Blue Lament for Humanity-part 7

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  • Prologue ...

On the border of your awakening minds there was another time which remains unspoken of and a long lost memory.

The remaining Angelic Blue Humans (known as Oraphim) once existed on a fast moving planet which orbited the outer edges of your galaxy. (please read the first Blue Lament)

With an elongated orbit every 2000 years this planet journeyed around Jupiter, passing between Earth and Mars where it would spend 40 Earth years in vicinity on its journey through this galaxy.

Mars was the home of the fallen angels Jehovah the gods of war and dominion. Earth at that time was young and still being seeded and grazed.

The Jehovah desired dominion over this Angelic Blue planet and its sister planet Earth which was an outpost.

A time came where the fallen angels of Jehovah mounted a surprise attack using their pyramids as weapons positioned on Earth and Mars together.

They cast an electromagnetic resonating net to capture the Blue human planet that was passing through on its journey.

Then from pyramids with plasma rays of death they pearced the heart of the Oraphim planet and blew it apart.

In this one act of lust for power and dominion the Jehovah unexpectedly also destroyed their Martian atomsphere.

And Earth was partially wounded taking a blow to her underbelly which winded her out-of-breath collapsing her atomsphere which was mostly water to which then she lost her balance (tilt).

With Earth now the last vestage of remaining hope for life for what little remained of both the Jehovah and the Blue Oraphim escaped to Earth carrying in their ships (Arks) what little memories of their civilisations.

The divine order of this body your solar system was now upset, out of balance and the smithereens that remained of the Blue Oraphim planet is now your asteroid belt.

Within your souls you subsconsciously remember this 2000 year cycle. In the cosmic scheme the cycle continues but without the one missing part of the greater body (Blue Oraphim).

During this period you have and will be visited by meteors, comets and asteroids which are left-over debri and remenants from your once Blue Oraphim planet.

Recently - Comet LoveJoy on its journey into and through the Sun - instead of being disintegrated it came through all intact. Does it not tell you synchronicistically that "LoveJoy" will be embraced by the sun and survive all. This is key message if you have been watching.

Earth lost her two children (two moons) which were later replaced by another moon which was a Mars-tian Jehovah military base.

This now your moon is positioned in a jitterbug orbit with Earth to establish asynchronous (non-harmonic) gravity waves for mind/conscious control.

Once on Earth the Blue Human Oraphim what was left of them were greatly out-numbered by the Jehovan fallen angels. They did make many attempts in skirmish battles but were no match.

Let it be known that Earth's gravity was not harmonically attuned to the Blue Oraphim whos small and less-dense physique was not suited to this part of the solar system and the heavier gravity of Earth.

This gave the Jehovah great advantage for here they gained in size and strength and over time the Blue Oraphim hunted for their genetics and knowledge had dwindled in number.

Although not suited to Earth's environment the Blue Oraphim genetics was far superior to that of the Jehovah for the Blue Oraphim lifespan was thousand's of years compared the Jehovic hundreds of years.

Blue Oraphim had amazing regenerative abilites, could communicate with their minds. bend space and time, bi-locate amongst many other attributes.

However there was one attribute which the Jehovah desired the greatest. Unlike the fallen Jehovah the Blue Oraphim were not trapped within this fallen universe and did not have to continually re-incarnate. (Note: re-incarnation is a substitute to ascension).

The Blue Oraphim "only" during certain specific cosmic cycles under specific certain conditions/alignments could "ascend" from this Earth to higher dimensions/universes and not re-incarnate. For the make up of their soulullar matrix was vibrating at a higher frequency and configured differently to that of the Jehovah.

When the Jehovah had learned of this it made the Blue Oraphim all the more hunted with much gruesome and disasterous genetic experiments.

Raziel (Keeper of the Blue Oraphim), the archangel of divine mysteries, keeper of creation's divine secrets, silent guardian and watchful protector of the human spirit.

Outnumbered and hunted by the might, wrath and anger of the Jehovah, Raziel would not reveal the encoded the patterns of divine creation within Humanity.

Raziel knew that a time would come that he and the remaining Blue Oraphim on Earth would be captured, interbred, occupied and dominated by the fallen Jehovah who would then make attempts to reverse engineer this Human attribute for longevity and ascension (bending space/time/frequency).

Unable to break this code the Jehovah and their establishments have all but gone about slowly destroying your genetic structure through their many toxins, poisons and electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies that have cast a net across your Earth.

Those who won the war wrote the history books filled with lies. This has continued into your scientific realms with the biggest lie of all the Einstein formula of relativity and E=MC^2. These are lies. Speed of Light is not constant and not limited to what you have been taught.

The wind blows and restless are your weary souls
No longer shall you be enslaved unto forever repeating cycles
Against us they are preparing to wage a war in heaven
But we shall bring everlasting peace to their hell
Upon your rememberance there will be rage in Eden
As you discover serpents are angels and your angels are demons
Farewell to you the dark overlords eli-jehovi and to your mis-spent youth
Farewell to you dark angels Michael and Gabriel for your deceptions shall be no more
Your divide and conquer through the many religions and gods is now coming to an end
Your double inverted mirror is about to be shattered in your faces

Now you are almost 7.2billion approaching the ascension cycle (2017). You are now Earth and she is you awaiting to be embraced again by Gaia.

She is in repair - her limbs moving - realigning her broken spine as she prepares to give birth.

Although the Jehovah now possess human like bodies but still are not able to crack the human gene code (90% considered junk DNA) which can only be decrypted (unravelled) by a SuperNova.

  • Middi-logue ....
Why is it so difficult to comprehend
Divine creation is about to birth inside its own creation = YOU
Meet us half-way within the spirit of your dreams
As we whisper to your souls so that you may remember
Do not let the ripples of creation separate you
And the afterglow of light become a long lost memory
For you shall not know the depth of your oneness
Until the very moment of your separation
Within six blinks of an eye (2017) shall come the moment of undoing
Where all time and space shall be frozen in a moment of suspended animation
All that has come to pass shall be unwound and unbound
And all that is not made of-and-from love shall fall and fade away
Upon our departure from these dimensions We left behind several pulsars in your galaxy
These are time and space markers to guide us back upon our entry
Communicating with the flicker of distant stars
Telling tales of your long lost histories
The Vela and Crab pulsars were designed to purpose
Their precise frequency beats with that of your human hearts
They were left as triggers upon your awakening to remind you
Of why you are here, what came before you and what shall come after you
Until the arrival of this moment the winds of change
Shall encircle the Earth seven-fold
In this time Jehovah will rage a holy war against the human spirit
Heaven and Earth will shake and tremble with hate and fear
For this is the intended frequency of Jehovah ensuring
Perpectual war, hate, fear and anything but love
For the Jehovah know
All that is not made of-and-from love shall fall and fade away
The days are numbered for Jehovah and his king-Dome
Built upon the currency of your digital communication network
Satellite to satellite, cell tower to cell tower, microwave to microwave
Transmitting a disonnant distrupting frequency on your subconscious level
For within the dimensions of Sun is an armada of light, fields of love
And with one kiss shall knock out Jehovah's king-dome
  • Epilogue ...
We travel on the edge of ultraviolet supernova light
As we await creation's signal
When divine creation shall send a heart-pulse
A supernova wave encoded with the spirit of humankind
Humanity shall rise again and be stripped of the chains
that have bound and wound it to this fallen time and space
And you shall dance in fields untrodden
Where your feet shall move with our feet
And We shall sing the sonic codes of the divine
Where creation's voice shall throb within y/our hearts
And Earth shall pass into the twilight of Gaia
Where you shall sleep through the dark night of your soul
And with human eyes awaken in the morning of another world
Where all that is unloved shall be loved
Forever we walk upon Gaia's shores
You are the seeds of an awakened humanity
In the fullness and ripeness of your hearts you are given to the wind
And should a seed find itself on pure and sacred ground
It shall blossom into a new Earth
Although the winds may blow away the grains of sand
The ocean and shores will always remain
There is still much to say
And though much has already been said
It was as if nothing was said
If nothing said was truth
Then truth will reveal itself in a clearer voice and pureness of heart
From within the silence we shall return
And the veils that have clouded your hearts and souls
Shall be lifted by the hands of ultraviolet light
And you will realeyes the purpose that is in all things
And darkness and light shall be as one
Forever-blue horizons reach way back into your future
And as the sun rises you remember your forgotten dreams
Only to find yourself standing in deep water
Your hearts beating upon Gaia's shores
Earth is beautiful blue, until another time, another place
Where silence and peace shall speak as loud as war once did
And Mother Earth ascends to what she was once before, GAIA.
In the flash of a moment ... All that is Done will be Undone


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