the neural-net grid of a new earth and consciousness, the spirit of your eternal awareness will re-enter completely into the family of spirit called humanity.

Those that do not become a resonating instrument unto the waves of love peace and harmony now coming upon the shores of your souls will find themselves in confusion chaos and disintegration unable to draw sustenance which can only come from love.

As Earth's biological circuitry is adjusted and re-calibrated in readyness and healing for the new expanded awareness and concsiousness entering so to is the circuitry of your biological embodiment. As the shifts and adjustments occur you may at times find yourself dis-orientated and your energy levels surging and then fluctuating before coming into balance and resonance. As the tectonic plates shift into harmonic alignment so do your blood platelets shift into resonance and alignment.

When we ignite the ultraviolet blue bridge of light for you to cross over when Earth comes almost into alignment with GAIA, we (you) will come from within you and our hands reach out for your hands. We (you) will come from inside out. When you are in resonance your latent encrypted DNA will unravel and open up portals inside each and every cell of your body etheric and auric fields. The "fallen" are ever looking for a technology , this technology they can not possess for it is a technology built on base24 light harmonics and can not be conceived nor such vastness comprehended by base2 (binary) or base10 (decimal). They ever are looking externally for our (your) arrival but the surprise it will be when you awaken and unravel from internally outwards.

This event will happen when you least expect it and it will happen at different times to different people in different ways. Although it may be triggered externally from without, it will rise from within you. You may be washing the dishes at the kitchen sink and you will look up to glance outside your window and you will realise that something is anew, something is different. You maybe walking in the park or watering the garden and you will realise all of a sudden the air smells like the fragrance of sweet candle incense burning. What ever you are doing, unexpectedly in the flash of a moment you will realise that everything has changed. For others it could be a flash-point on a global scale or local scale which will trigger this but one thing to realise is not the how or why or the cause or the blame but in how you deal with such an event or any event for that matter.

Across space and time our hands will reach out for your hands and as we touch all will ignite in brilliant resonance with the fire of spirit. In the flash of that moment all will be absolved and all that is done will be undone. This is the mission ignition.


I could no longer feel my pulse
And saw my reflection in the light
I was unrecognisable to myself
Blue are you going to leave me
To wither and waste away here alone
With no heavenly angel to greet me
It's just you and me my Blue friend
I've travelled a billion light-years
To be free and complete is all i crave
But to my heart i've become a slave
Rising high above the earth so blue
With the sun shimmering in your eyes
You brought me here but can you take me back
The tears I cried turned into rain
Washing away my fears and pain
I dreamt of a new earth and all life as one
and saw humanity touching each others hearts
Spiralling into forever and now
As you whispered to me in the crying rain
I could feel your blood rushing through my veins
Darkness has fallen and i lay here wide awake
Yet deep within i'm quickly fading away
Receive me blue with your loving embrace
Or shall we leave each other once again
To meet in another time, another place
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