Blue Lament for Humanity-part 4

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Light can not be born of darkness for it always is and ever was. Darkness only exists within the limitation for those who cannot see for it is constrained by time, space, vibration and frequency and so darkness should not be misrepresented as evil.

You physically reside near the bottom of the harmonic light spectrum. A dimmer-shade more lighter than what you perceive can look glorious. However all that glitters is not gold and all that is dark is not evil. Stare into sun too long and you are rewarded with blinding darkness.

Is creation darkness with light or light with darkness? The absence of light is darkness and the absence of darkness is blindness and unknowing. In a world of total evil would one be conscious of good and in a world of total good would one conceive of evil.

Beings of blinding shining light are not necessarily benign. Your frame of reference must be strong enough to support discrimination and discernment to determine between the well founded and the overly fanciful and sometimes even the malign.

There is no difference between light and darkness. Light=White=Goodness=Truth. Absence of Light=Black=Evil=Lies. All these are illusions and false associations set to consciousness as limitations designed by the maligned to perpetuate the divided structures of body mind and soul.

Beyond this conscious beings progress until their very harmonics transcend beyond molecular bond.

It is only like yesterday when you ventured out into creation's playground amongst the stars. To many of you it may seem to be an eternity, forever at war with darkness, with hate and anger, forever fighting that which you perceive to be your enemy.

And though there are those above as there are below whom may not be in alignment and harmony with the spirit of humanity. To many of you whom believe you are at war on many levels, know that the greatest war you will ever fight is within you. The greatest darkness is a soul that has lost its way. Though you may perceive the war to be against great forces of evil it is really only a war against your inner chaos and despair.

Greater than the death of your mortal and physical life is the death of your hopes and dreams, the death of the human spirit. Your future is all around you, enveloping you, waiting to be born out of unlimited infinite potentials. Do not concern yourselves with what shape or form it will take, for it is all distraction. Only know that it will be born in a flash of a moment, within the blink of an eye.


You will not come to access new forms of limitless energy and "pure" anti-gravity until your Earth's biocrystal core has been recalibrated and re-aligned with the universal streams of light and love which you are now coming into resonance with.

The dark night of the soul is now coming into the daylight of spirit. When the alignment is complete you will begin to access new codes of higher harmonics and frequency. New technological advances will come into fruition which are aligned with love and spirit.

The electrons of your atoms do not move about an orbit as you have been taught. The movement perceived is an illusion, for there is no movement, but only vibration, a frequency pulsing in and out of matter, in and out of the seen and unseen. Due to the mis-aligned nature of your earth's crystal core and universe which you exist in, your consciousness only perceives half-light harmonics. This gives the illusion of perception that electrons are moving around the orbit of a nucleius.

Half-light harmonics cause the electrical to lag the magnetic by a 90 degree phase-shift. Your circle of 720 degrees is seen only as 360 degrees with the other 360 degrees remaining unseen. Your electrical cognitive/ego lags the leading magnetic heart. Due to the double-inverted mirror caused by the universal rift for many the heart lags the cognitive by a 90 degree phase-shift. This is a symptom of mis-alignment. This is now being re-aligned and re-calibrated.

In coming to understand this you will real-eyes how powerful you truelly are for all that is required is a shift in thought and focus powered by pure love and intent. What you now define as miracles will become the norm and mainstream and so it will come to be in your time soon. You will be the chrystal in chryst. When all is in alignment you will see the full 720 degrees as hearts and minds will be unified.

Your spirit does not end with your ego for it extends into infinite unlimitness. When one part moves all parts move for there are no moving parts but only a shift of awareness driven by allowance, acceptance and love for all that is expressed unconditionally.

There is coming a moment in your now where all will come into alignment with their chosen destinies as the universal energies and frequencies increase so to does your greater awareness.

When you speak the unspoken ... Speak with hope and promise ...
When you embrace the unembraced ... Embrace with love ..
When you hear the unheard ... Listen with an open heart ...
When you move the unmoved ... Move with and in joy ..

... for joy marks the path of least resistance, flowing unimpeded, here is the key to transformation.

There is still much to say and though much has already been said it was as if nothing was said. If nothing said was truth, then truth will return to reveal itself in a clearer voice and pureness of heart.

From within the silence we shall return and the veils that have clouded your hearts and souls shall be lifted by the hands of your angels, within YOU.

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